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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-15
End date: 2018-05-14

Registrated in: United Kingdom

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Artificial Intelligence Platform
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries UK
Tokens for sale 250,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 OFNOG = 0.10 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Financial Trading v/s Cryptocurrency Trading
Artificial Intelligence
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About the Document
This document outlines the possibilities of improving the cryptocurrency trading
mechanism by implementing some of the cutting-edge technologies. The advancements
in computer science has now made it possible to analyze historic data to identify and
understand the patterns. It can then be applied to real-time data for extrapolation and
prediction of probably future events. These capabilities can be used to predict a lot of
things including cryptocurrency price movement. The OFNOG team is in the process of
building a complete solution and this document provides a brief outline of the project
and how it will be helpful to the cryptocurrency community.
As the OFNOG team continues to explore various possibilities to further improve the
cryptocurrency trading mechanism with the implementation of cutting edge
technologies, this document could be updated periodically to inform readers of new
innovations and the future outcome of the project.
The introduction of...

trading process. With the use of these breakthrough technologies, they aim to lower the
entry barrier for both newbies as well as experienced traders and enable them to
execute profitable trades.
Problem Statement
The year 2017 has created a milestone if sorts in the cryptocurrency industry after the
prices soared to record highs, which continued into the new year. The surge in
cryptocurrency price has created renewed interest among investors and traders, both
individual and institutional to diversify their portfolios by including crypto-assets. The
phenomenal rise in the number of traders supplemented by trading platforms has
resulted in lot of confusion among the community members, especially due to the high
volatility of crypto-assets, varying prices on different platforms and not to mention, the
24/7 markets. New traders are clueless about the mechanics behind cryptocurrency
price variations and interpretation of price trends. With limited exposure, as they explore
the market, many are e...

traders to place orders on relevant exchanges and reap profits. It also paves the way for
further automation with bots.
Financial Trading v/s Cryptocurrency Trading
Trading established financial instruments on stock exchanges and online platform is a
bit similar to trading cryptocurrency pairs or crypto-fiat pairs on cryptocurrency
exchanges and trading platforms. But unlike conventional financial instruments, virtual
currencies are very volatile. The percentage price fluctuation can go to double digits
within hours, on a single day in the case of cryptotokens, whereas stocks have a much
lower price movement.
Being part of the conventional, physical world, financial markets have a specified open
and close time, and factors in weekends and other important holidays to remain closed
during such times. Now, the
same doesn’t apply to the cryptocurrency market and it is
always operating round the clock.
And then there is always the regulatory aspects and other red tapes that keeps

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hyped fields of computer science till date. The
concept which has been part of the dream plot of every other science fiction story is
now close to reality. In present day setting, Artificial Intelligence can be best described
as a set of complex algorithms that are designed to identify, communicate, understand
and provide appropriate response in a way close to how a human would do. In other
words, the AI is a computer that crunches information available on various data sets
handled over a period of time to create patterns and extrapolate them to produce a
The use of Artificial Intelligence in mainstream and investment trading is not a new
thing. Many attempts with varying degrees of success have already been made and the
research and development still continue in the sector. The AI solutions used in
mainstream trading accesses and interprets data from a wide range of streams
including social networks

is used to, Deep Learning algorithms are capable of calculating the probabilities to
predict an outcome. The degree of accuracy of Deep Neural Network increases with its
exposure to more real-world data
With the use of Deep Learning technology, OFNOG will be capable of predicting the
market outcomes with highest accuracy, just like or even better than how a seasoned
crypto-trader would do.
The Platform
OFNOG is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading signals and automation platform
that makes use of Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning. The platform will be
available on both desktop version as well as a mobile application for both Android and
iOS devices.
Some of the OFNOG Team members have been involved in various AI, Deep Learning
and Blockchain projects in some of the biggest corporations in the world. With their IT
expertise, financial background and the rising market need for a smart yet simple and
easy to use trading solution has positioned the platform...

Figure 1:
Use of monitoring bots and OFNOG AI engine to generate trading signals. The botnet monitors and collects information
from various exchanges and supplies it to the AI engine. The AI engine analyses the data, generates signals based on predictions
and shares it with users.
The system consciously incorporates a simple user interface to further simplify the
whole trading experience. Whenever the tracking bots aka market monitor bots identify
a trading pattern that signifies a profitable opportunity, it pushes the signal to the users
over the OFNOG platform on their computer or smart phone. The signal will include vital
information of the trading opportunity including but not limited to the asset price, quality,
volume, charts etc. The recipient can refer to these signals and if they wish to make
use of the opportunity, can enter the amount to be invested and the desired profit
margin (the margin should be in the range stated by the signal) within the same

Figure 2:
Representation of the user action after receiving trading signal from the OFNOG AI engine. Users on the platform can
either choose to manually execute the trades on the application or let Automation bot take over and place orders on their behalf,
resulting in profitable trades.
After receiving the user input, the trading automation bot kicks in and starts placing
orders on supported
over the connection established through APIs. The bot
will continue tracking the order until its execution. If, by any chance the market doesn’t
act favorably, the bot will initiate a stop loss function to prevent losses for the user.
The OFNOG platform will be a combination of existing technologies and proprietary
software to support the highest levels of accuracy when it comes to collecting various
real-time data points from the cryptocurrency industry and communicate the signals to
users. The platform’s forecasting model will collect and analyze data from multipl...

OFNOG Roadmap

Feb 2018
Launch of development phase.
March 2018
Launch of ICO Web page.
April 2018
Pre-ICO and ICO.
Jan 2019
Launch of Final Version Solution.
March 2019
Wordwide Promotion and Sales.
Manoj Deb
Manoj Deb Founder & CEO

Anjali Mamgain
Anjali Mamgain Consultant Blockchain

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Himanshu Pandey
Himanshu Pandey Sr. Consultant

Maloy Trpathi
Maloy Trpathi Project Manager Blockchain

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Ritu Kapur Human Resources Manager

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