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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-10
End date: 2018-03-15

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Tokens for sale 210,000,000
Price 1 OPL = 0.000142857 ETH
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Today the penetration of basic principles and benefits of using blockchain is
everywhere: it can be encountered in the game and entertainment industries as well as in
the most important activity spheres of society – health care, education, personnel market,
payment networks, and investments, and even in the organization of the electoral process.
The form of attracting investments into such spheres has changed as well – having
gone from writing business plans and supplying them to banks to be presented in the
offices of leading venture funds to rapid development of digital circuits of crowdinvesting
funding called ICO in the professional sphere.
In other words, investing has come to full tokenization of this important process.
At the same time, already in the period of its formation and early development ICO
caused resentment from a number of regulators, disappointed investors and the expert
The reasons for this are simple – the same economic laws operate in a world ...

The concept of PATS protocol. The use of the protocol for the tokenization of
OTC assets
In each time period the market presents limited offers to invest in shares of private
companies that comply in full with the criteria of the most secure and potentially lucrative
Tokenization of such investment options based on the application of the PATS
protocol assumes a certain procedure:
a) Formation of the Marketplace opportunity window
b) Selection of projects for tokenization based on criteria and community
discussions of crypto-investors
c) Tokenization of the selected projects of underlying assets using PATS
d) Establishment and initial input of PATS tokens of underlying assets into liquid
e) Support of tokens during their life cycle, ensuring a fully decentralized control
of the token by the token holders community
OnPlace Inc.
/ PATS protocol version 1.1

1. Formation of Marketplace opportunity window (MOW) and selection of projects
for tokenization
When creating a pool of Marketplace opportunity window (MOW) projects
related to investing in private companies, modern methods of assessing business
metrics will be applied. Business selection for investment will be made taking into
account its compliance with a number of criteria:
1) Work in the most promising and fast-growing segments of the IT market (it may
be specialized in FinTech, Data bases,
B2B, Communications, AI, data analysis,
VR, payments, and many others )
2) Positive dynamics of key
indicators and the company's operational
business metrics, for example: stable
quarterly revenue growth rates (annual)
and customers / services users increase
3) Successfully conducted funding
round stages “seed” and “A”
4) Been funded by leading VC
(several funds) at earlier stages
5) Strong competitive position in the
industry, and absence of bi...

Any commercial infrastructure for different classes of assets and properties involves
a number of complex components: a depository (a register that keeps records of assets
and rights), the stock exchange (of the bidding process organizer), elements of the
settlement center. Tokenization before us based on blockchain suggests that all of these
components will be integrated as efficiently as possible, while allowing decentralization of
the entire infrastructure, having distributed storage functions and processing transactions
between all parties involved.
The main task facing the OnPlace team during the development of the protocol
tokenization of investments into shares of private companies became the creation of a
universal scalable instrument for providing a maximally transparent and safe solution in
the OTC investment field.
The use of our protocol allowed us to solve this problem and enforce a set of
mandatory conditions:
a) Use of a secure and standardized channel of account management ba...

A Derivative
– a contract, by which the parties receive the right or commit to carry-
out some actions in regards to an underlying asset. Usually, opportunities to buy, sell,
provide, obtain certain goods or stocks are envisaged. In contrast to a direct Sale and
Purchase Agreement, a derivative is formal and standard, initially providing a possibility
for at least one of the parties to freely sell this contract. The price of a derivative and the
character of its changes are closely related to the price of the underlying asset.
The Token Holder or the Investor
– any person or user of blockchain that has
received tokens created via using the PATS protocol directly from the protocol developer
or from other former holders.
Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS)
– a protocol created by the OnPlace
team, which allows investors (the holders of issued tokens) to monitor and control
operations over tokenized assets.
After completing the project selection stage OnPlace legisl...

Principles and the mechanism of tokenization of underlying assets included in MOW
We have developed PATS (Private Assets Tokenization System) protocol, which will
allow the community of investors to make decisions in a decentralized manner in regards
to the further distribution and motion of tokenized assets. The use of the protocol will
mean that each decision in connection to transactions over tokens will be recorded in a
network with its own blockchain and will not be subject to change.
To solve the problem of commissioning closed assets into circulation (shares of
private companies) in stock turnover, we use Ethereum solutions, which allow the creation
of personal units of account in blockchain and contracts for managing them.
Every underlying asset implemented using PATS protocol will be represented by a
separate private token and endowed logic of decentralized management of PATS
This approach is based on the idea of creating a Decentralized Autonomous
Organization, in which e...

- Produce equivalent trade of tokens of the PATS protocol directly, without using
third-party stock exchanges
In the next versions of functionality improvement of the capacities of the protocol the
following capacities will be added:
- Temporary halt of selling an asset
- Ability to add underlying assets of third parties into the PATS system using its
specifications independently from the developer of the protocol.
Tokenization of investments in private IT company shares on the basis of PATS will
allow obtaining exceptional opportunities in expanding the circle of potential participants
in the investment process, while combining in itself the most significant benefits of the
protocol – high safety level, transparency in the form of an integrated audit mechanism
and the liquidity of investments (free circulation as crypto-currency assets). Using OnPlace
blockchain networks based on PATS will reduce transaction costs for holders more than
10 times in comparison to traditional investment meth...

Every token will have a set of required attributes reflected below:
Underlying asset of a token
Characteristics of an underlying asset:
- Company name
- Number and type of shares
constituting the underlying asset
- Value of funds invested in the
formation of the asset
Dimension / number of the underlying asset
providing the derivative
The period and features of paying off the
underlying asset
Token of a financial asset (a derivative
created by PATS protocol)
Characteristics of a token (PATS derivative)
- Token name
- Number of issued tokens
- Amount of rights granted to token
Current token price in the stock exchange
Current price for one unit of underlying
asset (share)
Tokenized assets will be available to a wide range of crypto-investors that have
passed standard procedures in accordance to the requirements of KYC/AML.
All PATS tokens will become tools of organized trades realized on th...

OnPlace Roadmap

November 2016
Idea, concept development
December 2016
Opening office in Moscow
January 2017
US corporation registry and opening a bank account
February 2017
Self funded round of $200 000
March 2017
OnPlace core team formation
April 2017
Development of alpha version on Ethereum Blochkchain Contracts - Launching closed alpha for early investors - Implementation and testing of AI based decentralized IPFS solutions
May 2017
Attracted first investment of $1 100 000 via crowdfunding platform
November 2017
Office expansion, opening headquarter office in USA
February 2018
August 2018
Putting into circulation the first pool of tokenized assets based on PATS
January 2019
Launching of a full-featured service
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