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Company Background
Orocrypt Inc. is a company incorporated in the Republic of Panama, under registration number
155646372. Orocrypt will comply with all Panamanian regulations concerning precious metals
merchants, as established by the Sujetos Obligados No Financieros, of the Ministry of Economy and
An investment in the Company will give an opportunity to participate in the asset digitization market
from its inception. The investment is risky. There is no assurance that digitized precious metals will
appeal to investors, or that governments will not pass legislation that would make digitized assets
illegal. On the other hand, there is the potential for very high profits if adverse risks do not
Currently, those who already have direct investments in bullion precious metals hold them as
jewelry, in a vault in their name, in a vault receipt document, in a bank safety deposit box, or in their
homes in safes, etc. Indirect precious metals investments can be held in g...

Orocrypt Inc. First Product – Gold Tokens
After the sale of Orocrypt Inc. Share Tokens (OROC), the company will issue tokens representing the
ownership of 30 grams of LBMA-quality gold in the final quarter of 2017. These tokens will
provisionally be referred to as Orocrypt Gold Tokens (ORO.G). They will be registered on the
Ethereum blockchain and owners will be able to store them in Ethereum wallets. Like any other
ERC-20 token, they will be transferable and thus tradeable on open markets. Additionally, holders
can convert them into physical gold through a very simple and transparent redemption procedure.
In the event of bankruptcy or closure of Orocrypt, holders of ORO.G may withdraw, sell or claim the
underlying gold from Orocrypt or directly from custodial storage vaults. The specifics of these
processes would be communicated to all token holders in a clear and concise manner. It is
important to emphasize that because purchases of ORO.G does not grant ownership to the
company under any circumstances...

The Gold Market
Gold has long been valued for its distinctive investment benefits. Although gold is no longer the
basis of the international monetary system, its status as a bastion of stability has endured, a role
which has become ever more important in today’s uncertain environment. Over the years, gold’s
reputation for safety and stability has made it a mainstay for investors seeking to safeguard the
long-term value of their capital, not least central banks around the world, which consider gold to be
the ultimate wealth preservation tool. The reasons for this are clear. First, gold exhibits little or no
correlation with most other asset classes, making it a powerful tool for investment diversification.
Second, gold has no credit risk and derives its worth from intrinsic value, allowing it to be the
ultimate safe haven asset during times of market stress.
The annual total supply of gold has averaged around 4,000 tons over the last 10 years. While many
will be aware that gold is sourced fro...

Shari’ah Compliance
The AAOIFI Shari’ah Standard on Gold can help to solve the growth constraints facing Islamic
finance. Orocrypt will apply to be certified as compliant with Shari’ah finance requirements.
Gold has a deep and historical connection with Islamic civilizations. However, the complex treatment
of gold in Islamic tradition has limited its development as an investment asset class. Gold is one of
the six ribawi items alongside silver, wheat, dates, barley and salt. Ribawi items are defined as
staple, everyday commodities so stringent transaction rules apply to prevent injustice or inequality
between transacting parties. There is also a longstanding debate about whether gold is a currency
or a commodity, making the design of consistent Shari’ah rules for modern gold products more
difficult. The complexity of Islamic attitudes toward gold products has led to a scattered and
fragmented set of rulings. This lack of uniformity is a major impediment to the development of gold
financial product...

Part I
The Share Token Sale
The total authorized and issued capital is divided into 1,112,000 shares:

Class A - 845,118
Each share of Class A common stock is entitled to one vote per share.

Class B - 266,882
Each share of Class B common stock is entitled to ten votes per share and is convertible at
any time into one share of Class A common stock. These shares were distributed to the
company founders. No additional Class B shares will be created after initial issuance and
they will convert to Class A shares upon sale to anyone outside the initial group of founders.
The rights of the holders of Class A common stock and Class B common stock are identical, except
with respect to voting and conversion. Both classes have identical economic benefits. In the event of
the company’s merger, sale or IPO, each Class B share will be automatically converted into one
Class A share. Therefore the price per share received in these scenarios will be the same for both <...

The Offering

Orocrypt is offering for sale 500,000 tokenized Class A shares at a price of nine euros each.

These amount to 45% of the total company’s equity.

Each share will be tokenized into one Orocrypt Inc. Share Token (OROC).

Orocrypt Inc. will apply for listing the share-tokens (OROC) in exchanges.

The starting date of the share token sale is June 14, 2017, and it will last for one month or
until all share-tokens are sold, whichever comes first.

They will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
Participation in the purchase of Orocrypt Inc. Share Token(s) (OROC) equates ownership rights in
proportion to the number of shares purchased.
Any further shares issued after the closing date of the share token sale will be for additional
capital raises. Additional shares cannot be issued without further fundraising efforts for capital
Share Token Sale Duration
The minimum number of share tokens to be...

B. Investments between 5 to 50 thousand euros: Same as above plus a scanned
high-resolution photograph of the investor holding his/her passport and a scanned
copy of a utility invoice or bank statement showing the investor’s address.
C. Investments over 50 thousand euros: Same as b. above plus a statement regarding
the source of funds, eg. from beneficial owner's accounts or from a third party, a sale
of property/assets, investment loan, etc., and a bank letter of reference.
A shareholder registry will be kept by Orocrypt, as required by Panamanian law.
Investors will be able to pay in euros, bitcoin, or ether.
There are no fractional shares. Therefore any payments received that results in a fraction of 9, will
be allocated tokens to the maximum calculated amount and the excess will be sent to the following
Natural Resources Defense Council |


The National Anti-Vivisection Society |


Payments Process
A. Euros.
These must be via bank wire transfer to our bank account. Upon receipt of the funds, a
balance will appear on the investor page and the corresponding number of share tokens will be
allocated to his/her wallet. These tokens will be transferable upon completion of the share token
B. Ether or Bitcoins.
The investor will be able to send ether or bitcoin to his/her Orocrypt wallet
address. A corresponding amount of share tokens will be credited to the investor’s wallet. Again,
these tokens will be activated upon completion of the share token sale.
The investor will receive his/her allocated tokens

at the rate of exchange at the time when the
funds are received.
For instance, an investor sends 10 bitcoins. With an exchange rate of euro/bitcoin of
1,135.001, (10 bitcoin divided by €9) buys 1,261 share tokens. If at share token sale closing, bitcoin
has declined to 1,000 euros, the investor still gets the same 1,261 share tokens, effec...

Orocrypt Roadmap

June 2017
OROC share-tokes built and available in live ICO.
Vaults secured worldwide to store gold.
Contracts secured with bullion suppliers.
April 2018
Gold-based tokens will be launched.
Each gold token represents 30g of LMBA-compliant gold.
Q3 2018
Silver backed token will be launched.
Each token represents 1 kg of fine silver.
Q4 2018
Profitable bespoke token reprsenting novel gold and silver ownership structure will be released.
Q1 2019
Quantitatively managed fund representing mix of cryptocurrencies and precious metals planned to launch
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