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PHI Token
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Platform for Hybrid Investments

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-08
End date: 2018-03-21

Registrated in: Malta

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Artificial Intelligence Big Data Investment Legal Platform Software
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Tokens for sale 24,157,817
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Price 1 PHI = 1.61803 USD
Price in PreICO 1 PHI = 1,27824 USD
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Platform for Hybrid Investment
Executive Summary V.0.1.1
for Hybrid Investments
The use
of a Blockchain in PHI
PHI Tokens
PHI Products and Services
Road Map
Company structure
and Team
Important information;
Forward-Looking Statements;
Risk Factors;
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Platform for Hybrid Investment
Executive Summary V.0.1.1
The actual Wealth Management industry
For a long time, too long actually, the Wealth
Management industry around the world
has been thriving thanks to high returns
generated from the twenty-year bond
rallies and from the returns of the American
equity indices and Emerging Markets.
This favorable scenario combined
with the poor financial knowledge of
customers has allowed us to generate
and maintain inefficiencies and high costs
in the distribution and management of
financial products.
The future of the financial market and
the rate at which it is, and has been
operating at, is not promising. With bond
returns holding a zero or even negative
value and the stock market carrying a
positive growth rate for nearly a decade,
it seems unlikely that the industry will be
able to sustain such trends. With returns
predicted to be low, it becomes apparent

Why a Platform for Hybrid Investments
DIAMAN Partners LTD intends to create
the first Platform for Hybrid Investment
(PHI), which allows investments in all asset
classes and investment vehicles including
crypto assets. It’s aim is to provide clients
with a fully digitized platform on which
to manage all savings and investments.
However, it relay on human wealth
managers to play a fundamental role in
identifying the real needs of clients and
in managing their emotions to avoid
classic behavioral finance mistakes. The
platform will be a Hybrid Platform for
Hybrid Investments, in other words, digital
process management with seasoned
professional for client interaction.
The PHI platform will solve the critical
problems of the Wealth Management
industry due to the following reasons:
It will reduce
the commercial supply chains
via digitalization and
lower the costs
of providing investment

Pre Sales
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PHI Token ICO Start Date *
Amount of PHI Token in ICO
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PHI Token reserved for Airdrop after 6 month
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Token Generation Event (activation date)
*All the dates and discount percentage are subject to modify
March 2018
until 8
March 2018
yes, upon reserving 3.524.578 Tokens

Copyright © 2018 DIAMAN Partners. All rights reserved.
PHI Token rewards
The PHI Tokens will have three main
preparatory features to increase the value
of PHI Tokens over time:
1) PHI Tokens as Stake
: Whoever wants
to use components of the platform,
such as asset managers and financial
planners, must own and immobilize the
PHI Tokens;
2) PHI Tokens as Payment
: The hybrid
investment platform and the developed
financial software will accept payments
in PHI Tokens offering 30% cashback,
thus encouraging people to pay with
this Tokens instead of fiat currency. The
company has deposited a patent to
increase the relation between the PHI
Token and the results of the business.
3) PHI Tokens Buy Back and Burn
: 15% of the performance fees
generated by the platform and 50% of
the annual tax refund obtained from the
payment of taxes in Malta (corresponding
to 15% of the company’s EB...

The actual Wealth Management industry
The Wealth Management industry has
always effectively been a “push” sector
of activity, i.e. where it is necessary to
propose investments and through the
relationship with the client to encourage
them to invest in the various products
and services. Actually, potential clients
do not actively engage in the search for
investment solutions.
This necessity has led financial product
distribution companies to create complex
and structured sales networks to allow
maximum efficiency in sales, rather than
training or promoting financial advisors.
The business structure described above
has generated a very onerous and difficult
system to sustain over time and the
consequence is that financial instruments
have become increasingly expensive
and anchored to an obsolete and out-of-
market work architecture.
The main problems with this business
model are th...

to overcome these obstacles with the
introduction of digitization.
This form of automated consulting despite
significantly reducing costs incurred
by the client, still remains ineffictive in
solving the above-mentioned problems
in the economy/industry.
The European Wealth Management Market
Asset managers play a genuine social
role. They help families face the future in
the best possible way through a sound
and profitable management of money
over time aimed at achieving specific
goals and better managing the post-
employment phase. This operation
simultaneously provides capital to
companies contributing to their economic
growth, while investment in government
bonds helps their state of ownership to
keep the cost of debt low.
Therefore, there is no doubt that the asset
management industry plays an essential
role for the proper development of a
country’s economic and social fabric, so
it is imperative that...

Analyzing state by state the breakdown
of investments we note that the United
Kingdom alone accounts for one-third of
the whole of Europe, i.e. a large part of
the asset management industry is based
in London.
Very interesting data can be extrapolated
from the table above:
The Italian market grew at a rate of
10% against an European average of
6% but it still only a small percentage of
GDP. A good growth potential;
The United Kingdom represents a
huge part on which to affect, especially
following Brexit, which will inevitably have
an impact on the Anglo-Saxon industry
which will have to be distributed in the
various European countries according to
the various centres of interest;
An important innovation like our
Robo-investing PHI platform aims to
become the new reference business
model which other companies will be
interested on.
This translate into opportunities for sales

PHI Token Roadmap

Q2 2017
Project definition
Q3 2017
Risk assessment
Beta tools
Q4 2017
Definition of TGE’s
Team and detail
Q1 2018
Pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO event
Q2 2018
PHI in Exchanges
SCC constitution
MFSA Authorisation
Q3 2018
Q4 2018
PIF on Crypto Assets
Q1 2019
Branch in USA
Q1 2019
Branch in USA
Q2 2019
PHI Buyback and Burn
Q3 2019
AIM A.I. Fund
Q4 2019
Crypto certificates
Leonard Bonello
Advisor Leonard Bonello Legal Advisor

Soala Orupabo
Advisor Soala Orupabo marketing

Paolo Tasca
Advisors Paolo Tasca Head of Advisory

Daniel Heller
Advisors Daniel Heller

Francesco Canella
Team Francesco Canella Board Member

Marcos Lin
Team Marcos Lin CTO

Alex Vella
Team Alex Vella Board Member

Valentina Marcon
Team Valentina Marcon Social Media Manager

Nicola Bubola
Team Nicola Bubola Portfolio Manager

Silvia Romano
Team Silvia Romano Accountancy

Daniel Heller
Daniel Heller
PR Advisor Partner, Farner Consulting AG
Daniele Bernardi
Daniele Bernardi
Paolo Tasca
Paolo Tasca
Head of Advisory
Digital Economist, Blockchain Advisor
Chief Strategist and Co-Founder
Executive Director of University College of London Blockchain Centre
Silvia Romano
Silvia Romano