Token: PITCH

The Future of Opportunity

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-28
End date: 2018-03-31

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Business services
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
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Executive Summary
This document will introduce the Pitch Investors Live software project and our projected planned
integration of blockchain-based tokens into it. It will also cover the details of the PITCH token
sale. This document may be updated prior to the launch of the token sale.
The Pitch Investors Live app is available on the iOS App Store at time of writing. It connects
unaffiliated entrepreneurs or project teams who wish to sell blockchain tokens as a method of
Capital Accumulation to prospective customers who are using the app. Potential customers can
request the entrepreneur or team to pitch their product and explain the benefits, costs, risks, and
other pertinent information via a live streaming video. Simultaneously, other app users can
watch and participate via text. The app does not endorse or recommend any entrepreneurs or
project teams. Its function is to provide an easier way for project teams to connect with
potential investors.
An extension of this project will see major sectio...

Executive Summary
Introduction to the concept of Pitch Investors Live
Pitch Investors Live Platform: Current Version
Entrepreneurs can create pitch summaries
Users can select projects they want to learn about
The entrepreneur is notified that they have a chance to pitch live
The entrepreneur pitches another user via live video, in front of an audience
All users see a list of pitches
Notes on Paid Features
Pitch Investors Live Platform: Intended Improvements
In-app token purchase mechanism
Rewards for contributors
About Tokens
About ERC-20 Tokens
PITCH Tokens
PITCH Token sale Details
Third party auditing
PITCH Token Issuance
Inflation schedule
Token Distribution Event
Core Team

During the past year, a new business model has emerged that enables entrepreneurs and proj-
ects of all kinds to generate revenue and allows private individuals to gain access to tokens for
projects they support. This has lead to a Cambrian explosion of innovation and allowed people
from all over the globe to participate in the kind of communities that previously were inaccessi-
ble to anyone from outside Silicon Valley, CA.
Understanding the purpose of tokens and projects - in particular high tech projects - is some-
thing that takes time and some significant level of expertise. To complete a thorough due
diligence requires a commitment in time and energy few are willing to undertake. As a result,
great projects may be unable to sell their tokens while lesser projects with great marketing will
sell a lot of tokens. The Pitch Investors Live project aims to give entrepreneurs and project
teams the opportunity to present to experts, in front of an audience. The more impressive proj-
ects can ...

Introduction to the Concept of PITCH inverstors live
Across the world, the TV shows, “Shark Tank”, “Dragon’s Den”, “The Profit”, “West Texas Investors
Club”, “Restaurant Startup” and others entertain audiences and introduce them to companies
and products. The theme of these and other TV shows is that the entrepreneurial team must
convince investors to invest their capital by investing in a particular startup. This general format
has proven to be a great platform for participating companies for a few reasons, including the
possibility of raising funds from the investor, as well as the chance to get broad exposure for the
company. Investors who participate get benefits as well, including development of their own
brand and the chance to get early access to a company that is about to get nationwide exposure
on television. These benefits are summarized in the table below.
Benefit to ent
eneur /
Access to capital
Benefit to celebrity investor(s) B...

• Reduce the barrier to entry.
• Allow audience participation in funding rounds.
• Allow entrepreneurs multiple opportunities to pitch.
• Allow access to a greater number of potential investors.
We have built and continue to operate a software platform that connects entrepreneurs and
investors by live video in a similar fashion to the TV show format described earlier. The entrepre-
neurs pitch blockchain based tokens rather than equity in a company. As the entrepreneur pitch-
es the investor over live video, an audience watches. Planned upgrades will allow the audience
to participate in token sales offered by the entrepreneurs.

PITCH Investors Live Platform: Current Version
The Pitch Investors Live platform is a software product which can already be accessed from an
iOS app, and eventually from the web and Android devices. It allows entrepreneurs to create
short summaries of their product or business, which our users can then easily sift through to find
those in which they have some interest. The next step is for the potential token sale customer
to invite the entrepreneur to pitch live via the platform. During this live pitch, other users of the
app may watch as audience members. The platform also rebroadcasts the “show” live to Face-
book Live and (soon) YouTube. Recordings are stored on YouTube.
The following section describes the main features of the Pitch Investors Live platform that
currently exists.

Entrepreneurs can create PITCH summaries
From the main page of the existing app, users can choose to create a pitch summary. At the time
of the token sale, this is a paid feature. It can only be paid for by sending PITCH tokens to an
Ethereum smart contract address specified on the website for Pitch Investors Live.

Users can select projects they want to learn about
Our users who are interested in talking to entrepreneurs or project teams can easily swipe
through pitch summaries to see who they want to speak to. We also provide an alternative list
view. In the current implementation, only

Pitch Roadmap

Next 12 months
DAPP runs on iOS and Android mobile app. Begin rewarding investors who appear on platform. Pitch DAPP running live on mainnet. Data migrated from centralized app. Pitch DAPP v1 released on testnet. Integration of ERC-20 tokens with existing iOS app for payments. Token sale launches.
Matthew Lally
Matthew Lally Founder & Visionary

Jonathan Foltz
Jonathan Foltz Co-Founder & Visionary

Rich Cavanaugh
Rich Cavanaugh Software Engineering Lead

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Advisor Outreach, Finance, Strategic Positioning, and Public Relations

George Zhao
George Zhao Senior Software Engineer

Damien Coughlan
Damien Coughlan Community Architect and Operations

Ben Malol
Ben Malol Social & Reach Architect

Umer Hadeed
Umer Hadeed Creative Director

Alex Urban
Alex Urban Systems Analyst

Ian Kilday
Ian Kilday Project Management

Tony Morera
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Alice Hlidkova Content Writer, PR & Outreach

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Justin Wu
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Alice Hlidkova
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