Token: PLY

The Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

PreICO dates
Start date: 15th Nov 2017
End date: 10th Feb 2018

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-15
End date:

Registrated in: Korea

Platform: QRC
Type: QRC

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PlayCoin categories
Casino & Gambling Platform
PlayCoin token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 33,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Sold tokens 33,642,560
Price 1 PLY = 0.33 USD
Minimal investment 100 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC, QTUM
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Random whitepaper excerpts

01. What is PlayCoin?
02. How to Utilize PlayCoin
03. Fund Issuance
04. Security Management
05. Technical Specification
06. Status of Strategic Partnerships to Create PlayCoin Alliance
07. PlayCoin Marketing
08. Timeline
09. Plans for Issuance and Fund Utilization
10. PlayCoin Policies and Legal Notice
11. Organizational Overview

PlayCoin Abstract
GameHub is an online gaming ecosystem that aims to disrupt traditional online gaming monopolies by
applying blockchain technology to streamline mobile game downloads and digital marketing to eliminate
middlemen. GameHub has created PlayCoin as a new cryptocurrency to use as digital currency within the
GameHub ecosystem helping both game developers and online influencers to earn more profits and create a
more fair and competitive environment.
Currently, a few big players like the Google Play App Store and Tencent have monopolies on game downloads
and charge 30-80% commissions to game developers for these downloads. In Southeast Asia, additional profits
for game developers are eroded by low credit card penetration rates and reliance on gaming gift and pre-
paid cards for game downloads who also charge between 40-65% in commission fees (as opposed to credit
cards that generally have a 3% fee). This means nobody but the largest of game developers have enough...

In planning on launching a new cryptocurrency, GameHub reviewed a large number of open sources and
technologies in formulating our concepts for a new monetary system for the mobile gaming and digital media
ecosystem. Qtum is China and Asia focused blockchain company that caught our attention for their innovative
blockchain technology, vision, and plan for development and eloquent code.
The main advantage of creating PlayCoin based on Qtum’s source is that Qtum’s blockchain creates
“transaction compatibility”, which brings the confidence in transaction processing and results, with Bitcoin’s
“traceability of token” by adapting the UTXO model.
UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output): Compared to Ethereum’s Account Balance Mode, Bitcoin does not
account nor balance. Also, this improves validation of transaction (or availability of coin) by using “uncon
output value” with recorded blockchains. This allows for faster remaining balance verification than Ethereu...

and accounts, such as Twitch, Facebook, Afreeka, Instagram, YouTube, Youku/Tudou, Iqiyi, Weibo, Weixin
and/or any other social media or live/video streaming channel/platform. As influencers promote games, they
will earn PlayCoin for performance-based marketing success. This act of online influencers using their online
influence for the promotion of games is what we call Social Mining.
GameHub will provide transparency and mindset for game developers and advertisers to engage with these
online influencers through the use of blockchain enabled Smart Contracts and Social Credit scores that are
performance-based and give full transparency on the efficacy, effectiveness and historical impact and track
record of GameHub’s online influencers social and digital marketing. This Social Credit score creates a
normative data set and value for influencers within the GameHub ecosystem. Gaming is the primary focus for
GameHub, but this model of Social Mining and Social Credit, can and will be applied across onl...

1. What is PlayCoin?
1.1 PlayCoin Concept
PlayCoin is a cryptocurrency created by GameHub that was formed as an online platform to build a
stronger, transparent and more profitable and the relationship between users, game creators, and
GameHub launched Mobile Game Service Platform starting from Southeast Asia. It is a new platform
business that cooperates with mobile game services, reward advertisement systems, indie game creators,
and Me-media.
PlayCoin blockchain technology platform connects market participants with a platform based on social
reward basis created by GameHub and can be very simple compared to a decentralized Google Play,
supporting external marketers/influencers.

1.2 GameHub Environment
During the Token Sale, PlayCoin Token Pre-Sale participants who send coin via PlayCoin e-wallet will receive
additional PlayCoin depending on Token Pre-Sale bonus period. General users will receive PlayCoin as Social
Mining (reward bonus) with Me-media Influencer from activities on GameHub environment, advertisement,
and recommendation to others (General users may be influencers or may be in collaboration / via the social
network of the major influencer). Advertisers can produce more detailed advertisement because of revenue
and web traffic from GameHub advertisement platform. (decentralized and security protocols to block click
and install fraud). Third-party partners who participate in GameHub environment would create profit by
user’s activity on GameHub.
*Social Mining: Me-media and Influencer such as gamers and streamer would receive PlayCoin by using social media,
app, and advertisement from Game Hub Platform.

1.3 GameHub Business Model
The essence of GameHub business model is the online game business and mobile game platform business
where one-person media creators, influencers with impact market games made by small-sized companies or
promising indie game companies.
Among them, the games loved by many users will gain even greater support in the GameHub platform and
will be developed in the global game market.
GameHub is currently in contracts with approximately 400 influencers with impact (Wang Hong) working in
China and Southeast Asia, which makes it possible to expose 4 million views. Target marketing based on
those influencers help soft landing of the games in the market. Also, the range of great influencers will be
expanded through additional contracts.
GameHub platform has a strong reward function. One-person media creator or general users can advertise
diverse types of contents including games, on the GameHub platform. Also, their advertising results are
checked by an accurate...

1.4 Partnership plans for PlayCoin ecosystem
The ecosystem of PlayCoin is very wide.
Once partnered, it is possible to pay with PlayCoin in both offline and online channels.
First of all, the PlayCoin Alliance has been established in various fields and PlayCoin will be used in even
wider areas in the future.

PlayCoin Roadmap

2017.11.15 ~ 2017.12.14
1st Token Pre-Sale.
2017.11.24 ~ 2017.11.28
1st Global Roadshow.
2017.12.18~ 2017.12.28
2nd Global Roadshow.
2018.01.14 – 2018.01.18
3rd Global Roadshow.
2018.01.15 – 2018.02.10
2nd Token Pre-Sale.
2018.02.15 – 2018.03.24
Main Token Sale.
2018. May
Listed on Exchange.
Toby Lee
Toby Lee Blockchain Head Developer

Sihyun Cha
Sihyun Cha Mobile Developer

Donghoon Lim
Donghoon Lim Mobile Developer

Changsun Kang
Changsun Kang Back-end Developer

Hyuncheol Oh
Hyuncheol Oh Back-end Developer

Mieun Kim
Mieun Kim Designer

Junhee Lee
Junhee Lee Designer

Mandy Liu
Mandy Liu China Marketer

Calvin Song
Calvin Song Overseas Marketer

Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim Overseas Marketer

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Brian Park
Brian Park
Blockchain Developer
CEO & Founder
Calvin Song
Calvin Song
Overseas Marketer
IBM Backup Solution Tech (firewall setup, network setup, etc.) Current Nasdaq OTC company executive
Dennis Kim
Dennis Kim
5 yrs in Building Code Consulting, Direct Sales, and Marketing and Business Development
Security & Blockchain Advisor