Token: PNT

Decentralized Platform for Points Management

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-01
End date: 2018-04-29

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China, Singapore
Soft cap 5,000,000 PNT
Hard cap 56,000,000 PNT
Tokens for sale 56,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 85,000 PNT
Minimal investment 0.2 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Table of Contents
Summary of Token Sale
1. Introduction
1.1. Background
Point and Its Function
Market Cap of Points
1.2. Problems
Difficulties of Point Management
Disappeared Points Every Year
Lower-than-Expected Performance of Loyalty Program
Increased Businesses
’ Debts
due to Low-Utilization
Social Costs due to Low-Utilization
1.3. Solution
Pointium: Global Decentralized Point Platform
2. Pointium Project
2.1. Features of Pointium
Pointium Wallet: Integrated Point Management
Pointium Exchange
Promotion Feed
Pointium Shop
2.2. Circulation Model of Pointium
Circulation Model of Pointium
Promotion Incentive Model
2.3. Pointium Community
Open Data for Pointium System
Voting for System Change

3. Pointium Incentivize Strategies
3.1. For Pointium Users
Improved Usability of Point Management
Increased Number of Channels through Pointium Shop
Prompt Information Gathering through Promotion Feed
3.2. For Pointium Partnerships
Reaching the More Customers
More Opportunity for Marketing and Loyalty Programs
Effective Debt Reduction through Exchange Rate
4. Advantages of Pointium
4.1. Block-Chain Technology
Improved Security from Hackers
Trustworthy of Transaction
Transparency of Transaction
Improved Economic Feasibility through Cost Savings
4.2. Easy and Accessible UX/UI for Users and Partnerships
Accessibility through Pointium Wallet
Applicability through Open API
4.3. Comparison with Competitors
5. Terms of Token Sale
5.1. Token Distribution
5.2. Pre-sale
5.3. Crowd-sale
5.4. Use of Proceeds
6. Roadmap
7. Team

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
The world is full of points and miles. Every company we face runs a loyalty program utilizing points.
These point markets are worth more than 300 billion dollars and grow at 6% per year. However, it
means that there are as many different types of points as there are many businesses around the
world. Desperately, this makes it difficult for customers to manage and utilize their points. Even for
businesses, the unused points result in the lower-than-expected performance of their loyalty
programs and increase their debt in a negative way.
Pointium is a blockchain-based point management platform addressing these problems. The users of
Pointium can easily integrate and manage Pointium tokens and their points for each company
around the world in the Pointium Wallet. The users can also easily exchange their points for
Pointium tokens
, or Pointium tokens for the partnership’s points. In addition, the Pointium ...

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
Summary of Token Sale
Pointium Token
Token Name
Token Symbol
Token Decimals
Total Supply
1,600,000,000 PNT
Token Sale Hard Cap
800,000,000 PNT
Token Sale Soft Cap
50,000,000 PNT
Accepted Coin
Ethereum (ETH) only
Hard Cap
240,000,000 PNT
1st Period
April 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
1st Conversion Rate
1 ETH = 110,500 PNT (30% Bonus)
2nd Period
April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd Conversion Rate
1 ETH = 102,000 PNT (20% Bonus)
Hard Cap
560,000,000 PNT
1st Period
May 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
1st Conversion Rate
1 ETH = 93,500 PNT (10% Bonus)
2nd Period
May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 29, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd Conversion Rate
1 ETH = 85,000...

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
1. Introduction
1.1. Background
Point and Its Function
Points and Miles are largely taken up in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds
of Americans use points systems from the 29 different businesses, on average. For example, when
flying in an airplane for a business trip, using a credit card, or using an Internet shopping mall, points
are accumulated at any time. Typically, these points are given a certain percentage of the purchase
amount when we buy goods and services. For customers, the points reduce the price of products by
allowing them to use points like cash for the purchases of goods and services in the future. For
businesses, they can expect the increased loyalties of customers and can encourage customers to
focus on their services.
Market Cap of Points
The size of the point market is estimated at around 90 billion dollars per year in the US alone, and
the global point...

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
1.2. Problem
Difficulties of Point Management
As there are many businesses around the world, customers are overwhelmed by too many points
systems. Customers find it difficult to tell what kind of business points they have. It is also difficult to
tell how many points you have for a particular company. This deteriorates accessibility to the points
and prevents the customer from using the points. As points are some kind of assets, it means that
the customers cannot use their assets sufficiently. For businesses, it leads the lower-than-expected
performance of loyalty programs. In fact, the survey found that only 50 percent of customers benefit
from the point system, and 20 percent of them reported that they have never used their points
Disappeared Points Every Year
Many companies make expiration dates for points. For example, a company might pay points to a
customer and then set it to use for only five...

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
Increased Businesses
’ Debts
due to Low-Utilization
It is easy to think that points are free for businesses because they are virtual money that they
produce and give to customers. However, because customers can actually use points instead of cash,
the point to the company is recorded as debt. In other words, if a company pays 10% of the
purchase price in points, the same amount of the debt should be accumulated. This system can have
a negative influence on businesses. If many customers do not spend points, the companies will be
badly appraised by rating agencies and investors because of their increased debt ratios. This bad
evaluation, in turn, can make the stock prices of business fallen.
Social Costs due to Low-Utilization
The development of the point system is expensive. Companies should deploy many developers to
build point systems, create and maintain servers and databases to manage points. The poin...

POINTIUM | Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Programs
2. Pointium Project
2.1. Features of Pointium
Pointium is a blockchain-based decentralization solution which solves the problems of current
loyalty programs using points. Key features of Pointium include Pointium Wallet, Pointium Exchange,
Promotion Feed, and Pointium Shop.
Pointium Wallet Mobile Application Example
Pointium Exchange
Promotion Feed
Pointium Shop
(hypothetical use case)
Pointium Wallet: Integrated Points Management Platform
Pointium users can manage all their points through the Pointium Wallet. Users can check how many
the points remain and the expiration date of the points. The partnerships of Pointium can register
their business information and the database of points at Pointium. Pointium Wallet is a core user
interface utilizing Pointium and will be available both on the Web and on mobile.

Pointium Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2018
Pointium Public Marketing
Pre-sale and Crowd-sale
KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Q3 2018
Exchange Listing
Pointium Wallet Web and Open API Development
Pointium Mobile Wallet Development
Marketing for travel agencies and airlines
Q4 2018
Pointium Mobile Wallet Release
Pointium Web Wallet Release
Q1-Q2 2019
Partnership and MOU with related businesses such as airlines and travel agencies.
Pointium Mass Marketing for general users
Gathering the users of Pointium Community
Q3 2019
Targeting for the related businesses of North America (i.e., U.S. and Canada) and Asia (e.g., China, South Korea, and Japan)
Q4 2019
Targeting for an online shopping mall.
Worldwide Partnership Expansion
Robert Peck
Robert Peck CEO & Co-founder

Patrick Frasier
Patrick Frasier COO & Co-Founder

Stanislav Abramov
Stanislav Abramov CTO & Co-Founder

Eric Clarke
Eric Clarke
Marketing Manager