Pontem Inc.
Pontem Inc.
Token: PNM

Payment And Loan Gateway For Cryptocurrencies

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-02
End date: 2018-07-02

Registrated in: Belgium


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Banking Business services Smart Contract
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries None
Hard cap 12,500,000 USD
Price 1 PNM = 50 USD
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Under conditions of global economic growth, the online retail is gradually capturing its share of the
international market of retail and enlarging the number of e-commerce platforms users both among
customers and among sellers.
Each year the number of people who regularly shop online and gamble keeps growing. According to the
Global E-commerce Report marketing study by Nielsen (a company focused on the FMCG industry
marketing measurements), the number of online
increases annually by an average of 16% and
now it amounts to 1.66 billion worldwide. There are more than 1.5 billion customers of online
marketplaces in the world:

A combination of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour, regulation and circumstance are eroding
many of the core competitive advantages that banks had over new market entrants. These changes have
occurred at a time when interest rates are at historic lows and seem to be destined to remain so for the
foreseeable future.
Along with changes to the regulatory capital requirements for banks, these factors make generating
returns above the cost of capital an increasingly challenging proposition. Meanwhile, customers are
increasingly willing to try new things and experiment with new providers in service areas where trust is
required. This combination of factors is creating ideal conditions for technology enabled entrants to
challenge the integrated banking model where they can reduce costs and increase returns for their
Pontem innovative, international marketplace lending platform intends to leverage these trends to target
lending in emerging markets. We do not...

The Pontem Crypto Card will be usable worldwide with FREE
standard delivery and express delivery for a small additional fee
Make payments online, in stores, and take advantage of cash
withdrawals at ATMs anywhere Visa is accepted (40M merchants
worldwide), making it ideal for daily use. Due to advanced in-app
security, state-of-the-art chip technologies and the added safety of
a PIN code, the Pontem Crypto Card is safer than carrying cash.
Support for the card‘s functionality on our platform and payment
system is already in development. Due to the increasing adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies,
more and more people are starting to store part of their funds in a variety of cryptocurrencies.
However, using these cryptocurrencies as means of payment remains a problem. The Pontem platform
allows you to easily fund your Crypto Debit Card via our exchange, as well as a smartphone app that will
be released in 3.Q 2018.
Our services will include: *Please check the terms ...

Description The system is transparent and allows auditing by independent assessors who are not
affiliated with Pontem
Group. Each user of Pontem’s mobile wallet will have an account where
currencies can be stored in local ones as well as BFY tokens. Users can use available MMR for money
remittances, to exchange them for other tokens, or exchange them for local fiat currencies through an
agent system or use as payment for goods and services. Access to the account management system can
be carried out through a web interface to manage available funds efficiently.

Scoring, KYC and Compliance Services
We will help our partners-developers with compliance services related to their customers. As pontem will
have complex software tools with integrated machine learning that will be used in scoring and KYC
procedures, our partners developers will have opportunity to use these tools in full capacity and save
much time and money at the same time being fully concentrated on the main tasks related to their
Data Analytics and Prediction Models
Our sophisticated data analytics techniques powered by machine learning technology will provide
developers with important useful information that can be later used in decisions making process. The
amount of information and its significance with respect to particular issues will help to test die rent
hypotheses and build prediction models related to success of particular product or service.
Consulting Services
Pontem is going to have consulting department that will share our knowledge and experience, as well as

Know-your-customer (KYC)
Since the main focus of our business is the transfer of funds between clients in different jurisdictions, we
will pay the utmost attention to the process of providing clients with identification data and their online
validation in order to:
• achieve comp
liance while ensuring timely and efficient client onboarding;
• understand the true nature and purpose of the account being set up;
• lower the cost of ownership with a flexible solution that can be adapted to respond to a changing
regulatory environment;
• implement a risk
-based approach to KYC compliance that allows us to focus resources and apply
appropriate restrictions on higher-risk clients.
Since our model focuses on providing services to companies rather than private individuals, we plan to
provide KYC services to our client companies in order to ensure the maximum simplicity and ease of use
of our core services. Service description 50 Maintaining the accounts of private individuals

Service description
51 Exchanging between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies Exchanging fiat currencies Exchanges play an
essential role in the cryptocurrency economy by offering a marketplace for trading, liquidity, and price
discovery. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be able to provide exchange services to our clients as well, and
to allow them to exchange between different cryptocurrencies and to and from fiat currencies.
We also plan to offer exchange services at a customer-friendly rate. Currency exchange will always be in
demand, and we foresee an opening in that market given the high conversion rates and bank commissions
that typically occur. Service description 52 Payment processing for cryptocurrency accepting merchants
aining a merchant’s a single account (in cryptocurrency and fiat currency, with the possibility of
automatic conversion) The Pontem platform (under the Best2Pay brand) is already actively used by many
merchants to accept payments using bank cards and conducts more tha...

Pontem Inc. Roadmap

Company Launch
Back End payment integration amd mobile app
Integration with casino's shops pay stores and P2P exchange and transfers
Loan management systems, pontem debit and credit cards. December ICO Launch
Integrating fully with our partners, stores, and customers
Instant Loan Mobile App BTC Credit cards and debit, complete backbone BTC infrastructure wth all partners and stores worldwide.
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Marina Devoe Programmer

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