Presale Ventures
Presale Ventures
Token: ENT

Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund & Pre–ICO Funding Platform

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-05
End date: 2018-09-03

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-04
End date: 2018-10-04

Registrated in: Belize

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Presale Ventures categories
Investment Platform Infrastructure
Presale Ventures token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries China,Israel,Singapore,USA
Soft cap 3000 ETH
Hard cap 30000 ETH
Tokens for sale 24000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 700 ENT
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 910 ENT
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH

PreSale Ventures is a Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and the next generation funding platform for the blockchain startups on the presale stage. PreSale Ventures’ ultimate platform was designed to simplify the process of choosing the Presale Events of the most powerful Blockchain startups by giving the early access to token generation events through exclusive presale terms. PreSale Ventures Brings Together the Most Promising and Exciting New Blockchain Startups with a Group of Passionate and Visionary Members. Get exclusive early–stage access to legitimate Blockchain funded projects, on a highly discounted seed stages, before their Token Generation Event. Enjoy up to 60% discounts on the future ICO tokens issued by the qualified Blockchain startups. The astounding opportunities previously reserved for highly networked and high net–worth individuals are made available to our Members. Connecting Blockchain Startups with passionate and visionary Members. Connecting passionate and visionary Members with the most powerful startups. Tomorrow’s Blockchain Startups at Your Fingertips! The potential is limitless...

By concentrating on Blockchain Technology, tapping into the Wisdom of the Crowd, utilizing Crowd Funding methodology, harnessing the power of Group Buying, all incorporated into state of the art Online Platform, Presale Ventures provides unique early–bird opportunities for its members.

The astounding financial opportunities reserved in the past to highly networked and high net–worth investors will no longer be in the realm of the privileged few.


Presale Ventures original vision is to create a comprehensive, sustainable ecosystem.

Presale Ventures’ model is based on a unique hybrid of business and commercially proven methodologies, augmented screening process, a contractual mechanism, an online platform and multiple perks for both members and startups.

The basic service to members is the allowance of early–bird purchases of crypto–assets, at a pre–determined discount from their upcoming ICO value.

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crypto Community

Presale Ventures algorithm–based, experts and crypto–community, hybrid screening process will sift through startups to carefully select those that demonstrate an actual, validated potential.

Presale Ventures first and foremost role is to select the most promising, profitable and safe startups carefully. Therefore, Presale Ventures must remain neutral and maintain the integrity of the process, while its members will have the final word as to which startups are worthy of their trust and funds.

Discounts of up to 60%

Enjoy up to 60% discounts on the future ICO tokens issued by qualified startups.

In light of the heterogenic nature and geographical spread of the community, a truly effective form of association is required.

Presale Ventures believes that the proven concept of membership through a collective purchase group successfully realizes this goal.

Planning for the ‘Peak’

Just like professional athletes that measure and schedule their training for the sole purpose of winning by harnessing their full potential and hitting their absolute 'peak' on the day of their most significant competition.

In its mission as an enabler and mediator of the presale ecosystem, Presale Ventures primary purpose and critical vision of its culture and philosophy is to help startups achieve their highest possible ICO peak.

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Presale Ventures Roadmap

Q3 2017

Core team formation, expert advisors added.
Q4 2017
Smart Contract completed.
Whitepaper completed.
Q1 2018

Whitepaper, Terms and conditions, License and other related documents, first version release.
Website soft launch.
Start of presale stage.
Q2 2018

Website, White Paper, Terms and conditions, License and other related documents, final version release.
Presale Ventures International corporate infrastructure completed.
Start of Initial Members Offer stage.
International infrastructure for Cryptocurrency-legal tender conversion completed.
EVENT tokens added to selected exchanges.
Portfolio of 10-20 "hand picked" high-potential start-ups with high potential built using the Presale Ventures Acceleration Fund.
First version of Presales Ventures platform using EVENT tokens launched.
Q3 2018

Legal compliance infrastructure for non-regulated countries completed.
First start-ups being presented.
Addition of Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers & fiat deposits from non-regulated countries to the platform. *
Q4 2018

Legal compliance infrastructure for regulated countries completed, including the US.
(if 60% raised)
Adding Visa & Mastercard & bank transfers, allowing fiat deposits into the platform from Regulated Countries. *
(if 60% raised)
Q1 2019

“WIX style” constructor launched.
(if 60% raised)
Q2 2019

“Futures Exchange” established.
(if 90% raised)
Q3 2019

Turnkey incubator for start-ups looking to adopt Blockchain technology set up.
(if 90% raised)
Sergey Ost
Team member Sergey Ost Chief Executive Officer

David Hava
Team member David Hava Chief Business Development Officer

Aviv Eilon
Team member Aviv Eilon Legal Counsel

Timur Shemsedinov
Team member Timur Shemsedinov Chief Technology Officer

Tal Eilon
Team member Tal Eilon Organization Development

Yuri Snigur
Team member Yuri Snigur IT Adviser

Eytan Ashtamker
Team member Eytan Ashtamker Marketing Director

Vitalik Daniloff
Team member Vitalik Daniloff Early Investor

Dennis Eideland
Team member Dennis Eideland Technology Advisor

Tzofia Gaash
Team member Tzofia Gaash Customer Relationship Manager

Alexey Orlenko
Team member Alexey Orlenko Software Engineer

Mykola Bilochub
Team member Mykola Bilochub Software Engineer

Timur Shemsedinov
Timur Shemsedinov
Chief Technology Officer
CEO of Interactive Cloud