Token: PTH

Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious Metals

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-01
End date: 2018-06-30

Registrated in: Seychelles

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


PRETHER categories
PRETHER token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 100 ETH
Hard cap 30 000 ETH
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 PTH = 0.0002 ETH
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

The world is evolving, technology is changing rapidly. Precious metals like gold
have been used throughout the history as money and have been regulated
currency equivalents. The concept of fiat money changed that and it is long
before this needed to be renewed too. While Bitcoin has been the king in the
cryptocurrency era it’s certai
nly not the only one. Prether is another blockchain
cryptocurrency that has attracted a lot of hype.
While many will compare the cryptocurrency aspect of both Prether and
Bitcoin, the reality is that they are vastly different projects and have different
intentions. Bitcoin has emerged as a relatively stable digital currency, while
Prether aims to encompass more.

Embryonic Stage of the Blockchain Market
The era of early 2010s was the venture investment period in blockchain and
specifically Bitcoin. Public buy and hold funds that trade on the stock exchange
market like GBTC are known followers of cryptocurrencies which are famous
for being ruled by no one. Since blockchain belongs to a category of
technologies known as “No way back”,
which is when humans start using a new
invention and realize they cannot go by their days without using it.
There are more Bots than humans. This amount will increase and Bots will
become smarter.
Thus, the risk of devaluation of your (and my) intelligence is real. And the
longer you deny it, the faster your brain will depreciate in value. The point is
that the blockchain for the robot economy is convenient to them. It is
understandable, it is reliable, and it is easy to integrate.

The Blockchain for the Internet of Things is a new megatrend. It is obvious that
without the blockchain
— robot’s economy is simply impossible.
As of now, the blockchain market is in the embryonic stage. It may be rocking
back and forth. The clear strategy is Buy & Hold. Bought and kept. For example,
detecting 10% each time when the net asset valuation increased 5 times from
the previous commit. Well, it’s simple! But this strategy will only work if you
define the investment horizon in a radius of 3

10 years.

Real assets vs. Dreams
In the United States, money supply measured as M2 grew from $6.407 trillion
in January 2005, to $8.319 trillion in January 2009 and to $13.417 trillion in
April 2017.
Almost all governments do the same thing: print fiat money on a large scale!!!
There are so many predictions of the collapse of the American financial system.
Even billionaires already say this openly. Let’s say that it will not happen. But if
it happens, we will not go back to the existing world order.

Such events in retrospect are called Black Swans. Nobody thought that the
Second World will happen, that the Internet will appear, that Trump will
become a President. But in retrospect, all these events are obvious, and have a
rational explanation. The collapse of the Fiat system would be the same.
If the American economy collapses, the world will literally be in chaos. Our
history in this regard is even more interesting because if the US economy
collapses, other economies collapse even more. The mortgage crisis of 2008
proved this clearly.
But it didn’t teach anything. All this just adds to the fear in investor’s minds and
Gold has mostly been used by investors to hedge against inflation. It is a
shimmering temptation to increase returns with a passably safe commodity.
The main motto that persuades investors to invest in gold is that the fiat money
we have currently will decline in value. This could be for economical reasons or
value reasons. For this reason alone, inves...

Many commentators have attempted to bolster their argument that various
forms of technical analysis were useless by claiming that the fundamental
paradigm regarding precious metals has changed, which has caused other
analysis methods to become obsolete and useless.
They claim that since the world is awash in debt, that fiat currencies are
worthless, that the banks are truly insolvent, etc., and, therefore, there is no
way that gold or silver will ever go down.
While these are clearly excellent fundamental arguments, we have learned
from history that circumstances are fluid and can change on a dime.
Furthermore, it is also “possible,” but not highly likely right now, that the public
perspective on these matter may change.
In fact, there is even a fundamental perspective that if the Fed offers up no
more Quantitative Easing, that the U.S. Dollar will start to soar relative to other
currencies worldwide, which can potentially have a negative effect upon
owning gold or silver in U.S. ...

India and China, the two highest populated countries in the world, together
narrate for majority of demand for worldwide gold demand. Since the
environmental rules and regulations were established, the cost of exploration,
mining, and distribution has increased. It makes it harder to get the commodity
out of its natural state and distributable in the market.
Today’s dollar can only buy about 2% of what it could buy in 1900s. Compare
that to gold, which today buys 150% of what it could in 1900s. So, in roughly a
century, gold has catapulted to 75 times as much purchasing power as the

We can all agree that the human emotion of fear is the cause and driving force
of the pricing movements within the precious metals market today. Therefore,
it follows that a methodology that is used to track ebbs and flows within social
mood and emotions, en masse, can provide us with an appropriate analysis
technique to track such a market.
Even in a non-event, the volatile value of gold can go up or down 15 percent in
a year. While precious metals such as gold help diversify risk in the portfolio,
they do not provide guaranteed returns in terms of dividends. Anyhow, gold
stocks and precious metals exchange traded funds do remove this con of
precious metal investment.
Dominika Kanar

Michał Matyśniak

German Serko
German Serko DESIGNER

Kamil Rzepecki