Token: QBX

Loyalty on the Blockchain

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-24
End date: 2018-10-31

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


qiibee categories
Business services Platform
qiibee token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries Canada,USA
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 11,250,000 USD
Tokens for sale 673,400,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 QBX = 0.05 USD
Minimal investment 200 USD
Bonus in ICO 5% During first week.
About qiibee
qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty industry with the latest technological innovations. By bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain, it is able to help brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies, while offering customers real-life value in exchange for their points.
At present, the loyalty industry is hopelessly fragmented. It sees low customer engagement and redemption and high customer acquisition cost, operational risk, and inefficiency for brands. All of this translates to extreme waste, totalling more than $500B USD-worth of unredeemed points, according to a 2017 study by Reuters & Affinity Capital Exchange.

qiibee has developed a standardised Plug & Play solution, allowing brands to easily issue their own tokens with the LoyaltyToken Protocol. Meaning businesses can store customer rewards on the blockchain and issue real-value Loyalty Tokens in return. The end-users can use and exchange their loyalty tokens between brands with the qiibee wallet app. 

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Disclaimer & Thank you
1. W​ hat is our mission?
2. W​ hat problems are we solving?
3. W​ hy qiibee?
4. W​ ho is qiibee?
5. W​ here are we already?
Lattesso roll-out
Sausalitos roll-out
Further Sales pipeline
6. W​ hat are the benefits?
Brand perspective
Customer perspective
7. W​ hat is the product?
Loyalty program set-up
Developer kit
qiibee app
Revenue model
Product roadmap
8. H​ ow do we scale the ecosystem?
Expansion strategy
Strategic Partnerships & Advisors
9. H​ ow does it work?
Why do we need blockchain technology?
Current blockchain infrastructure
Token economics and smart contracts
Challenges & outlook on solutions
qiibee White Paper 2.1 | Page 1 of 31

Disclaimer & Thank you
All of the information presented in this whitepaper is tentative and is subject to change
at any time. None of the information herein should be construed as legal, accounting, or
investment advice of any kind. This document does not represent a solicitation for
investment, nor does it represent an offering or sale, public or private, of any kind of
financial instrument, security or otherwise, in any jurisdiction. This whitepaper is
provided as-is, for informational purposes only, with the intention of describing a
prospective software system.
Thank you
Firstly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our first external contributor
Alexander Braun for the continuous support of this project, for his motivation and vast
Our sincere thanks also go to all the other advisors, Jean-Paul Saija, Reto Hartinger,
Oliver Gnehm, Dominic Hofer, Patrick Schilz, Tom Graham, David Wachsman, Prof. Dr.
Sven Reinecke and Prof. Dr. Winfried...

We believe in loyalty.
qiibee entered the loyalty market in 2015 and worked with over 900 brands.
We help brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain.
qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty market by offering a blockchain-based loyalty
ecosystem, on which every brand can build its very own loyalty application. This way,
we are encouraging brands to build their programs on the same foundation, thereby
making it possible for brands as well as customers to engage with one another across
the ecosystem.
With this ecosystem, we are tackling the issues prevalent in today’s loyalty market, like
it’s fragmentation, low levels of activity and redemption, costs associated with
integration and the lack of interoperability and intrinsic value of the points collected.
We give customers the freedom they deserve.
Customers have transparency over their own loyalty programs and all the other
programs on the platform. They can collect, redeem, exchange, send or receive loyalty

1. What is our mission?
At qiibee, our mission is to establish a loyalty ecosystem offering a platform to
hundreds of brands and servicing thousands of customers.
We help brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain ​
and aim to become an
efficient platform that enables brands to operate their own, decentralized loyalty
programs, where they keep full control. Brands are able to build their desired
application and to benefit from the crypto and blockchain technology, without having to
think about the integration. In this sense, consolidating the loyalty market means
creating a loyalty ecosystem that is based on the same foundation and enabling
different loyalty program owners to be compatible with each other. They can either
move their existing loyalty application from off- to on-chain, create a new app or join an
existing multi-brand application, in which the customer can collect loyalty tokens from
different brands. qiibee will support them in this process in every aspect of their ...

personalized and shared interactions across brands’ loyalty programs, which makes it
essential for brands to rethink their loyalty strategies (Bond Brand Loyalty, 2017, p.2).
What makes it so hard for brands to successfully navigate the loyalty landscape?
First, loyalty in itself is connected with ​
high customer acquisition costs for the

Not only are loyalty programs expensive to set up but it is difficult to attract
new customers by means of a loyalty program. In general, customers are reluctant to
sign up for a new loyalty program since the value added is not always immediately
apparent and there is a vast amount of programs available.
Moreover, the ​
loyalty landscape is characterized by low levels of engagement and

Most of the time, customers collect the points but rarely redeem them.
Against this background, it is difficult for brands to boost the level of activity with their
Also, the ​ ...

3. Why qiibee?
qiibee entered the loyalty market in 2015 ​
in a first attempt to consolidate the
numerous loyalty programs available in a multi-activity application. With this
application, customers could earn and spend one single loyalty “award”, the qiibeePoint
(qbP). The goal was to create an app to reward not only purchases but other client
activity such as creating brand-related content for the community and engaging with the
qiibee then scaled its product to more than 100’000 users and 900 brands (in less
than 12 months):
In less than 12 months
Brands we work with
data sets
The traction qiibee has gained with the off-chain loyalty program is valuable in terms of
recognition in the market. We also profit enormously from the experience gained and
the contacts made both with brands and users.
In sum, there...

4. Who is qiibee?
full time
qiibee has expanded its core team from 7 to 12 employees since
the closing of the seed round in January 2018.
product &
Currently, the company is hiring to expand its product and tech
team from 5 people to 8 people until the crowd sale.
core team
What makes the team especially interesting is that the founding
team has been with the company since 2015.
have entrepreneurial
70% of the team has been part of the foundation of a company
before joining qiibee.
years experience in
The total number of years of experience in the loyalty space is
more than 16.
Gabriele Giancola
Sales & Partnerships
“I leverage my industry
network and build strategic

Co-founded and built
qiibee with his brother

Former GE with 6 years

Federico Alconada
Tech Architecture
Jacqueline Bieri
Marketing & PR
Claudio Sgarbi
Token Economics
Thorsten Kud
“I build qiibee’s overall
architecture and front-end”

Expert in mobile

Former full stack
developer at Avature and

MSc Computer Science,
top 1% student at UNLP,
Buenos Aires
“I lead all the marketing, pr
related matters and connect
with our loyal community”

Built her own blog with
9,000 followers and
worked with major
brands, e.g. Ritz Carlton

MA Brand Management,
Regent’s University
“I design the economics of
qiibee together with brands &

Built Spirit of
Switzerland, a Swiss
Liquor distributor

Passion for financial

BA Business
Management, University ...

qiibee Roadmap

2015 - 2016
Our journey started with our own off-chain loyalty app.

35m Data sets created.
100k Active users.
6m Customer activities.
900 Brand partners.
Made strategic decision to build loyalty on the blockchain based on learnings from off-chain app.

Created smart contracts on Ethereum and published white paper.
Q1 2018
Closed our seed round with approx. 3.2m USD.

Invested in team expansion, product development and brand acquisition.
Q2 2018
Conducted 2 brand roll-outs in 7 countries reaching 2m customers.

Opened crowd sale to fund the qiibee journey.
Q3 2018
Publish our developer kit, exchange and transfer functionalities.

Onboarding of 6 more brands to the qiibee ecosystem.
Q4 2018
Conduct loyalty on the blockchain conference and hackathon.

Onboarding of 9 more brands to the qiibee ecosystem.
Gabriele Giancola
Team Member Gabriele Giancola CEO, Sales & Partnerships

Gianluca Giancola
Team Member Gianluca Giancola Design & UX

Felicia Giancola-Teora
Team Member Felicia Giancola-Teora Finance & Legal

Pascal Schindelholz
Team Member Pascal Schindelholz Blockchain & Infrastructure

Federico Alconada
Team Member Federico Alconada Blockchain Architecture

Aaron de Miranda Colaço
Team Member Aaron de Miranda Colaço Blockchain Engineering

Thorsten Kud
Team Member Thorsten Kud Product

Marcel Brod
Team Member Marcel Brod Growth & Operations

Nir Blumberger
Team Member Nir Blumberger Marketing & PR

Elvis Dedic
Team Member Elvis Dedic Decentralized Application Engineering

Dan Octavian
Team Member Dan Octavian Back End Development

Ruby Edelstein
Team Member Ruby Edelstein Full Stack Development

Claudio Sgarbi
Team Member Claudio Sgarbi Token Economics

Jacqueline Bieri
Team Member Jacqueline Bieri Marketing & PR

Molly Cornfield
Team Member Molly Cornfield Content & Copy

Kylie Wyss
Team Member Kylie Wyss Business Development

Amit Shemesh
Team Member Amit Shemesh Community Management

Kai Wang
Team Member Kai Wang China Expansion

Ruby Edelstein
Ruby Edelstein
Nir Blumberger
Nir Blumberger
Community manager
Molly Cornfield
Molly Cornfield
Content Writer