Token: QPS

Your Gateway To Financial Markets

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-05
End date: 2018-05-30

Registrated in: Hong Kong

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Qompass categories
Artificial Intelligence Banking Business services Investment Platform Software
Qompass token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 20,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 QPS = 0.0013 ETH
Acceppting BTC, ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Harnessing the Power of Artificial
Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active
“At its core Qompass will provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive
financial and capital markets on a global scale, Our Ambition is to pave the way to fully
Blockchainize the $294 Trillion Global Financial Markets , restoring trust and eradicating
manipulation and corruption.”

The Blockchain and digital currency world has paved way to a whole new
understanding of decentralization. This does not just pose a challenge to
the traditional perspective of financial transactions but also focuses on
eliminating the loopholes attached with the traditional financial system. This
goes to prove how advanced the blockchain technology has gone, and also
how it has been able to diminish global boundaries by offering a chance at
having an alternate and improved future for the whole world.
Though the blockchain technology is still at its initial phase, and encounters
several hitches in terms of quality of its service, ease of use, and
performance, every generation of Blockchain is innovative, which makes it a
better choice. The main force behind the Blockchain technology is how it
has been able to utilize a decentralized system. However, the lack of a real-
world application, and business and technological limitations, has been one
of the drawbacks to the full adop...

With the growing importance of digital currencies in our world today, the Qompass platform offers the latest
generation of cryptocurrency fanatics and average investors an unlimited access to funding pools that utilize the
global financial network, which are working their way towards incorporating this innovative and revolutionary
monetary exchange system. These financial systems or banks are the first in their league to accept the Blockchain
technology as the future of monetary exchanges. As a Qompass platform subscriber, you can enjoy leveraged funds
that add up to 100 times your invested deposit. You can also enjoy liquidity pools as well as cross exchange trading
with a single account.
Incorporated on the Qompass Blockchain is Qompass Trader technology, which moves it further to the next level by
offering subscribers the best of both worlds. Qompass Trader also puts in the fingertips of subscribers the ability to
convert crypto holdings into fiat currency at any POS or ATM worldwide at all times...

Qompass’s Block Chain is a new generation of Blockchain technology. It is a
cooperative ledger that supports state changes that are performed by trusted
and licensed nodes. The new Blockchain technology is capable of tens of
thousands of transactions in a mere second (30,000 tps). This efficiency is
achieved through performing on-client contract executions by means of verifying
their output by 90 percent consensus algorithm used in the new block’s creation.
The new and improved Blockchain does not require storing detailed information
of every transaction; rather the side-chains are responsible for this action, and
handle the full history storing procedure.
Also, whenever access to any stored data such as digital signatures, contract
sources and transaction records are required, which are commonly stored in the
Blockchain in other platforms, Qompass Block Chain verifies and authenticates
such information by referring to the cloud service that is as...

It is a known fact that the present Blockchain generation is
experiencing several issues including the problem of speed, high
costs, security, and low to no anonymity at all. Countering these
major issues, Qompass developers have initiated a Blockchain that
offers the following:

Revolutionary verification of over 30000 transactions per second

Lowest possible costs

Complete anonymity

Aid of artificial intelligence in smart contracts

Easy to use smart contracts – Drag and Drop Templates

Complete security, making it impossible to check transactions
without a security key. ( Secured Explorer)
Qompass blockchain makes it completely impossible to know
details of a user’s digital assets, except with the use of a private key.

The revolutionary Blockchain technology offered by Qompass offers high tech solutions
to the setbacks faced by earlier developers of cryptocurrency. Some major characteristics
that differentiate Qompass Blockchain from other cryptocurrencies include the following:

It is faster than current solutions such as Ethereum and Bitcoin

It can support over 30000 transactions per second

It is a self-aware Blockchain (supported by Artificial Intelligence)

It is entirely customizable and scalable

It has a cross chain smart contract support (smart contracts that work on multiple

Very low transaction costs

Qompass uses a secured explorer (no one can spy on your assets. Experience true
anonymity and privacy)

It offers total decentralization and anonymity

It is built to support financial transactions and high frequency trading
The Qompass Blockchain...

Proof of state
The primary function of Qompass’s nodes is to execute contracts and to verify their
state. Instead of following the traditional techniques of mining new blocks which
burns clock cycles unnecessarily, in the Qompass platform the permission required
for the creation of new blocks is at default and comes as a licensed node.
Rather than waiting for a new block to be mined, state changes can occur at any time,
which is verified by trusted actors, and a general consensus approved in less than ten
milliseconds, even at a large scale. Any contract can perform actions synchronously
without affecting or blocking other contracts, which is owed to the fact that every
contract maintains its own separate chain of state. The collective changes of state
form a directed cyclical graph which makes up the blockchain.
The main actors involved in the process are the nodes, which when combined form
the Qompass Notary cloud and C-Chain Ledger Clients, through MAC, PC, Android,
and IOS, as well as,...

Smart contracts
Generally, smart contract in Qompass is referred to as
an executable data script that is stored in a tree
structure. It has the capability of storing any kind of
information in a format known as ‘key-value’, and each
key in this system represents a unique address globally,
and values found here can be either fixed values,
dynamically executing scripts, binary executable logic,
or even simple references to other existing addresses,
trees, and so on. This allows virtually any complex
nesting structure to be represented.
A tree consisting of smart contracts forms a Smart
Contract Chain, which represents a set of smart
contracts that confirm and reference each other. The C-
Chain is the true representation of real-world set of
related documents. Features of any new C-Chain is
defined by its first, new smart contract, however, as
mentioned before, the Blockchain itself will not store
any information but rather the other entities such as

Qompass Roadmap

QPS Tokens Pre-Sale.
Qps ICO Sale.
Distribution of ERC20 QPSE Tokens.
Listing Of QPSE On Exchanges From.
Q1, 2018
Launch of Qompass main net.
Windows, Mac, Linux Wallets / Clients.
Android, IOS Wallets.
Qompass(QPS) Tokens release.
Token Swap(QPSE to QPS) starts.
Listing of QPS Tokens on Exchanges(Kucoin , Binance ,Hitbtc ).
Q3 2018
API for DAPPS, Block chain design framework, smart Contracts. Templates(Drag & Drop).
Qompass Trader.
Qompass Liquidity stream and gateway.
Launching Strategic Partner Programs.
Launching Managed Crypto Investment Program (Minimum QPS price on internal Exchange - $15).
Q4 2018
Qompass payment cards / hardware Wallets.
Qompass Banking Network.
Qompass Liquidity API (Traditional Exchanges).
Global marketing Campaign.
Q1 2019
100% Bonus payment To Pre ICO and ICO Subscribers.
Launching Of Qompass Terminal: A Crypto Financial News, Data, Analysis Terminal (Subscription Only) (Minimum QPS price on internal Exchange - $35).
Q2 2019
Launching of Crypto Fund Incubator Program.
Ad Alez
Ad Alez Front end Developer

Julia Smith
Julia Smith High Frequence Trading systems and applications Designer

Daniel Tealdo
Daniel Tealdo Business development - A venture capital investor

Sandeep Roy
Sandeep Roy Graphics designer and frontend developer

Yichi Zang
Yichi Zang backend developer

Hossain Anowar
Hossain Anowar Lead Developer

Christina Young
Christina Young Lead Developer : Software , Api system development and intergration