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End date: 2018-05-31

Registrated in: Cayman Islands

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There are no popular recommendation services for games��������...

The global video gaming market has been growing faster than forecasted and is
the number one segment in the entertainment industry. At the same time, there
are two major problems unsolved. Firstly, there is no popular cross-platform
recommendation services for gamers while the number of people playing multiple
devices is high. Secondly, gamers find it difficult to be awarded for their hobby while
they spend lots of time and skills.
RAWG is a recommendation online service for gamers and a database of games
from all popular platforms. It is like IMDb, but for games.
RAWG is being developed to:

answer the question “what to play next”
based on the user profile (personal
recommendation service);

let gamers obtain bonuses for their skills
in games they play;

provide advertisers with access to gamers
and means of targeting based on actual
interests of users;


There are no popular recommendation services for games
Today gamers get their recommendations from various sources including media, streaming services,
bloggers, platforms, and online game stores. Each source has its flaws. Media, bloggers, and streamers
cannot possibly cover all games released and people usually possess biased opinions towards
platforms, companies, or genres. Platforms do not see each other as allies; on the contrary, they
compete for users: PlayStation Store will never recommend an exclusive title for Xbox, while the latter
will never tell about new items in the App Store. At the same time:

76% of US gamers play on at least two devices

87% of players using game consoles also play on desktop computers
The global video gaming market has been growing
faster than forecasted

The volume has been growing steadily since 2012, faster than forecasted. E...

in 2021. Online advertising is estimated to be 40% of the market, reaching 50% in 2021

The online advertising market ranks second among the four main drivers for the media and
entertainment industry growth, the average annual market growth net of GDP is 4.3% for the
period from 2016 to 2021

Online advertising was projected to grow grow by 14% in 2017 while offline advertising was
projected to decrease. Online advertising was forecasted to reach $204 billion and become
the #1 category globally in 2017

The US online advertising market totaled to $72.5bn in 2016, which is 21.8% more YOY. The share
of the CPM advertising model increased from 33% to 35% from 2015 to 2016

The European digital advertising market totaled €41.9bn in 2016, which is 12.9% more YOY
It is hard for players to be awarded for their hobby

is a multiplayer browser game where a player can earn money, spend it on
game bonuses and exchange for real money.

Second Life
is a multiplayer game, a life simulator in which a player can get a virtual job or set up
a business, earn money in game currency and exchange it for real money.
Disadvantages of the above and alternative services and games with similar reward mechanics are that
users are limited in their choice. These are either catalogs of mostly logical and arcade games, as in the
case of SwagBucks and PlayAndWin, or specific games that not everybody likes.
service from the manufacturer of game periphery Razer must be mentioned separately.
The company pays gamers for the time spent in games selected for the catalog in the current
month. Games included (as of October 2017): World of Tanks, Diablo III, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam,
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, DOTA 2. Payments are made in the internal currency ...

RAWG is an online service with a database of games from all popular platforms and a
recommendation system. It’s like IMDb for games. It combines a personal library, a recommendation
system, a social service to connect with friends and influencers about gaming and a calendar for
events and games releases.
RAWG is a web app. It utilizes ReactJS, Node.js, Python 3, Django Framework, Git for code versioning,
GitHub for code and technical documentation storage.
RAWG is being developed to:

answer the question “
what to play next
” based on the user profile;

allow gamers to obtain
real-life benefits
from gaming skills, utilizing a blockchain platform;

provide advertisers with
access to the target audience
enabling targeting that takes into
account the actual interests of users.
The goal is to build a cross-platform ecosystem where gamers will spend time tracking the...

One of the goals for the RAWG team is to create the world’s most complete game database, which will
combine personal impressions of games with more widely known game data.
Personalized recommendations
RAWG will help users search for new games using the recommendation system. The system is based
on Big Data.
The service is designed to know as much as possible not only about the games, but also about how
players interact with these games. RAWG users mark the games they completed or are waiting for, rate
games and write reviews, and create thematic game collections. RAWG also receives information about
its users from connected gaming platforms and will use this data to account for the actions of players
in games.
Platform owners do not have this information as they do not track gaming activities on other platforms.
RAWG seeks to create a cross-platform environment where links between similar games and players
can be built and recommendations can be made beyond the limits set by the game solution

Potential categories of supposed partners

games, movies, books, shows;

mass services and mobile apps;

computer equipment;



Fast-moving consumer goods.
RAWG is currently the only cross-platform recommendation service that intends to let gamers receive
awards for playing the games they like, and then exchange those awards for goods or services.
The closest games and services that solve similar or related tasks are listed above, in the subsection
“It is hard for players to be awarded for their hobby”. Their key disadvantages are the following:

users are limited in their choice: these are either catalogs of mostly logical and arcade games
(SwagBucks and PlayAndWin), or specific games (Exodus 3000, Second Life), or games for specific
platforms (desktop computers in zVAULT);

RAWG Roadmap

November 2016
Development launch.
June 2017
Open testing period.
July 2017
Over 45,000 games in the catalog.
September 2017
Open alpha launch.
October 2017
UGC tools (new user profiles, game reviews, and discussions).
February 2018
Content-rich game pages, game developers and publishers profiles, upgraded main page.
April 2018
May 2018
Friends and community activity feed.
August 2018
Rewards with RAWG tokens. Advertising sales.
September 2018
Personalized recommendations.
October 2018
Community-editable database. Over 100,000 games in the catalog.
December 2018
Tokenized Q’n’A service: ask questions and get answers from game developers.
Advertisers’ self-service profiles.
Alexey Gornostaev
Alexey Gornostaev CO-FOUNDER, CPO

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Sergey Ulankin EDITOR-N-CHIEF

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