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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-22
End date: 2018-03-22

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Price 1 RC = 0.10 USD
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As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems generate financial transactions, ReceiptCoin will
facilitate transparency into and reliability of these transactions

Because ReceiptCoin integrates with ERP systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS),
and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ReceiptCoin will reduce disputes over invoices,
shipments, returns, and purchases

ReceiptCoin will bring transparency to the origin, movement, and possession of goods

Eliminate the uneven distribution of information amongst stakeholders within a supply chain

Allows end buyers to economically authenticate the products they purchase

Creates a common technical environment, security and exchange protocol that is superior to
centralized systems, which actually hinder data sharing

Uses a decentralized model for managing supply chain data and incentivizes stakeholders to
provide complete information

Core Technology
The Service
The ReceiptCoin service makes use of a standard receipt contract to create an API for software to input
and retrieve data from the blockchain. Requests are made through a JSON API to the ReceiptCoin client-
facing server network to add or read blockchain data. These requests are queued onto blockchain full
nodes, and executed using the
command tool. Request success messages will be relayed with HTTP
hooks to notify clients of their success status.
Each object or product is to be represented by a smart contract. Each product will have an owner
address. Only the owner or an entity with the private keys of the owner can edit or change properties of
the smart contract. The owner is represented by wallet address and optional identifying name.
In order to use the service, customers must create an account on the ReceiptCoin customer portal. API
use requires a valid JSON token and sufficient funds for transaction fees. Fees can be deposited directly
onto the...

Fig-1: ReceiptCoin Blockchain Product Identification System Illustration
External Smart Contract References
Optional APIs and data sources will be contacted in order to increase the value of the smart contracts.
The server will use a mathematically unique fingerprint, based on blockchain SHA-256 hashing; and
referenced on the blockchain to verify large documents without storing them directly.
All tracking APIs offered by vendors such as Tile, TrackR, Crystal Cube will be integrated to allow ease of
entry and tracking for clients. Enterprise inventories will be made public so users can find individual
items across stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Shipping companies can also integrate with the
system so that a customer may track an item through any shipping vendor. The key point being that the
file persists while write access to the file changes over time.

ReceiptCoin Roadmap

October 2017
January 2018
- ReceiptCoin Proof Concept Web API
- General Sale
April 2018
Release Wallet/Notary Application
June 2018
Scale ReceiptCoin API for Enterprise
November 2018
Expand Wallet to become a general Blockchain Marketplace Application
March 2019
Expand into a new Blockchain or custom blockchain
August 2019
Creat a Public Facing Search Engine for Things
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