Release Project
Release Project
Token: REL

Social Media Dispersed Platform

ICO dates
Start date:
End date: 2019-04-20

Registrated in: Japan

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Release Project categories
Release Project token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 50,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Acceppting ETH
Release Project news, social
Release Project search trends in Google

Release Project Roadmap

May 2018
·REL token 1 stage (Private Sale) start .
"RELEASE platform of improvement".
Embarked on improvement of an emphasis on user experience platform
news site created by people like you! RELEASE Http://Release.Co.Jp/.
Taiwan subsidiary RELEASE Co., Ltd. (璃里intercrural sex份Co., Ltd.) company establishment preparation.
June 2018
At ERC20, RELEASE COIN (REL token) issued.
"The development of the block chain"
can sufficiently correspond to-industry level, embarked on the development of the block chain using a smart contract that allows the transaction services of various social commerce.
" Improvement "of RELEASE platform corresponds to, multilingual, started to build a system to be compatible to the site.
July 2018
RELEASE COIN (REL token) distribution start (MyEtherWallet) .
REL token 2 stage (presale) start embarking on · Introduction Service Provider bitcoin4tierClub site construction Guide ⇒ Shop Http://4Tier.Club/shop/.
August 2018
REL token 3 stage (cloud Sale) start. "RELEASE platform of improvement"
, a plurality of photo posts, video posting, shopping cart functionality, such as the # hash tag auto-generation function, started to develop RELEASE platform of the back-end.
September 2018
REL token 4 stage (cloud Sale) started .
specializing in · RELEASE social commerce, adopted the engineers of five.
October 2018
REL token 5 stage (cloud Sale) start .
Big data dedicated server build. RELEASE platform, we embarked on improvement of point calculation algorithm started the development of · iOS / Android support hybrid applications.
November 2018
REL token 6 stage (cloud Sale) start embarked on the development of the search algorithm using · AI Artificial Intelligence (deep learning).
December 2018
RELEASE COIN (REL token) started the development of this system Wallet.
February 2019
REL token 7 stage (cloud Sale) start and logistics ASP engineers specializing in the five adopted embarked on the development of - "location nformation and collection services" application.
March 2019
RELEASE social commerce platform (β version) will be released.
April 2019
REL token 8 stage (cloud Sale) start at, Taiwan and Japan of the two countries, RELEASE social commerce of propaganda television, radio, Internet, newspapers, CM ad delivery schedule , the virtual currency Exchange listed schedule.
Kanai Tatsuo
Kanai Tatsuo Chief Exective Officer

Kadota Gyousai
Kadota Gyousai General Manager

Horie Tadashi
Horie Tadashi Treasurer