Renaissance Engineering
Renaissance Engineering
Token: RE

Decentralized Construction Projects

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-15
End date: 2018-09-30

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-01
End date: 2018-11-15

Registrated in: Turkey

Platform: Waves
Type: Waves


Renaissance Engineering categories
Investment Real estate
Renaissance Engineering token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 5,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 62,500,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 RE = 0.06 USD
Price in PreICO 1 RE = 0.04 USD

enaissance Engineering company is aim build modern construction solutions and getting profits from this projects.Our staff all expert on their operation engineers and architectures. We will sell our waves based RE Tokens ept 15 %30 discount prices.and 2 more phase for ico (%15-no dıscount). After ico we will do high profitable projects and share our profit's %30 with our token holders on waves dex as a waves coin. As we based on Turkey,our currency’s status(inflation) give us more power with cryptocurrencies and We wıll be running loyalty programme for holders;that is airdrops every month %4 of what do you have (determined one day of month)second year %2 and if our coin exist after 2 year of distrubition burn them rest.We focused to getting bigger on consturction and real estate market while using blockchain tools.İn 2020 will create decentralized real estate exchange using cryptocurrencies assets and construction startup incubatar with our RE Tokens who care about own project running and plus service of online engineering solutions. 

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Renaissance Engineering is a construction blockchain company focusing on investors
financal profitables and getting better life places while investing. Traditional
construction firms have moved away from present-day technologies and profitability
rates have remained in the distant state .Blockchain
and smart contract’s
will solve this stability problems and give the right of way to construction sector for to
be more growing rates and effective solutions for people of world.

Open blockchains are
the future of humanity and it’s high time to start
using them in real life beyond simple money transfer applications. “Sasha
vanov,Ceo Waves & Vostok

The real estate market always attracted investors. In the conditions of permament world-
population growth and rapid economic development, The real estate market possesses
boundless possibilities for its extension and it means that even more persons will invest their
savings in this assets. Such money investment has lots of advantages. For example, the real
estate market has low-level volatility compared with other possible investments.
Renaissance Engineering company combined that both invest real estate and Renaissance
Engineering Company’s profit share via
waves blockchain to create more success
Our company propose to focus on other uses of investors token usage

those which
are often overlooked in favor of the low-level ...

Smart contracts, being a natural development of Bitcoin scripting are inevitable and will be
one of the cornerstones of blockchain technology.Using this trancparency trade system we
will build real estate
market’s DEX on waves
blockchain. So
user friendly Turing
smart contracts will be gamechanger for construction market.
The decentralized blockchain system will allow to control the proccess of building much
better and will decrease the transaction costs of shared participation in investment. We
believe that Renaissance Engineering Token will change a view on blockchain in shpere of
investment in the primary real estate. Our introducted technologies will let behave differently
both to building and to the investments in it.
In the following sections we will describe the technical motivation for Renaissance
Engineering Token features and illustrate them with use cases. RE company intend to
determine the most
ready” aspects o...

Renaissance engineering tokens and their usage
Technical view about Blockchain
Blockchain technology is the technology known mostly in connection with the
cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
In our opinion, the nature of transactions in collaborative building
designs as well as legal consequences in case of desing failures constitute an optimal use
case for the application of blockchain technology. Due to requirements importance the
control over individual data and privacy over individual/all parts of the resulting models it
fits well to the description of a mixed blockchain.
In addition to cryptocurrencies blockchain has been used in several industries. Among the
most interesting applications working on a new set of protocols defined by blockchain 2.0
are “smart contracts”.
The process of blockchain and the construction industry would
scald down to approximately this steps: project modeling, smart contracts, inspection, and
delivery. The first step in creating a project is modeling. Project...

Bitcoin is about billions of transactions between millions of users. Building information
blockchain is about hundreds of transactions between dozens of users up to a couple of
gigabytes each. Building information can be copied into the blockchain. Blockchain is copied
across workstations of participants. An operating system plugin presents it very much like a
shared dropbox record, the exception being that all versions of all files are preserved and
that a available “last” version of every file is maintained. Trading systems that do
approximately this exis the main problem of the chained scenario is that the size of the
blockchain would soon grow very very large and would exceed the capacity of individual
workstations much like the entire Bitcoin does.
The solution would be to distribute the blockchain across a few critical partners in the
project but to offer just a wallet to the clients on the workstations. It would appear to the
host that a file is regional while in fact it would be pull...

Use cases
The project wallet would be created and individual blocks would be linked with payments to
each step of the project model. This helps create the budget. It also helps with accountability.
Funds are technically available since the money has been set aside for each step. This
provides assurances for anyone working on the project that they will be paid. Or who wanna
invest or be included the project.
Once contractors complete the steps needed, they have to present for evaluation. An
inspector would inspect the work, as they do currently, and approve or deny the work. If the
work has been approved funding would be released, and people would be paid. In other way, it
helps cautiously draw up any and all responsibilities. Since payments to contractors would be
dependent upon the phases, It would help establish liability and prove who needs to be paid.
This stages improve the efficiency.
Subcontractors or contractors would draw up a similar process for materials slowly
releasing funds. Th...

Additional RE TOKEN features
All this information’s light we will be improve our
bussiness fundamentals and waves
we are belong to. Our holders will be rewarded %30 percentages from our
profit per project. Holders get monthly %4 first year,%2 second year airdrop.
This airdrop rewards are important for long term & early investors because they can
increase amount of token hold so profitable rate keep moving up. Our Real estate attempts
like DEX, website and partnerships around the world Global scale.Some of the our RE token

Renaissance Engineering Roadmap

Q3 2018
Foundation of Renaissance Enginnering. Development RE token & business model. Writing whitepaper and website launch. Partnership with Waves Platform for ICO sale buy walls format.Pre marketing & advertising for ICO.Presale/Ico/Public sale launch.Airdrops for early investors.1m soft cap & 5m hard cap targets.
Q4 2018
Start of monthly airdrop (%4). Searching suitable land for building and draw archıtectural /static projects. Launching new website and implantation online project service for customer via website. Start of first building project. Expand team with technical staff. Foundation of International Donation Fund for Children by RE Company.Adding services worldwide online restoration, interior architecture design,and smart house technology to the website of Renaissance Engineering.
Finishing first Project and announcement of the profit amount for RE token holders. Building of woldwide real estate website, House selling integrated with RE token from this website discounted prices. Waves Smart contract integration for buy and sell house from Renaissance Engineering real-estate website. Searching suitable/profitable worlwide major construction deals(airport,dam,hotel,luxury villas).
Launching Renaissance Lab Incubator. Start of residence Project,Established projects details and estimated finish time for profit distribution. IOS and Android apps released. Mobile One click Project draw,house sell,and buy online. Partnerships with global real estate agencies for use our token for sales with waves smart contracts.Permanent income creation with buying hotel(monthly profıt share to holders). Creation of World first house sell & buy DEX with crypto assets.
Cagdas Yilmaz
Cagdas Yilmaz Co-founder & Civil Engineer

Gizem Gonen
Gizem Gonen Interior Designer & CMO

Burak Kus
Burak Kus Mechanical Engineer & COO

Sitki Annakkaya
Sitki Annakkaya Cİvil Engineer & Head of Business

Mustafa Ulusoy
Mustafa Ulusoy Developer & Blockchain Architect

Emre Uluçam
Emre Uluçam CFO & Financial Head

Umut Aydeniz
Umut Aydeniz Supply chief & Civil Engineer