Render It Coin
Render It Coin
Token: RNDIT

Create the Future of Mining with Us

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-01
End date: 2018-08-31

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-01
End date: 2018-11-30

Registrated in: Ireland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Render It Coin categories
Crypto Mining Platform
Render It Coin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5.000.000
Hard cap 25.000.000
Tokens for sale 4000000
Price 1 RNDIT = 10 EUR
Price in PreICO 1 RNDIT = 2.5 EUR
Minimal investment 10 euro
Acceppting BTC,ETH,FIAT

The future of mining starts here, BE PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER!

Our passion has always been in computer graphics and hardware testing

We created Render It Coin for hardware enthusiasts & professionals to make rental of high-end computer hardware cheap & accessible.

What can we offer to Investors who Help us Achieve hard cap?

All the money collected during ICO in 80% will be allocated for the purchase of mining equipment ( such as FPGA Cards, Antminers, etc. ) and turbines providing free energy.

  • 90% of the income generated in the cryptocurrency mining farm will be used for payments to investors who have invested in our project during ICO and will keep RNDIT on our platform. Every user who will store their coins on our online wallet will receive a percentage from farm income (in BTC), evenly distributed between users. Investors income will be based on the number of coins held.

  • remaining 10% left for maintenance and equipment replacement (maintenance - payments to us and employees dealing with the farm) ( replacement - power supplies and running gear)

  • We dedicate income from high spec computer rental to equipment upgrade and replacement of equipment for better in order to maintain the growing difficulty of mining.

We will be able to keep payouts for investors at a high level for a long time.

20% of the money from ICO, we will allocate for equipment that will be rented to people who need such equipment for rendering or mining. Prices will be lowest on the market due to the lack of energy costs and no costs for maintenance.


“It always seems impossible until it's done.” -NELSON MANDELA

Render It Team

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Contact Details
[email protected]
Unit 8, Gorey Business Park,
Co. Wexford,
Proceeding further into the age of internet, more services can be offered
using online infrastructures. Render It, our company aspires to follow that
trend by shifting their business in that direction. Cryptocurrencies, various
virtual payment methods and fast-speed networks become key
fundamentals that support the growth of our firm. To enable a flexible
method of payment for our services we design our own digital currency,
Render It Coin, once established it will be crucial to further development of
our establishment. This new Ethereum powered currency will aid in the
future strategy we demonstrate in this paper.

Our company, Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution
provider established out of passion for hardware and innovative
technologies. As a business we rent out expensive, high performance
hardware, to aid in performing various tasks, to professional firms or
creative individuals, who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such
equipment. Our goal is to shift the costs of computational power to
minimum, while also reducing the price of our service selection.
Since our interest does not solely focus on computer graphics and
rendering hardware, but also includes Blockchain [1], the technology that
enables the existence of cryptocurrencies; the virtual currency itself and the
scope of verifying block chain transactions, the means through which new
digital assets are generated and acquired, commonly known as mining.
Along with our passion and experience in this field, we set out to join this
revolutionary system of virtual assets and design our own cryptocurr...

With access to newest graphics cards that we have acquired we started
sharing remote access with interested people to allow processing of
demanding computer tasks, like rendering three-dimensional models,
visuals or videos. Promptly it became obvious there exists a market of
people who call for such options to become available. Expansion of our
equipment took off and we have signed our first permanent contracts with
animation studios and professionals to establish the first subdivision under
our company name, that we suffixed with


. The result of branching
out is a new section of our firm called Render It Farm, where we host and
advertise our offers and services in a form of various hardware lending
Throughput processing units, or graphics cards, are not exclusively limited
to processing complicated computer graphics and have been found useful
in processing complex mathematical equations and algorithms, meaning
this computa...

abudance. A renewable source of energy generated solely by the force of
mother nature would grant us with an ability to futher diminish the high
expenditure related to device upkeep.
Owning a wind turbine also presents us with unique opportunities to
develop new types of services and append them to our existing offers. An
example of a service that we strive to provide is inviting people to entrust
their hardware, that they would otherwise consider fruitless to power by
means of standard electricity providers.
Cryptocurrency - Render It Coin
Render It Coin, symbolized by RIT and for simplicity refered to
as ‘coin’
‘token’ for purpose of this paper
, is our own cryptocurrency designed and
powered by an ERC20 smart contract brought by Ethereum [2]. Owned,
designed and managed by our company Render It, it will act as a main
payment method and a mediator currency for all other supported forms of
payments that we accept in exchange for our services...

Our vision is for Render It Coin to become universally recognized as the
dominant digital computer graphics rendering and latest computer
hardware access currency that is traded and recorded on the global
cryptocurrency exchange.
Render It Coin features
1) Powered by Ethereum
Ethereum powered design of our coin will inherit recognition that these
smart contract based currencies already have and will be well recognized
by global exchange. As Ethereum already leverages the capabilities of
Blockchain, our coin also succeeds the amazing features of this innovative
technology like, worldwide access, decentrilization, annonimity, fraud
prevention and more.
2) Constant value at Render It
We developed and introduced Render It Coin, therefore it will always
maintain its value when used as means of payment in exchange for services
offered on our platform.
3) Withdrawable
During ICO coins will be available to be withdrawn at any time. You can
withdraw purchas...

The benefits of Render It Coin
1) Reduce costs of Energy
To achieve our goals and completing our vision we will allot funds raised
by our investors towards constructing a private wind turbine that will
reduce operating energy costs associated with powering our facilities. It
also paves a way for induction of unique innovative offers and services.
2) A coin of Acceptance
Render It Coin will be a respected and accepted form of payment for all
transactions that can be carried out on our platform and always be valued
at constant rate, reducing that rate if our cryptocurrency gains on value.
3) Rental Of High-End Computer Hardware
Buyers can redeem this coin to rent high-end computer hardware on
Render It platform.

Render It Coin Roadmap

MARCH, 2017
Idea formation & Team structuring.

Renting premises for server storage 3000 squared meters & first purchase of rendering equipment at total cost of €45,000.
The beginning of our cooperation with animation studios;
Signing a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for supply of electrical equipment;
Conclusion of permanent contract with Altaria Studio Poland for provision of computing power
Providing our computing power services to regular customers.

Purchase of additional equipment in total cost of €20,000;
Estimated monthly netto income of €3,500 from our services.
MARCH, 2018
Official registration of our company in Ireland & launch of website.

APRIL, 2018
Design of cryptocurrency as a form of payment to obtain funds for needs associated with company development and to minimise cost of outcomes.
MAY, 2018
Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum contract (ERC20) and publicizing our website.
The beginning of Pre-ICO sale.;
Writing & composing an informative white paper;
Start of Initial Coin Offering crowdsale & advertisement.
Our coin moves onto local and external exchange listing;
Generating cryptowallets on our servers in order to secure customer financials and their cryptocurrencies;
Creation of an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.
Purchase of land for construction of a multimedia campus using funds raised from investors;
Creating new job opportunities and opening of a training center with the aim to recruit creative, inventive people;
Investing raised capital to purchase a private wind turbine in order to minimise cost of exploitation;
Expanding our facilities by additional high-end computer hardware;
Development of mobile rendering application & remote access software (freeware);
Sharing our computational power with universities, research and scientific institutions;
Donating 1% our incomes to charitable causes.
Grzegorz Dzikowski
Team members Grzegorz Dzikowski Co-founder CEO & Hardware Specialist

Szymon Gniadek
Team Member Szymon Gniadek Co-founder CEO, Hardware & Software Specialist

Remik Chincza
Team Member Remik Chincza Co-founder CEO, IT & Hardware Specialist

Tomasz Jaworski
Tomasz Jaworski Animation & Rendering Expert

Michał Hryciuk
Michał Hryciuk Software Engineer & Lead Web Developer

Shikha Dadhwal
Shikha Dadhwal Social Media Manager

Shikha Dadhwal
Shikha Dadhwal
Social Media Manager
Marketing Executive
ICO Marketer, Art Pro
Telegram moderator
Tomasz Jaworski
Tomasz Jaworski
Animation & Rendering Expert
CO-Founder of PatchKit