Token: XRL

Arbitrage, market making and prediction trading

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-07-01
End date: 2017-07-14

Registrated in: Slovenia


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Leon Kocjancic
Leon Kocjancic PhD Researcher at Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Valentin Gjorgjioski
Valentin Gjorgjioski PhD in Computer Science with Focus on Data Mining

Vladimir Kuzmanovski
Vladimir Kuzmanovski PhD in Communication and Information Technologies

Hristijan Gjoreski
Hristijan Gjoreski PhD in Computer Science, Focus on Data Science, Machine Learning and Time Series Analysis

Darko Cerepnalkoski
Darko Cerepnalkoski PhD in Computer Science

Vito Martin Hrzenjak
Vito Martin Hrzenjak Finance Specialist with International Experience

Uros Stoisavljevic
Uros Stoisavljevic Expert in Political Economy and Market Synergies

Patricija Jukic
Patricija Jukic Business Specialist with Consulting Experience