Token: RIX

AI Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-16
End date: 2018-05-16

Registrated in: Gibraltar

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


RIX categories
Artificial Intelligence
RIX token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China, Singapore
Soft cap 6,000 ETH
Hard cap 40,000 ETH
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 100,000 RIX
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 105,000 RIX
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

2.Pain Point
2.1.Limitations of Private Investors
2.2.Distinct Characteristic of the Cryptocurrency Market
2.3.Inherent Limitation of Investment Analyzing Chart
2.4.Problems with Investment Trust
3.Business Model (solution)
3.1.Autonomous AI platform
3.2.Incentive Centered Design(ICD)
3.3.DAO-based management
4.System and Technical Specifications
4.1.AI Trading System
4.2.AI Technology Overview
4.3.Token network
4.4.DAO Maintenance System by Smart Voting
5.ICO and Profit Distribution
5.1.ICO and Setup
User Rewards by Increase in DAO’s Intrinsic Assets
5.3.Notice of Uncertainty of Future Value
6.1.DAO Foundation
6.3.Developer Organization
7.Road map

1. Summary
RIX is an AI Cryptocurrency investment platform built based on *
ainbow Option
. In Cryptocurrency trading market, there are many opportunities to make
profits but at the same time a lot of investors lose their money. Rix has been
invented to help individuals having difficulty making profits in the market, namely
private investors, become more profitable.

Rix has intrinsic assets. It is the very first in the world.
Rix buys Cryptocurrency 70% of the issuance price and deposits them as intrinsic
These intrinsic assets become a basis for Rix’s market
price and help stabilize the

Rix's AI investment platform invests these intrinsic assets and multiplies them.
The target rate of return ranges from 0.3% to 0.9% on daily average. This is higher
than Bitcoin’s daily average increase rate of 0.671% a
nd lower than
rate of return ranging from 3 to10...

Pain Point
Over the last year, the total market value of the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has
grown by 1,300% and 720%, respectively. However, most of individual investors had
little rate of return by investing in Cryptocurrency. Even, there is a large number of
investors who entered into the market before May 2017 when the coin market
started to explosively grow but ended up suffering loss. Why did many private
investors unaware of when to buy or sell have to leave the coin market even if the
market is growing rapidly? Let's take a look at the below matrix.
Picture 1. investor Risk-Benefit matrix
As shown in the above Matrix, we can understand that the professional private
investors are more profitable since they have an enough time and basis to make a
better judgment call. On the other hand, part-time private investors are exposed to
higher risk, which makes it hard for them to make profits.

Picture 2. 3 Days Candle Chart, BTC 2016.10~2017.10
The above figure is a graph showing the price increase in Bitcoin from October 2016
to October 2017. Even though
Bitcoin’s price has
increased by nearly seven times
over the last year, there must be few investors whose profits increased by the same
rate. This is because it is very difficult to check the every moment of the market
when it hits the high/low point within a period of 15 minutes. Full-time investors
would have spent more time than private investors, which could have enabled them
to make more profits.
Limitations of Private Investors
If you know any private investor making a large amount of profit, he must meet one
of the following conditions.
① He is an experienced professional investor. Or he can continuously trade
without having to sleep or take a break.
② He is equipped with tools and skills that no one could match.
③ He owns an asset large enough to move the market price.

Distinct Characteristic of the Cryptocurrency Market
It is difficult to apply conventional stock investment techniques to the
Cryptocurrency Market. It is closer to the futures market rather than the stock
First, the coin market runs 24 hours a day.
It is important to allocate enough time to monitor the market trend to seize a good
investment timing.
Therefore, by using a trading bot which never feels tired, it can expect the higher
rate of return.
Second, there is no such thing as a circuit break. Because there is no upper/lower
limit for the price, private investors tend to be more anxious of the investment in
Third, it is legally not securities. Even if collusions or unfair transactions arise in the
market, they cannot be legally sanctioned. Accordingly, people investing a large
amount of funds or institutional investors generally have a stronger influence on
the market price in the Cryptocurrency market compared to other financial market...

Picture 3. Ambiguity of chart analysis
Problems with Investment Trust
The problem of investment trust is high commission fee and low rate of return. The
annual return on the coin index is around 70%. Although this rate of return is
decent compared to other investments, it is far less than the annual rate of return
of Bitcoin.
Real-time trading bot, which is used for the investment trust technique, bases its
investment decision on the split sale and split buy in accordance with the real-time
information shown in the market price window. It is impossible to utilize
supplementary index or strategize long-term investment. Since the risk aversion
and profit seeking activities are implemented by single algorithm, it is challenging
to achieve 15% monthly rate of return of the Bitcoin market constantly moving
Recently, there has been an attempt to create a hybrid type combining trading bot
and collective intelligence. It was designed to be assisted by humans as a real-tim...

3. Business Model (
With the assistance of Rix, private investors can expect high returns even if they are
handicapped with a small amount of investment and unable to respond to the
market 24/7.
The characteristics of Rix that can assure private investors with high returns are as

Rix is Cryptocurrency holding intrinsic assets. It can form the high price level from
the beginning and its value is well preserved.

Rix increases its intrinsic assets through the AI investment machine. Humans are
excluded from making any investment decision.
It is able to respond to the every moment of the market regardless of investor’s
physical condition and help investors benefit from profitable trade.

Rix is operated by DAO whose operating guideline is set by Rix token holders.
The coin holder is the operator, namely the owner of Rix, and determines the
distribution of the return.

It provides investment trust servi...

AI investment System
AI investment system rules out the human investment. This ensures low
cost and transparency. Since its mechanism is built around machine learning
technology, unlike common Quant based machine investments, it does not
have complexly formulated algorithm.
To explain its characteristics, first of all, it operates investment 24/7.
Second, the generic algorithm automatically introduces new machine
learning model-based investment machines and discard old ones.
Third, it is AI machine having multi layers. This means that the investment
machine autonomously and flexibly uses historical data in compliance with
the policies of the top-ranked AI
. The setting and classification of investor’s
tendency between high-return and stability and the portfolio structuring are
also autonomously conducted. Through this, it can solve problems such as
overfitting and delusion caused by cross-trading.
Picture 4. Machine learning, Hidden Layer...

RIX Roadmap

February 2018
April 2018
Q2 2018
Purchase of intrinsic assets(Bitcoin)
Listing on the exchange
Q4 2018
AI platform operation
The valuation of intrinsic assets
The commencement of the investment trust service
The start of the purchase of withdrawn assets
Q2 2019
Launching of DAO
Gregory Kim
Gregory Kim Founder, AI Designer, Developer

Dongmin Shin
Dongmin Shin Co-founder, Architect

Joonhee Kim
Joonhee Kim AI Developer

Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee Developer

Kijae Lee
Kijae Lee Developer

Sangseok Lee
Sangseok Lee Developer

Taehun Kim
Taehun Kim Developer

Hwibum Song
Advisors Hwibum Song

Suhee Kim
Advisors Suhee Kim

Hoyeon Lee
Advisors Hoyeon Lee