Token: SCR

The Future of portfolio investment

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-11
End date: 2018-03-11

Registrated in: Cyprus

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Business services Internet Investment
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Tokens for sale 122,400,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 3,000 SCR
Acceppting ETH
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Presentation sheet
What is the problem we are solving?
From individual traders to social trading
The solution
Key benefits
What makes Scrinium a win-win
How will an investor benefit from Scrinium?
How will a trader benefit from Scrinium?
Initial Coin Offering
What is your benefit from Scrinium ICO
Looking into the future
Technical implementation
Smart contracts and blockchain
Scalability and transaction costs
Functionality: how it works
How do we generate profit?
Scrinium Team
Team members
Our goal
How can you join and participate?

Presentation sheet
Trading in individual markets is complicated and it can take years of
hard work to build the experience which results in a successful career.
But investors want to grow their assets here and now. Copy or mirror
trading solves the problem in part but makes it harder to separate the
true professionals from newbie traders, and raises security and
responsibility concerns. In short, it’s as hard to define traders’ existent
and potential performance as it is to trade yourself.
Scrinium is the solution. Based on the performance analysis of millions
of traders around the world, it picks the most suitable and consistent
traders and automatically creates an investment portfolio that fits
every single private investor.
All the investor needs to do is select profit and risk levels. This done,
the portfolio will be automatically created and the investor will start
receiving benefits immediately.
Each trader’s performance and results will be tracked, recorded and...

Since the beginning of human history trading has been a universal way of
exchanging goods and services. In many ways trading made us who we are
now - it’s an essential part of our lives.
Every day billions of transactions take place around the world - we buy
food, talk on the phone, get paid for our jobs. And yet at the same time
we invest. We pay for our kids’ schools, buy houses, all with the purpose
of investing in our future and the future of our families.
Even though you might not notice it in your daily routine, the fact is clear:
modern life is impossible without trading and investing.
Now the time has come to take trading to the next level. With Scrinium’s
unique innovative blockchain technology trading and investing are never
going to be the same again.
With the Scrinium ICO you get an opportunity to be there at the beginning
of this revolutionary blockchain-based decentralised portfolio investment
technology and take advantage of profits from the i...

Investment funds and other types of of companies hunted brilliant traders
to employ them, and offered relatively low returns for investors while
gaining billions within their boiler rooms.
Lack of transparency brought a lot of them to crisis. Apart from the
obvious investment risks, investors now had to deal with fear of failure.
As a result, the market found a solution and it was social trading,
sometimes also referred to as mirror trading. It created an opportunity
to follow or copy someone else’s trades without having to spend years
learning how to trade in various markets. A number of successful social
trading platforms appeared, and investors could choose for themselves
who to follow, basing their decision on the trader’s performance and
Unfortunately, as we all know, past performance does not guarantee
future results. Another painful question immediately arose: how to
distinguish an honest, skilled trader to follow from a one-hit wonder or
pure luck? Bearing ...

Key benefits
Fast blockchain transactions
Transactions are transparent
due to technologies used
An automatically generated
portfolio from most profitable
traders around the world
No fees for either trader and
Decentralised system
Numerous resources for
portfolio compilation: Any
profitable trader around the
globe can be followed
regardless of the platform
they trade on
Vast pool of liquidity providers
for better pricing
The contract is non-binding so
an investor can withdraw from
using Scrinium at any time
Unique deposit asset and
internal system currency
Coin rate grows with higher
demand of the system’s

What makes Scrinium a win-win
Scrinium reinvents portfolio investment in a way that is a 100%
beneficial for all market participants. Every party involved receives
significant profits from using Scrinium.
Investor benefits
AI-generated portfolio
Ease of use and setup
Investor profits from token
value growth
Automatic payouts
No-binding contract (no fixed
investment terms, funds can
be withdrawn at any time)
Transparency and security
Trader benefits
Immense choice of markets
platforms and exchanges to
trade with
Regular trading with
significant additional
incentives paid to the trader
Trader rewards paid out
automatically in real time
No middlemen involved
LP/Broker/Exchange benefits
Significant increase in trading
Significant increase in capital
Media coverage when
integrating with Scrinium

How will an investor benefit
from Scrinium?
Investors always seek opportunities to have their assets grow with
as little risk as possible. Scrinium offers a revolutionary portfolio
investment model to achieve that.
Let’s look into an example:
An investor from Hong Kong named James has 1 million USD in
hard-earned capital that he is willing to invest. James is thinking about
buying a new house for his family, but the real estate prices are a bit
high, so he wants to postpone the purchase for a couple of years.
As James starts seeking opportunities to invest he will be immediately
set upon by numerous funds or companies promising high interest
rates and returns on his investment.
Yet James doesn’t know who to trust his funds to. Everybody is
showing performance charts, and a lot of data being presented to
James, but he is experienced enough to know that none of that can
actually guarantee him anything.
Eventually James ends up surrounded by flashy brochures an...

James purchases Scrincoins worth his investment amount via our
innovative platform, in no time at all. This done, James starts receiving
regular payouts from his portfolio investment.
The benefits James receives are not subject to any commissions or
fees. Since there is no middlemen between James and traders in his
portfolio, both parties benefit by not paying any extras or
transactional costs.
As time goes by, more and more people in the world start using
Scrinium as their unique investment option. The Scrincoins James
bought grow in value, increasing James’s wealth. When James feels
it’s the right time, he cashes his funds out at no cost and buys the
house he always dreamt about.
How will a trader benefit
from Scrinium?
After reaching a certain level of expertise traders are willing to sell
their trading skills in the market. They either seek corporate
employment or join one of numerous exchanges or brokers. Generally
speaking, capital requirements defin...

Scrinium Roadmap

March 2017
Idea development
Math model prototype
May 2017
Team Formation
June 2017
Analytics and research
Architecture development stage
July 2017
Initial development stage
December 2017
Internal prototype for testing purposes
January 2018
Team growth
February 2018
March 2018
Blockchain contracts integration
April 2018
Digital asset exchanges listing
May 2018
Liquidity connect
Public prototype release
June 2018
Smart portfolio compilation
July 2018
September 2018
Product release
October 2018
Extended number of Liquidity providers
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