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Rewarding Human Capital

PreICO dates
Start date: 3rd Oct 2017
End date: 22nd Oct 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-07
End date: 2017-11-21

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Table of Contents
Today’s Global Messaging Ecosystem
An Expanding Method of Engagement
The Challenge of Lost Knowledge
Your Data is Valuable
And the Solution Makes SENSE
Sensay Platform
Current Platform
Current Functionality & Sensay Coins
Sensay’s Vision
Launch of the SDN
The Value for Human Capital - Enabled by Smart Contracts
The universal protocol for human intelligence
Human Augmented Intelligence
Proof of Intelligence
SENSE Token and SDN Smart Contracts
SENSE Smart Contracts
SENSE Token Contract
Knowledge Attribution Contract
Knowledge Access Contract
Blockchain & Implementation–Decentralization at the Core of SENSE
Open-Sourced APIs
Humans.AI API Methods
Use Case 1: Knowledge Attribution Via OATH Applications
Use Case 2: Knowledge Attribution via Reddit
Use Case 3: Knowledge Attribution Via Sensay...

Humans are the most successful high-order species on the planet because of our ability to pass information
to each other, over generations and across huge populations. Language and conversation are the means of
information transfer. The Internet and mobile revolution has amplified human connection and the ability to
communicate globally, instantly.
Currently, humans are limited by closed social networks and indexed by advertising-supported social
graphs, with no easy means to explore and efficiently leverage information shared within these centralized
cliques, ultimately leading to the loss of much of the cornucopia of human knowledge. Locked away within
these networks as they eventually fall in popularity is an untold amount of information. This is exacerbated
today by multiple messaging apps that consume more of users’ attention span than any other type of
application and operate in silos, with no common knowledge repository and no way to interconnect
knowledge stored within these apps. Sensa...

Today’s Global Messaging Ecosystem
An Expanding Method of Engagement
With the global population of 3.7 billion Internet users, the number of people using social media around the
world has just passed 3 billion, which is about 40% of the global population, according to an August 2017
Global Digital Snapshot from We Are Social and Hootsuite
And the number is rapidly growing.
Much of social media interaction is done on mobile apps with 4.9 billion mobile users and 2.7 billion mobile
social users globally.
The amount of time people spend on social media is constantly increasing and the most frequently used
applications on mobile devices are messengers:
• The average internet user is now on social media and messaging services for over 2 hours per day
• Teens now spend up to 6 hours a day on social platforms with 30% of all time spent online now
allocated to social media interaction
• Messenger apps have surpassed social networks applications by the number of mon...

Your Data is Valuable
Your time and data—your human capital—is contributed every day to some platform or another. Every
message you send, every URL you visit, every photo you favorite or upload - these are all captured by one or
more centralized databases. Some entity makes money from your digital footprints, rarely if ever passing it
on to you, the end user.
What if you could earn a few cents for every post you thumbs-up or every recommendation you make? You
certainly should, as a valued content publisher. Instead, your data and actions are getting stored in large
centralized databases and sold off for advertising revenue. This revenue is only passed back to the end-user
in isolated examples, and often the rewards will not outweigh the cost of production unless the content
creator is approximately in the top 2% of influencers.
If users earn value for every contribution they make to a network, the incentives align in the favor of all
participants. When users own their own data, they can choose whether...

Sensay Platform
Founded in 2014 by Ariel Jalali and Crystal Rose, Sensay started as a network allowing anyone on any SMS-
enabled device to send a text message to a single contact (Sensay) and access the broad network of humans
for an anonymous conversation.
Crystal and Ariel established Sensay with core beliefs about humanity:
• Everyone is valuable
• No one must be alone
• Everybody wins
by helping others
After growing to one million users, Sensay expanded into a large-scale popular messenger as one of the first
chatbots and was the first to create interoperability between them. Currently, the Sensay platform has 3
million users.
Current Platform
Sensay is an interoperable messaging platform for matching and routing to relevant particapants for
conversations across major consumer messenger applications, including the most popular mobile
messenger: SMS, commonly known as “text messaging.” The platform can be used for communication
across dif...

Sensay users exchanging knowledge in a chat
Current Functionality & Sensay Coins
Currently, Sensay operates Sensay Coins, an internal token, which is used by chat participants to exchange
value (tip) each other to express gratitude. To date, over 20 million Sensay coins are in circulation among
over 3 million users. The increasing popularity of Sensay Coins is attributed to their various utilities on the
Sensay platform:
• Users earn Sensay Coins via contributions to the network
• Checking-in knowledge (user data)
• Referring new users into the network
• Users earn Sensay Coins via peer-to-peer transactions and systematic rewards
• P2P transactions in chat (tip)
• Knowledge attribution in a tipped chat between active chatters
• Reward for consecutive availability
• Reward for timely activity
• Users spend Sensay Coins for exclusive on-platform usage
• Add additional tokens to expedite a request (increase response time)
• Pay to use features (eg....

Current specific examples of solutions on Sensay Coins platform:
I. Account Creation/On-boarding:
10 Sensay Coins Earned
User discovers
one of Sensay’s
bots, starts
User’s first
message creates
an account
micro-bot asks
user to pick 3
things they
know about
micro-bot hands
off to Sensay bot
Sensay bot
informs the user
they have
earned 10
Sensay coins
II. Pre-empted Merchant:
1 Sensay Coin earned
Sensay user
enters a need in
one of Sensay’s
matching and
routing signals X
A user tries to
respond but
there is already
an active
merchant in the
User is a
merchant and
earns 1 Sensay
III. One time re-up of user coin balance
(10 coins given when balance = 0) <...

Sensay’s Vision
The existing Sensay platform, and the launch of the SDN represent a vision for:
• Decentralized messaging
• Users owning their own data
• All 5 billion global mobile users connecting and transacting with each other
• Free, interoperable communication between centralized and decentralized applications
• Users creating meaningful work and have access to new jobs
• Most-used “apps” are bots in messengers
Launch of the SDN
The Value for Human Capital - Enabled by Smart Contracts
Sensay is launching the SDN with the belief that all humans are valuable and all humans have the right to
connect and transact their intrinsic value: knowledge, skills, and experience that can be shared in a tangible
or intangible way. We call this human capital. It’s the value of each individual’s contribution to our collective
The SDN will operate as a network for the use and sharing of human capital, built on Ethereum-based smart
contracts that use the ...

SENSE Roadmap

August 12
September 9
September 27
Public sale
October 10
Sale closing
- Distribution
- Trading
Angel Jose
Angel Jose Lead Engineer

Stef Telford
Stef Telford Backend Engineer

James Calhoun
James Calhoun Platform Engineer

Grover Light
Grover Light UX / Product Lead

Shaili Jalali
Shaili Jalali Culture Manager

Kurt Kumar
Kurt Kumar Product Manager

Eyal Toledano
Eyal Toledano Growth Marketer

Dr. Gavin Wood
Advisors Dr. Gavin Wood Ethereum, Parity

Nick Sullivan
Advisors Nick Sullivan ChangeCoin, Airbnb

Crystal Rose
Founders Crystal Rose Founder, CEO

Ariel Jalali
Founders Ariel Jalali Founder, CSO

Ariel Jalali
Ariel Jalali
Founder, CSO
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose
Founder, CEO
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan
ChangeCoin, Airbnb
CTO Good Money, Founder ChangeCoin
CTO Good Money, Founder ChangeCoin
Kurt Kumar
Kurt Kumar
Product Manager