Token: EMOT

Gauge the Sentiments of Users' Reactions

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-18
End date:

Registrated in: United Kingdom

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

PREMIUM ICO categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data
Video token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries None
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 28,000 EMOT news, social search trends in Google Roadmap

2017 Q4
We did: Market research, Usencase analysis and gathering, Partnership with Vanbex, Idea tweaking, v1 planning/development, team building, Algorithm, whitepaper v1, landing page.
2018 Q1
Token Smart Contract, Token audit, Team growth, advisor outreach, v2 development, Whitepaper v2, One pager v1, Marketing/PR, Hashtag betting Smart Contract (Testnet), Private sale, ICO smart contract and dashboard.
2018 Q2
ICO main event, token issuance, deploy v2 to mainnet, Sentigraph app design/dev targeting iOS/Google.
2018 Q3
Push v2 to iOS/Google Store, Strategic partnership with Twitter, IBM, Music/News Platforms.
2018 Q4
Investor outreach, media coverage, Live seminars (Facebook live, Youtube promotional videos), Crypto/d10e conferences in several countries/cities (Zug, Davos, Cayman, NY, FL, London, Berlin etc).
2019 Q1
Corporate outreach & integration, increase team (hire data scientist/ML Engineers, mathematicians), Enhance algorithm (Smart Contract) for GI computation, Sentigraph Kaggle hackatons, seminars, meetups.

2019 Q2
v3, Corporate Social Responsibilites (Blockchain, Math, Data Science exposure to high school kids in developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe).

2019 Q3
Establishing and Launching Sentigraph University - For further research on sentiments, predictive analyses/insights, and ML and how to positively impact the social environment and global economy.

2019 Q4
Explore crime prediction via sentiment data analysis, national security, genetic sentiment analysis - cancer research, IoT-Sentiment based devices and wearables.

Tochi Eke-Okoro
Tochi Eke-Okoro Futurist & Sentigraph Enthusiast

Dimitry Kotlyarevsky
Dimitry Kotlyarevsky Software Developer & Technical Lead

Ammad Paracha
Ammad Paracha Operations Manager

Sajjad Khan
Sajjad Khan Business Analyst

Christopher Eduardo
Christopher Eduardo Marketing & Brand Manager

Leon Rademacher
Leon Rademacher Web Developer & Designer

Uzoma Osuagwu
Uzoma Osuagwu Ecosystem Strategist

Jack Pardo
Jack Pardo Community Manager

Mofassair Hossain
Advisor Mofassair Hossain Advisor, PR & Marketing

Roger Crook
Advisor Roger Crook Business Angel & International CEO

George Han
Advisor George Han Managing Partner at SNAP Ventures

Ali Kassab
Advisor Ali Kassab Angel Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Dean Karakitsos
Advisor Dean Karakitsos Futurist, Founder - Bloqchain Science

Riasad Hadi Hossain
Advisor Riasad Hadi Hossain Blockchain Consultant & Social Media Expert

Ali Kassab
Ali Kassab
Angel Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
Executive Director
Dean Karakitsos
Dean Karakitsos
Futurist, Founder - Bloqchain Science
Founder, Bloqchain Science New York, USA
Founder of
Business management
Advisor in New York, USA
Advisor, ICO Consultant
Top 30 ICO investor on ICO Bench, Founder of Bloqchain Science
Chief Product Architect
George Han
George Han
Managing Partner at SNAP Ventures
Investment [email protected] Innovations Investment & Portfolio
Singapore Section Advisor
Board Advisor
Blockchain Advisor
Singapore Section Advisor
Mofassair Hossain
Mofassair Hossain
Advisor, PR & Marketing
Mentor from Asia
PR & Marketing Expert
Top ICO Expert, ICO Bench
Advisor, PR&Marketing Expert
Marketing Advisor
Advisor Marketing and PR
ICO Expert
ICO Expert
ICO Expert. IR Consultant
ICO Expert. IR Consultant
Project Team Mentor
Chief Marketing Officer
PR & Marketing Expert
Project Team Mentor
Roger Crook
Roger Crook
Business Angel & International CEO
CEO of Capital Springboard
Entrepreneur, disruptor and independent strategic advisor in FinTech, LogisticsTech and Logistics including blockchain/cryptocurrencies
CEO at Capital Springboard
The ex-CEO of DHL
Strategy Advisor
Strategy Advisor
Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Board & ICO Advisor, Mentor, International CEO
Tochi Eke-Okoro
Tochi Eke-Okoro
Futurist & Sentigraph Enthusiast
Co-founder & Pioneer