Token: Shocoin

Validate Once. Identify Everywhere.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-12
End date: 2018-05-28

Registrated in: United States

Platform: Stellar
Type: Stellar


ShoCoin categories
Business services Platform
ShoCoin token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 1,000,000,000
Price 1 SHO = 0.11 USD
Acceppting USD
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Executive Summary
Our identity is the core gateway into nearly all digital and real-world services that we access. Sharing our identity with key third parties enhances the
services we receive. Yet, we pay a price when we share our identity with service providers: from the extra time, money, and hassle it takes to be authenti-
cated to the privacy we give up and the security risk we undertake.
Identity Management (IM) of the future will make sharing and authenticating an identity more efficient, private, and secure and will free us from the
burden of maintaining separate user IDs for each service we use. It eliminates the middle man and wait lines for authentication, authorization, and attes-
tation. Each identity will belong to a single person and no other, eternally linking our digital identity to our inherent physical existence. It will allow us to
decide what parts of our identity we want to share and with whom we want to share it. It leads us into a world with far less centralized databases full of
private identity inform...

Patents and Intellectual Property
ShoCard is the pioneer in developing patented algorithms and methods for Identity Management (IM) with verification using the blockchain.
It owns
patent number 9,722,790 issued on August 1, 2017 with priority date of May 5, 2015 and patent number 9,876,646 issued on January 23, 2018
also with priority date of May 5, 2015
. Much of the algorithms for blockchain authentication described earlier are covered in these patents.
The uniqueness of the ShoCard patented ecosystem is the fundamental shift to individual ownership of their identity. These patented algorithms ensure
that user data is never exposed and hackers can never reverse engineer the data. These algorithms, plus many more filed, expand on the concepts
described in this white paper for a comprehensive and evolving IM platform. The ShoCard patent portfolio is open through continuations and will remain
open as new methods and algorithms continue to be filed.
Company Background & Team
ShoCard was founded in Febr...

Our identity is a vital part of functioning in the world. It begins the day we’re born—when our parents give us a name, the nurse stamps our feet, and the
doctor signs our birth certificate. Then we use it to get a driver’s license, buy our first car, open a bank account, earn a diploma, get a job, and get married.
Our identity is required for us to cross airport security and board an aircraft. It is also used to get a drink at a bar, identify ourselves to a police officer, and
sometimes use our credit card in a store.
Identity is the core gateway into nearly all digital and real-world services that we access. Individuals need to identify themselves for various web-,
mobile-, wearable-based services in order to access personal data and have a personalized experience. This can range from highly sensitive data, like
health records or financial transactions, to personalized experiences, such as NetFlix’s recommended movies. Sharing our identity with key third parties
enhances the services we receive. What wo...

Many countries impose regulations that limit the sharing of user data
across countries in order to protect their citizens. This affects govern
ments, financial institutions, travel industries, and many more sectors.
Identification of individuals in most of these cases is limited to verifying
physical documents (i.e., passports), which is an inefficient, manual pro
cess that inhibits digital transactions.
Beyond identity, the credentials that belong to an individual are even
more challenging to share across borders. Imagine sharing a financial
credit report in the UK while you are a resident of Lithuania. Showing a
printed report is not sufficient as it can be easily doctored. How would a
UK institution verify such a report with a credit provider in Lithuania, and
how would privacy permissions be granted? In another example, consider
an individual who claims to have earned a particular college degree in
China but is seeking employment in the U.S.
The challenges instit...

The financial industry is turning to digital identification to reach new mo
bile-reliant markets. The blockchain enables stakeholders in the financial
industry, such as rating agencies, banks, payment card networks, and
regulators, to reach these new markets by supporting more verifiable,
robust identities that are cryptographically secure.
service, recently faced a large-scale breach where all of its US-based
identities were compromised. Well over a million employees’ Personally
Identifiable Information (PII) at thousands of corporations were exposed,
allowing hackers to easily impersonate these employees to access their
corporate accounts.
Travel Industry
Another major industry ripe for blockchain IM disruption is the travel
industry. Over the past four decades, passenger flights have increased
eight-fold, from 421 million globally in 1974 to 3.21 billion in 2014 (World
Bank). And according to Visa, international travel is expected to increase
35 percent over the n...

The enterprise is long overdue for a more efficient and secure identity
management solution.
These three verticals and those that follow them will rely on leaders in the
blockchain IM platform market to steer their transformation into a better
identity ecosystem for all.
Copyright © ShoCard, Inc. [confidential and proprietary]

ShoCard: The Premier
Blockchain-Based IM
The ShoCard Identity Management (IM) is the premier
blockchain-based IM platform.
It’s a blockchain-enabled system where people can own and
protect their digital identity. They decide with whom and
when to share their personal data. Third parties are able to
validate the authenticity of that data using the blockchain
without the need to trust other centralized third-parties to
vouch for it. It’s not an idea; it’s not a prototype; it’s a product
in production.
ShoCard has integrated into its platform a cryptocurrency
called ShoCoin, where IM transactions are incentivized and
the use of ShoCard’s open patents are compensated via sub-
denominations of ShoCoins.
Copyright © ShoCard, Inc. [confidential and proprietary]

ShoCard Overview
ShoCard was founded in February 2015. The company presented the initial version of the product at TechCrunch Disrupt in May 2015 in New York City.
The same month, it also filed the provisional patent on its algorithm that is the basis for its core technology. Its open portfolio of patents maintains this
priority date. In May 2016, ShoCard completed and presented a POC with SITA, the largest supplier of technology for international airlines, in Barcelona.
IATA, the standards-defining body for international air travel, along with SITA presented ShoCard as the “future air transport ID management solution
using the blockchain.”
Since then ShoCard has secured a major international airline and a government immigration agency to build a blockchain-based Traveler ID using the
ShoCard IM Platform. The company has also secured contracts with two major global credit-card networks, several banks, and a multi-national credit
reporting company. The ShoCard IM Platform is implemented in both pilot environments, as well ...

ShoCoin Roadmap

February, 2015
Incorporated ShoCard and formally started the company
May, 2015
Built 1st version of Mobile Blockchain ShoCard & presented at TechCrunch Disrupt. Filed 1st provisional patent
July, 2015
Raised $1.5M seed round from Morado Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, DCG & Enspire Capital. Hired initial team
March, 2016
Signed up SITA as first public client
June, 2016
Began growing number of B2C clients in US and internationally. Clients in financial sector and air travel
May, 2017
Began development of enterprise IdP using SAML & OpenID Connect
June, 2017
Raised $4M in Series A from prior investors & Storm Ventures, Correlation Ventures, UMC and Danhua Capital
August, 2017
Received 1st patent with priority May 2015 date
October, 2017
Launch ShoBadge – Enterprise Identity Solution
December, 2017
Completed initial implementation of ShoCoin into the ShoCard Platform
January, 2018
Introduce complete KYC solution via ShoCard.
Received 2nd patent with priority May 2015 date.
February, 2018
Begin pre-sale of ShoCoin to institutional investors
March, 2018
Announce new client engagements and partnerships
April, 2018
Commercialize ShoCoins into the identity management economy at growing scale
May, 2018
Begin integration of ShoCoin into client solutions.
April, 2019
Commercialize ShoCoins into the identity management economy at growing scale
May, 2019
Aggressively grow client base and user growth
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