Token: SKRP

Invest your spare crypto and fiat change

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-15
End date: 2018-03-18

Registrated in: British Virgin Islands

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Platform Investment Cryptocurrency Banking
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 21,450,000 USD
Tokens for sale 66,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 SKRP = 0.30 - 0.45 USD
Minimal investment 50 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, Dash
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2.1 Why does “spare change investing” make sense
for cryptocurrencies?
Skraps Design
4.1 Easy to invest
4.2 Low cognitive load
4.3 Choose portfolio based on your risk appetite
4.4 Create your own portfolio and share with the network
4.5 Be in complete control of how much you invest
4.6 No onerous requirements
4.7 Security
4.8 Leaderboards and Community
Skraps - Technical Details
5.1 Smart contract design principles
5.2 Security
5.3 Oracles
5.4 Smart Investing
5.5 Easily discoverable portfolio Smart contracts
5.6 Exchanges and crypto conversion
5.7 Why are we issuing tokens? Why not just take
BTC/ETH for transaction fees?

Most people want to cultivate a habit of investing, but very
few people actually get around to doing it. Investing in
cryptocurrency is especially tricky given the volatile nature of
the asset and tendency of investors to invest based on rumors.
We believe the best way to get started with investing in
crypto is by micro-investing.
Our team has designed a platform which enables users to invest
with each transaction they make in cryptocurrencies. Skraps is
a micro-investing platform where users can invest in a portfolio
of their choice based on their risk appetite. They can round off
their transactions to a desired decimal value and invest the spare
change in cryptocurrency portfolios.

1. Introduction
Everyone knows that it’s good to start investing. But very few people actually invest.
The reasons include lack of knowledge about investing and the cognitive burden
of making a set of decisions about how much to invest, where to invest and when
to invest. According to this survey
40% of millennials feel that they don’t have
enough money to start investing in the stock market and they believe it takes a lot
of money to get started.
Many fintech companies have been trying to make investing
simpler and demystify the process of investing. Robo-advisors like Wealth-front and
Betterment enable users to start investing in just a few clicks. Taking this even a step
further, spare change investing apps like Acorns and Stash even take away the burden
of deciding to invest by investing the spare change amount from each transaction of
their users.
With the recent growth in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many people
have taken to investi...

But given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and tokens, taking a disciplined
approach to investing is of utmost importance. Rather than investing in the upswing,
which makes the purchase costlier, one should invest in a systematic manner at regular
intervals. We believe that the best way to get started in cryptocurrency investing is to
invest spare change from daily transactions to a portfolio of crypto-tokens based on
one’s risk appetite. Through Skraps, we envision to make crypto investing simple and
fun by taking away the cognitive burden of investing. The spare change from each
transaction in fiat and cryptocurrencies will be invested through our platform in the risk
adjusted portfolios of a user’s choice. These portfolios are managed by professional
portfolio managers and which ensure the best return on investment for the chosen risk
adjusted portfolio type.

2. Motivation
Many people understand the general value of investing but very few understand the
power of compounding. As mentioned above, millennials today think that they don’t
have enough money to invest in stock markets and they believe that it takes a lot of
money to get started. They don’t realize that the sooner they start investing, the higher
the chance they have of benefiting from the compound returns. As shown in
if a
person starts investing today at a rate of $20/week, in 5 years the investment will grow
to $5,746 and in 20 years, to $34,388 assuming a 5% average growth rate per year.
Growth of investment of $20/week assuming
5% avg growth rate per year
Fig 2.
Power of Compounded growth in normal investment
Hence, making investing simple is very important to attract young people to start
investing, even in small amounts. Enabling people to invest the spare change from their
transaction is a great way to inculcate this habit. As the spare change is...

This method of investing has already seen explosive growth from traditional micro-
investing related applications such as Acorns. Acorns now boasts more than 2 million
investment accounts with 600,000 opening in 2017 alone. They are on track to do 1
Billion trades this year as well. These results were impressive enough to attract over
$96 million in investments from some of the world’s leading venture capital firms
including Bain Capital Ventures, Paypal, Greycroft Growth Fund, etc.
We believe that as the blockchain industry expands and the number and value of
crypto assets increase, the market for crypto investing and speculation will also grow.
Crypto markets, unlike traditional markets, are borderless, open 24/7, subject to
minimal regulatory control and offer huge potentialities for growth. Because of these
characteristics, crypto markets represent an incredible opportunity for investors over
traditional markets.
For investments in cryptocurrencies and tokens returns can be more than 15-20% p...

There are over 500,000 unique cryptocurrency related transactions taking place every
day. This number is only trending upwards as users, businesses, governments and
others begin to accept cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.
Table 1.
Cryptocurrencies in the S&P 500
As shown in Table 1 above, cryptocurrencies at the time of writing had a market cap
of $163 bn
USD which compares close to the mark cap of Intel, at rank 28 in the S&P
500 index. With Skraps we envisage to create a platform like Acorns, but for investing
in cryptocurrencies. Users can invest spare change from the transactions they make
in fiat and cryptocurrencies and this spare amount automatically gets invested in
portfolios of their choice.

2.1 Why does “spare change investing” make sense for cryptocur
The Skraps platform will help people invest in cryptocurrency in an easy way,
without feeling the cognitive burden to take out time to invest and choose the assets
to invest in. We all know that even the best investors can’t time the market perfectly.
The best strategy is to build a diversified portfolio based on one’s risk appetite and
do systematic investments, i.e. invest a specified amount of money in regular time
intervals. This time averaging takes away the need to time the market perfectly.

kraps is a unique way to encourage this systematic investment for crypto tokens.
Especially since crypto tokens are very volatile, people tend to buy in upswings
and sell in down-swings. This is not a good strategy as people are just reacting to
rumors in these cases. Skraps takes the cognitive burden away from investing and
helps you save in your day to day transactions.

Skraps Roadmap

April 2017
June 2017
Research - Team Development
December 2017
White Paper - ICO Smart Contract Audited and Released
January 2018
ICO Begins
February 2018
CO Ends + Mobile + Desktop Application Development
March 2018
Beta Desktop + Mobile App Version released to Whitelist Members
April 2018
Beta v1.0 Desktop + Mobile App Versions released to general public
May 2018
Production ready app v2.0 released
June 2018
Desktop + Mobile app versions released to general public
July 2018
Open source development governance process to community
August 2018
SKRAP DAO complete
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