Skrumble Network
Skrumble Network
Token: SKM

Secure Communication

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-28
End date:

Registrated in: Toronto, Canada

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Banking Business services Communication Entertainment Internet Media Platform Software
Skrumble Network token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China
Tokens for sale 390,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 SKM = 0.00006 ETH
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Background And Vision:
P2P Social Media Blockchain to Contact And Contract
When we study how and why people get together, we can can examine what the future of connecting is going
to be. We have explored the new paradigm of people gathering in the new decentralized world and the next
evolution is required. Humankind is maturing and showing great interest in moving beyond current centralized
virtual gathering places. The groundswell is building for accessible communications that enable users to connect
freely. This means no limits, no government control, no data leaking, no advertisers selling your data and
everything fully owned by the community and the user.
The past centralized platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Telegram have greatly advanced society and
continue to help connect people. However, new thinking and a more secure, global, community driven approach
is being demanded as the next growth step. This white paper will outline the strong global impetus to move

For the good of humankind, a tool to speak freely with each other and freely trade value is necessary. Finally,
people can connect globally on the most secure network possible. This will lead to an experience of Skrumble
Network being the blockchain version of WeChat.
Technology: How Does Skrumble Network Combine Rich Media
Communication and Blockchain?
The internet has enabled exponential progress for globalized information exchanges. However, they currently
operate in centralized communication, servers and storage infrastructures. The technology of Skrumble Network
aims to advance this to move beyond pure information exchanges into genuine value creation and exchange and
true cooperation.
It is widely known that there are significant technical limitations with blockchain for data storage and connection
speeds. Therefore, a unique hybrid methodology is required to bring the security and the secure, ledger based
infrastructure of blockchain and secure, distributed and encrypted rich media communication to...

Community Strategy
Token Distribution
The one way to get these people together to share and create value together:
Miners, users, investors
Skrumble Network’s secure communication-centric platform is a public blockchain. The Foundation, as a spon-
sor of the project, is working towards creating the Skrumble Network blockchain ecosystem rather than being
focused on corporate profits as traditional enterprise projects do. The platform, which benefits all token holders,
does not belong to any single organization or individual and is a platform embracing the entire blockchain token
community. It will use token mechanisms and the foundation’s resources to continually foster numerous communities
such as technical communities, college communities, user communities, investment communities, node partic-
ipant communities, centralized organizations, data source providers etc. The vision of the SN community is to
create an inclusive big family who shares the vision and passion of growing the Skrumble Network.

The need for simple and secure methods of communication and data ownership has never been greater. It is
essential for people to communicate with one another, and its imperative that those people can communicate
securely and own their own data. Skrumble Network will innovate decentralized communication with the Skrumble
public blockchain. This network will be a powerful, secure communication-centric blockchain with leading TPS
leading to rapid connection times. This will enable truly real-time, commercial grade communication with user
identities authenticated on the blockchain by providing a secure key that will be a randomized derivative of each
participant’s public key. The only people with access to these communications would be the actual participants
themselves. There is no middle entity in between to censor, block or manipulate any data. This will enable open,
global private communication that is truly community owned and operated. This will create opportunities for peo-
ple to add decentral...

1. Security: Communication
systems with centralized servers
pose data security challenges
2. Privacy & Data Ownership:
Platforms are not private, can
be blocked or compromised and
users do not own their data
3. Global Access: Marginalized
communities seek free discussion
and trusted connections
1. Security: Communication Systems with Centralized Servers Pose Data
Security Challenges
The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect. Video chats are possible with the click of
a button, businesses can operate and collaborate internationally, banks facilitate international transfers of trillions
of dollars everyday, and reaching out to the president of a country is just a tweet away. With e-commerce, an item
could be manufactured in Guangzhou, and sold by a company in New York to a woman in Sydney. Social media has
changed the face of communication, news reporting and entertainment. The Internet has succeeded in connecting

2. Privacy & Data Ownership: Platforms Are Not Private, Can Be Blocked
or Compromised and Users Do Not Own Their Data
When it comes to communicating with one another, generally people turn to the Internet as the primary source
of information transfers. However, with numerous sources of information and discussion forums available on
the Internet today, people use several different communication platforms to learn and have discussions about
blockchain and other important topics. This leads to a very fragmented and disconnected community experience.
Use of various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others to collaborate and share information
make it difficult to have a consistent and trustworthy global standard. Even platforms like Telegram, which have
been known to censor and block content, can have data be collected, decrypted and access can be blocked
completely due to known VPN URLs or IP addresses (Russell, 2017). In fact, on February 1, 2018, Telegram was
removed from the Apple App Store due t...

After studying current online communities and communication platform options, flaws and vulnerabilities are
obvious within each system. Current solutions are fragmented, disconnected and unreliable, which creates scope
for improvement to enhance trust and connectivity worldwide. Through a solution like a globally accessible online
community, unified, secure communication would increase and expand opportunities for bringing people together.
3. Global Access: Marginalized Communities Seek Free Discussion and
Trusted Connections
With constant apprehension and data insecurity, how are people supposed to feel comfortable to create
sustainable online communities and share meaningful information in conversations? One of the challenges of
online engagement is developing relationships while protecting your identity, creating comfort, security, and
developing actionable activities. People need untethered access to public forums and platforms to exercise their
fundamental human right to speak freely, and not feel concerned...

Skrumble Network Roadmap

Skrumble Founded.

Global Patent Applications Filed.

Q1 2016
Beta Unified Communication Product Launch.
Q2 2017
Unified Communication Product Launch.
Q4 2017
Launched Open API Marketplace.
Q3 2018
Launch Beta Decentralized App Product.
Q3 2018
Release Open Communication Layer (API & SDK).
Q4 2018
Decentralized App Release.

Q2 2019
Release Open Communication Layer (API & SDK).
Q2 2019
Launch Skrumble Network Ecosystem.
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