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Content Monetization Reinvented

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-14
End date:

Registrated in: Seychelles

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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SleekPlay token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 700 ETH
Hard cap 2б000 ETH
Tokens for sale 9,936,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 SKP = 0.01 USD
Price in PreICO 1 SKP = 0.008 USD
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Content Monetization Reinvented 5
Attractive Revenue Model 5
Incentivized Engagement 6
Flexibility 6
Favorable Compensation Structure 6
Marketplace Analysis 7
Blockchain-based Incentivized Monetization
Platforms 7
Traditional Monetization Models 7
The Opportunity 8
Competitive Advantage 8
Problem Definition 10
Traditional Monetization Models 10
Solution: The Sleekplay Model 11
A Unique Goal based Monetization Model 11
System Actors 11
How it Works: Value Flow Diagram 12
What determines a Goal? 12
Rewards & Payouts 13
Blockchain Dynamics 15
Cryptonote Based 15
Mobile Mining 15
Web Wallet Manager and GUI Wallet 15
SleekPlay Coin Economy 16
Demand Mechanism 16
Digital goods economy 16
Mining 16
Currency Trading 16
Summary 17
The SleekPlayCrowdfund 18

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Sleekplay is a content monetization platform that reinvents the way digital content driven
applications are
This whitepaper discusses how
we utilize the power of blockchain computing to disrupt the
multi-billion dollar
content distribution and monetization market.
In essence, Sleekplay is a new cryptocurrency and blockchain powered platform for long-
session applications that incentives users with rewards for contributing device computing
power and creates a new stream of income for application developers. Long-session ap-
plications such as streaming and gaming apps as well as other applications that engage us-
ers for hours at a time, are prime beneficiaries of the Sleekplay blockchain platform.

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Sleekplay is a new blockchain based
content monetization solution that
harnesses the computational power of
devices to reward users and profit de-
The ubiquity of connected smart devices
and their ever increasing capabilities has
led to a boom in demand for the con-
sumption of rich media content such as
music, videos and games. This has in turn
led to the popularity of on-demand
streaming providers such as Spotify and
Netflix as well as game publishers or de-
velopers like EA games and Gameloft.
These offer huge varieties of content
while adopting traditional monetization
models (e.g. ad-based free tiers or paid
subscriptions). These monetization mod-
els while successful in the past, have led
to poor user experiences and declining
revenues for the companies that adopt
them meaning that alternatives are
The on-dema...

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Content Monetization
The need to monetize content has been
present since the advent of the digital
era, but compromises has had to be made
on service quality and price sensitivity.
Sleekplay is in the marketplace to rein-
vent content monetization with a solu-
tion that delivers profitability without
compromise and can compete favorably
with traditional content monetization
models. We do this by leveraging on new
technology and a deep understanding of
user demands to create a model that
meets the aspirations of a forward think-
ing generation.
Attractive Revenue Model
The Sleekplay content monetization
model gives application developers or
service providers the opportunity to earn
revenue without compromising on the
delivery of a quality user experience. Un-
like traditional models that generate rev-
enue but at the expense of users and

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Incentivized Engagement
Our model for content monetization is
user-centric and user friendly. We see
the users as an integral part of the online
content ecosystem, and as such, we pro-
vide a platform that enable rewards for
engagement. The goal system adopted by
Sleekplay encourages users to spend
more time on applications, consuming
content which overall is beneficial to the
service providers and content creators.
Whilst our model is dynamic and can
comfortably replace traditional models
without sacrificing profits, it is very flexi-
ble. Application developers/service pro-
viders can implement the Sleekplay mod-
el alongside traditional models. Our
seamless integration makes this possible
as significant changes are not required to
existing infrastructure. The advantage
thus, is that, new adopters of Sleekplay
can ease into the model and apprecia...

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
Marketplace Analysis
A good number of developers and service
providers rely primarily on traditional
monetization models such as display Ads.
However, with its apparent disad-
vantages, developers and providers are
readily interested in rethinking their
monetization strategies
and looking to
take advantage of blockchain computing
on incentivizing user’s computational re-
sources. Our analysis of the marketplace
reveals several content monetization
models, identifies the marketplace op-
portunity and outlines our competitive
Blockchain-based Incentiv-
ized Monetization Platforms
Coinhive is an embeddable JavaScript
miner for the Monero Blockchain that
allows website owners to monetize their
websites by mining XMR in the back-
ground in exchange for incentives such as
ad-free browsing
In terms of incentiv...

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
The Opportunity
Our Focus: Long Session Applica-
Long-session applications are applica-
tions that engage users for a sustained
period of time. On-demand streaming
providers such as Netflix, Spotify & Hulu
are examples of providers that long-
session applications. Video games are
another example of long-session applica-
While traditional monetization models
such as Google AdSense are best suited
for short-session use cases such as web-
sites, blogs etc., the Sleekplay monetiza-
tion model is beneficial to such long-
session applications. This model allows
developers or service providers gain rev-
enue from the amount of time spent en-
gaging which content which is not possi-
ble with the Google AdSense model.
The Landscape: On-Demand Media
Streaming & Video Games
Users are spending more time streaming
media and playing games due to the cur-
rent cross-...

Sleekplay Platform Whitepaper
ble to malware attacks by rogue devel-
opers as there is no authentication pro-
cess done by these platforms. Sleekplay
gains an edge over such platforms by
adding a layer of security, where, applica-
tion developers and providers are vetted
before being allowed to integrate with
the platform. We measure the amount of
active users of the application, date of
launch, developer history, user feedback
and general community analysis to ascer-
tain the veracity of an application. This
way, we eliminate rogue developers hi-
jacking the platform.
Our Advantages in the Incentivized Monetization Landscape
We recognize that we are in a market space that is still growing but already very competi-
tive. However, we believe that our understanding of the problem and approach to solving
it, sets us apart from a few others entering the space. We offer a well packaged solution
that promotes cross platform integration...

SleekPlay Roadmap

Q1 2018
Completion of Private round; Marketing the Pre-ICO.
Q2 2018
Releasing the web wallet manager; Completion of Pre-ICO; Marketing the Main ICO; Completion of Main ICO.
Q3 2018
SKP on exchanges; Release of GUI Wallet.
Q4 2018
Release of Sleekplay API with web miner Integration (beta); Closed testing with specific developers.
Q1 2019
Full release of API with native miner (beta); Open developer signups.
Q2 2019
Launch of the Sleekplay Platform; Creating awareness to increase SKP adoption; Further development of the Sleekplay platform.
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Emmanuel Obare Developer & CTO, Sleekplay

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Isaac Ikoro Business Strategist, Sleekplay

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