Token: SMHC

Hyperconnect The World

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-02
End date: 2018-05-18

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: X11
Type: X11


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Entertainment Media Platform
SMHC Coin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Price 1 ETH = 3,300 SMHC
Acceppting BTC, ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

SMHC’s ambition is to create a world in which all payment needs can be satisfied with cryptocurren-
cy. Our goal is to entertainment and businesses around the world.
In order to achieve this, we’ve developed a game online, one that can accept multiple cryptocurren-
cies and will be installed free of charge.
SMHC terminals enable cross-border use of cryptocurrency, doing away with intermediaries between
clients and merchants. There are zero transaction fees and merchants can exchange cryptocurrency for
fiat money in real time. SMHC receives a 0.5% commission from each exchange ransaction; a cost
that’s added to the average exchange rate and paid by the buyer.
SMHC will operate as a blockchain-based multi-sided platform and issue S-MHC Coin; creating an
ecosystem for merchants, their clients, and cryptocurrency exchanges. S-MHC Coin will also become
an instrument for interaction between platform participants.
To reach these goals, we’ll hold an ICO between...

SMHC is developing an independent decentralized multi cryptocurrency platform based on block-
chain technology. The SMHC blockchain will comprise flawless cryptocurrency payments, exchange
and reward processes.
SMHC’s platform is designed to:
• Allow cryptocurrency holders to use cryptocurrency as a mean of payment.
• Help merchants accept any traded cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees.
• Minimize the risk of cryptocurrency volatility for merchants by allowing them to exchange it
for fiat money in real time.
4.1 SMHC virtual terminal
The main advantages of using a SMHC terminal are:
• Easy installation. The terminal is a piece of software that can be installed on any device (PC,
tablet, mobile phone or Point-of-Sale terminal) or incorporated into a website – no specialist knowl-
edge required.
• Multi cryptocurrency. SMHC’s virtual terminal allows merchants to accept anyexchange-list-
ed cryptocurrency as payment for goods and servic...

• Payment confirmation is displayed in the order line.
• The owner of the hairdresser opens his SMHC electronic wallet and sees that new ETH has
been added to his account.
4.2 SMHC exchange service
To operate a business, you still need fiat money. Therefore, SMHC virtual terminals have a built-in
cryptocurrency-to-fiat money exchange function. Advantages include:
• The merchant doesn’t pay any commission for the customer’s crypto-to-fiat exchange. They
receive the exact amount of local currency indicated in the order.
• Risk minimization: the fact cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat, reduces the impact of
crypto’s volatility. Plus, using the terminals, merchants don’t need to worry about rate fluctuation.
If merchants do not want to store/save cryptocurrency, they can choose to operate SMHC terminal
in exchange mode. To do this they must first register and complete a verification process in order to
comply with AML policies.
When an exchange order is created, the SMHC te...

Bonus Programs. Every SMHC merchant will be able to create a bonus or discount program using the
platform. Bonus programs will be available for customers via the SMHC wallet interface, who will be
able to use them and exchange them with other buyers.
Warranty Receipts. Upon completion of the payment, the customer receives a warranty receipt: a QR-
code with a hash signature showing the address and order amount. A warranty receipt can be used to
confirm any given purchase. Sometimes purchased goods are of improper quality. In this
case, a merchant and a customer can conduct a return transaction. The merchant sends the seller a
warranty check and gives a refund. In these cases, each party is still subject to local legislation on
consumer rights protection.
Reputation System. Any commodity-money exchange process requires a certain level of trust be-
tween the participants. Trust is built on the reputation that parties earn by participating honestly in
transactions.When choosing a place to make a purchase, bu...

According to CoinMarketCap, the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies in August 2017 exceeded
$5.4 billion, and the market capitalization of cryptocurrency rose above $120 billion. However, the
cryptocurrency market still represents a tiny percentage of world trade. According to Deloitte, the
aggregate revenue of 250 of the world’s largest retail companies in 2015 rose by 5.2% reaching 4.31
trillion dollars. The prospects for the development of a more sophisticated cryptocurrency market re-
main significant, despite the fact the number of cryptocurrency payments is still negligible. The need
to increase the use of cryptocurrency as a mainstream payment method is obvious. Increased usage
will be a catalyst for continued growth. The results of Garrick Hileman and Michel Rauchs’ research
show that the use of cryptocurrency as a mean of payment is apparent in both B2B transactions and
C2B transactions. The average B2B payment (among the companies surveyed) was $1,878. Con-
versely, the average C2B payment tot...

SMHC Coin Roadmap

April - 18 may 2018
SMCH start celling
28 july - august 2018
The official launch of The international SMCH in Singapoore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam.
23 august - september 2018
Starting developing, our SMCH will meat all the core requirements for the platform to accomplish its purpose. We hope to have the first series of tharities that will select and a fully functional currency.
18 september - november 2018
Starting selling SM SHARE SMHC first. The Beta version of the platform starts.
SMHC-BTC-ETH and S-mhcexchange appear.
SMHC goes to exchange: Yobit, Livecoin, Coinexchange... List on Coinmarketcap.
The Sunpay application has been launched on IOS, Android, Windows Phone.
14 november - 2019
Launching e-banking and the online payment gateway.
Developing extended ecosystems for SMHC.
Developing The Global SMHC Application.