Token: SNOW

Security Asset Token

PreICO dates
Start date: 18th Sep 2018
End date: 22nd Nov 2018

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-23
End date:

Registrated in: Germany

Platform: Ethereum
Type: SecuritySTO


SnowdenCoinSTO categories
Infrastructure Investment Media Platform
SnowdenCoinSTO whitepaper
SnowdenCoinSTO token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China
Soft cap 1,000,000 EUR
Hard cap 20,000,000 EUR
Tokens for sale 16,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 1 SNOW = 1.02 EUR
Minimal investment 100 EUR
Acceppting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Bonus in ICO

15% capital reward with REF-Link-System Pre ICO 50%,30%,15%,10% Pre ICOS with decreasing minimum investment. 50%=2000 EUR, 30% = 1000 EUR etc. Details see website

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19.09.2018 2
The Story: Press-Release Examples
Trigger a “FileSharing Revolution” with
· By TCU, listed at FSE Frankfurt Stock Exchange, ISIN= DE0007454209,
· On 27, Sept., 2018 · Project:
TCU-AG — a German based stock listed technology company — hopes that its new
software for will create a “filesharing revolution.” The platform will offer
a secure platform for people to share files and get paid for it.
This week Petra Bauersachs, one of the 2 CEOs, showed a demo revealing more
about what it’s going to offer. is not a central hosting service, quite the contrary. It will allow users to
upload content and distribute it to dozens of other websites (Publishers). The links
are distributed across the Internet where they can be accessed freely.
The uploader and the publisher sets their price for each download and people who

19.09.2018 3
where its ready to download without any special p2p-software.
From a user perspective the downloads are “Ultra” fast, cause a file is divided in up to
100 chunks and downloaded from 100 sources simultaneously. Other than in p2p-
protocols, the user IP is not related to a file (only a chunk), and not to the public, only
to the hoster who hosts the chunk. The hoster itself has no clue what file is
downloaded or which content the chunk is a part of.”
People around the globe can often not find the content they’re looking for, so it’s
TCU`s goal to distribute files as widely as possible.
She stresses that site owners (Publisher) and uploaders as well as hoster can greatly
benefit from it as they receive fees instead of take down notices, while the
downloader has more security, privacy and speed than in p2p-networks.
“Wikileaks for everyone”
To make even government resistant, the UU-database will be
transferred into a blockchain. After that a publis...

19.09.2018 4
The beta version launched in 2017 in stealth mode, all services are expected to go
live end of 2018 after finishing the ICO ( The ICO
revenues are used to bring the last single point of failure, the chunk-database also
into the cloud as a blockchain. With that last development milestone even the
company itself can`t stop distribution of a specific file or the service itself.
Investors of ICO or any coin holder will participate directly and transparent on all
download revenues (24% revenue distribution).
The internal tokens have a build in exchange system, making it even independent
from exchange websites, which are very often insecure.
1 Pager ICO:
Whitepaper Snowden-Coin ™ © TCU AG 2018 19.09.2018

19.09.2018 6
About this Document
V_08, content subject to change
White Paper unpublished private Version August 08, 2018
#2do = needs revision, *=Part of Executive Summary
This whitepaper is for information only and does not constitute an offer or any kind of
investment advice. Any element of this whitepaper may undergo significant changes
as the project further develops.
Publisher: -ICO by TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG Germany
Author: Mr. Guido Ciburski ([email protected])
The complete Table of contents is at the end of this document
Elevator Pitch:
................................................................................................................................... 1
The Story: Press-Release Examples
.................................................................................................... 2
What and why we do:
................................................................................... 7

19.09.2018 7
What and why we do:
Executive Summary: What is
(short version)
Completed: provides a complete payment ecosystem for anonymous
up/downloads, streaming (!), filesharing, link-selling and revenue distribution. It combines
the speed in servershell with the robustness of Peer to Peer Kernel. It is censorship
After the ICO:
investors will participate in 24% of all website revenue. 6% goes to the
company. The rest will be split between the uploader, publisher, hoster and reseller.
Our vision:
the ICO allows to move all central databases into a
blockchain. This removes the last single point of failure, creating
a truly unstoppable service, even government resistant
- the new dimension of filesharing – innovative benefits for..
! Only the IP is visible for a hoster, but a hoster can`t reveal
the content of a chunk. ...

19.09.2018 8
The protocol weaves these amassed resources into a self-healing bandwidth network
that anybody in the world can rely on. The P2Pcore (IPFS) of the network achieves
robustness by replicating and dispersing content, while automatically detecting and
repairing replica failures. Several replication parameters protect against different
threat models. The protocol’s cloud storage network also provides security, as
content is encrypted end-to-end at the client, while storage providers do not have
access to decryption keys. UltraUpload works as an incentive layer on top of,
which can provide storage infrastructure for any data. It is especially useful for
decentralizing data, building and running distributed applications and implementing
smart contracts.
UltraUpload protocol provides a data storage and retrieval service via a network of
independent storage providers that does not rely on a single coordinator, where:
1. Clients pay to download data
2. Storage Miners earn...

19.09.2018 9
Unique Benefits for Downloader

Fully anonymous! While within a peer to peer network (e.g. Bittorrent)
everybody can watch what you download (and upload!), as everybody can be
your peer, a download here is protected twice:
1. only the hoster itself can see your IP
2. the hoster has no knowledge about the content or even the filename.
You download only senseless pieces (chunks) of a file from each hoster. The
rechunk-process will be done on your local machine, regenerating the original

Ultra fast! As a Server is faster than a p2p-network, here you use up to 100
Server (each for a chunk) in parallel. The hoster network acts as a super fast
download cache-shell around the robust, decentralized, uncensored p2p

Very low fees: Because all servers compete for the chance to host, the
cheapest hoster will provide for you.

Secure: No malicious ads, no virus, no malware, since you never have to visit

19.09.2018 10

Flexible pricing: Currently we offer 3 Models: 1. Fixed Price, 2. Fixed
additional charge on hosting costs, 3. flexible % charge on host costs. Be as
competitive as your customers demand.

Easy content management: Pictures, Meta-Text, File attributes describing the
content in multi languages and additional user comments can be grabbed from
a central resource, the GFR
Advantages for hoster

Monetization: You declare your costs per GB (Bandwidth) and all downloads
are payed without the hassle of own payment and subscription management

Easy setup: You declare your bandwidth costs and add an address for your
free storage space to the cache-shell. All management between the p2p core
and your storage is done by the system (upload, replication, deletion of low
traffic files, optimisation of storage/download ratio, time zone optimisation = no
low traffic over night of your zone).

No censorsh...

SnowdenCoinSTO Roadmap

End of stealth mode for
Revenue distribution 2018
Blockchain ledger upgrade development
2nd ICO
UU V2 : transfer databases into the blockchain ledger
Revenue distribution
last ICO Round
Petra Bauersachs
Petra Bauersachs Chairwoman of the managing board/CEO

Thomas Nachtigahl
Thomas Nachtigahl Chairman of the supervisory board

Dirk Peters
Dirk Peters Member of the board

Heinz Suhr
Heinz Suhr Member of the board

Petra Bauersachs
Petra Bauersachs
Chairwoman of the managing board/CEO
Chairwoman of the managing board/CEO
Guido Ciburski
Guido Ciburski
Thomas Nachtigahl
Thomas Nachtigahl
Chairman of the supervisory board
Chairman of the supervisory board
Dirk Peters
Dirk Peters
Member of the board
Member of the board
Heinz Suhr
Heinz Suhr
Member of the board
Member of the board
Heribert Reckenthäler
Heribert Reckenthäler
Franz-Josef Paus
Franz-Josef Paus
Peter Nussbaum
Peter Nussbaum
Helmut Kuckartz
Helmut Kuckartz
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Wilfried Heuser
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Serkan Altinay
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Giovanni Casagrande
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