Token: SOCX

Social Interaction with Cryptocurrency Rewards

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-15
End date: 2018-01-24

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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SocialX categories
Entertainment Media Platform
SocialX token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 200000 USD
Hard cap 2000000 USD
Price 1 SOCX = 0.00015 ETH
Minimal investment 495 ETH
Acceppting ETH, ZEN
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What is SocialX?
SocialX is a blockchain database that supports
community building and social interaction with
cryptocurrency rewards. SocialX combines concepts
from social media with lessons learned from
building cryptocurrencies and their communities.

We believe in decentralized networks.
SocialX will push forward the vision of a decentralized future by accomplishing three tasks:
1. giving ownership of content back to social media users
2. integrating freedom of speech as a core principle in our platform
3. building a reward system where contributors are rewarded for content. Our ultimate goal
is to open a new chapter in the way humans share snapshots of life and interact with each
Centralized social networks have been around since the advent of the Internet. Our
craving for peer-to-peer interaction resulted in the creation of the first USENET groups,
Friendster, MySpace and ultimately, the Facebook empire. It has taken us 2,500 years to
end centralization in our governance system. The birth of democracy in Athens re-shaped
humanity forever; now, the time has come to end the centralized way in which we interact
with our peers.
SocialX is an application based on the blockchain technology that...

SocialX is a decentralized social media platform allowing users to distribute content seamlessly.
Just imagine: photo and videos app that will store your files decentrally and securely in a
single platform; built-in license management will allow you to decide if you want to keep
your photos private or if you want to sell photo rights to others in exchange for SOCX tokens.
SocialX is a community-driven project developed with the user’s best interest at heart.
1. We use the best technology available on the market
2. We believe in freedom of speech and less censorship
We believe in the decentralization movement and its benefits
Steemit is a social network where its users post and share original content, usually in the form of
text. The main feature of the platform is it’s built using a cryptocurrency upvote system: whenever
a user upvotes another post, the user automatically sends a tiny amount of STEEM token...

Social Media in the Current Ecosystem
Our goal at SocialX is to not only reduce social barriers, but all barriers caused as a result of online
interaction and centralized censorship. Blockchain technology is a distributed database used to
maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and
a link to a previous block. A blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively
adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. Decentralized systems and tokens are a revolutionary
concept on the blockchain, allowing various types of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations)
to create solutions to our current centralized problems.
Introducing a decentralized social media platform based on the blockchain as a foundation for
developing an entire decentralized ecosystem; it will draw attention to the blockchain technology and
its potential, with regulators and worldwide governments already taking note. There is an opportunity
right now for ...

Raymond Ong
about Blockchain and
the Social Experience
How blockchain can change social media experience
Raymond Ong
Social media has undoubtedly changed our lives in the last decade, experiencing unprecedented
following and usage. It has become part of everyday life for 2.5 billion people in some form or other.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Wechat, Weibo, and the list
goes on.
Let’s face it, we either love or hate social media. We love it because it is an easy way to get updates on
what is happening around the world, connect with friends and loved ones, learn about latest trends,
talk and debate about issues and a great way to sometimes get a good deal from an advertisement.
It also provides a voice to the public and an arena for people to develop and share their content
which otherwise would be difficult to obtain through traditional media. However, there are recent
reports that many are starting to reduce their usage or abandon the...

SocialX as an innovator
Introducing SocialX, a platform employing blockchain technology that supports community building
and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. SocialX combines concepts from social media
with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities. Imagine the endless
possibilities on SocialX, where content that is created and shared will be secure, innovative and
creative as content censorship will be less rigid, protecting privacy of the creators and users,
and at the same time rewarding content creators, influencers and even users of the content with
cryptocurrency that can be spent anywhere (at a café, shop online, etc..), where advertisers will
now directly compensate content creators, influencers and users. From a social angle, it could also
facilitate social causes where donations and the deployment of funds can be tracked in a transparent
manner. The possibilities are endless to create a community that decides what content is appropriate
and wha...

Control your own data
Centralized servers are currently sending your data from Europe to the US and vice
versa and you don’t really know who is actually able to read this data; it’s possible that
hosted data may be accessed with or without the approval or knowledge of the customer.
Take license management into your own hand
Anyone can take your images and use them as their own on social media platforms, like Instagram.
According to analysts, the global still image market will reach 4.46 billion USD by 2020[1]. SocialX
wants to makes sure you get rewarded for your creative content at the same time as making it easy
for others to use it legally.
Centralized platforms are easy targets
Have you ever thought about how many times the big social networks were attacked by cybercrime?
Recent hacks were even possible at big corporations like
do you really want to put your
privacy at risk just to remain part of a centralized system? Why not bring your identi...

Publishers are hurting
• Google and Facebook take 73% of all ad dollars and 99% of all growth.
• Revenue is recently down 66%.

Bots inflicted $7.2 billion in fraud last year.
• Over 600 million phones and desktops run ad-blocking.
• Publishers cannot seamlessly monetize value-added services.
Advertisers are losing
• Advertisers lack good information on what they are paying for.
• Marketers are often fooled by bogus websites and bots that commit fraud.
• Targeting is poor, making users more likely to ignore ads.
Turkey banned Facebook and Whatsapp,
North Korea banned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or
most recently,
Indonesia banned Telegram?
Welcome to 2017—the world has changed and big
governments are able to censor like this as a result of centralized infrastructure. Our approach is
different and unique - we strictly forbid child porn, human traffickin...

SocialX Roadmap

September 2017
After weeks of testing, we want to go live with an Alpha Version of our DApp which will include:
Ability to register and have a public/private key generated
Ability to add friends with approval
Ability to have some public data and private data, shared only with your friends
Create a Group
Request to join a Group
Joining a Public Group
The groups you are on should not be disclosed
Encrypted Messaging
Ability to talk to my friends live!
Uploading with IPFS Photos & Videos
Create Events
Mark relation to an event “Not interested”/”Interested”/”Going”
Q4 2017
Beta Release
Send SOCX from MyEtherWallet to my SocialX account
Invite friends / Affiliate
Invite your FB, Instagram Friends
Filter by places
Filter by top upvoted posts
Filter by people
Filter by tags
Peer to Peer Payments
Purchase license of images from Users
See my profile in thumbnail view
See my profile in a timeline
See photos where i am tagged
Q1 2018
Version 1.0
We have removed all the bugs, executed new features, and integrated feedback from our community. We plan several security stress tests to ensure that the platform is secure and that its key components are decentralized.
Live stream
Community moderation
Change profile image
Following stream
You stream
Popular stories (algorythm based on all upvotes)
Follow people
Like posts and comments
Edit profile
Payout in digital currencies
Payout in fiat currency through trusted exchange
Reward System
Quantum Resistance
Q3 2018
After 6 months of development we will review our Roadmap in Q1 2018 to keep up with the latest trends in Social Networks and Blockchain technology. Q3 2018 will have the first releases after our initial Roadmap from 2017.
Raymond Ong
Advisors Raymond Ong Brand Ambassador and Strategic Advisor

Martin Zinn
Advisors Martin Zinn Financial advisor

Konstantin Raldugin
Advisors Konstantin Raldugin Security Advisor

Marcel Füssinger
Team Marcel Füssinger Co founder & CEO

Christian Josephs
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Philip Hendry
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Theodor Diaconu
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Cihan Topal
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Oliver Nedved
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