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End date: 2017-10-30

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
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Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 262 days 12 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 231 days 12 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR Screenshot
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In this paper, we present SpankChain, an adult entertainment ecosystem powered by
blockchain technology.
The SpankChain ecosystem possesses a tiered architecture featuring three layers:
SpankChain Core, SpankChain Services, and SpankChain Applications.
SpankChain Core is comprised of smart contracts and tooling which provide the
foundational functionalities necessary to operate a streaming or static content distribution
application, namely a user profile system and payment capabilities.
The SpankChain Services layer contains a suite of ancillary services which add enhanced
functionality to applications built upon SpankChain Core, including payment channel hubs,
age verification, live video, an ad network, an affiliate network, indexing/search, and an
interface builder.
SpankChain Applications exist on top of SpankChain Core, leveraging various SpankChain
Services. The applications layer is a collection of branded interfaces that tie together
underlying pieces of the ecosystem...

Table of Contents
The Adult Entertainment Industry
The SpankChain Ecosystem
SpankChain Core
SpankChain Services
SpankChain Applications
Market Opportunity and Strategy
Token Model
Token Auction
Token Distribution
Management of Funds

The $100B
adult entertainment industry has faced routine discrimination at the hands of
banks, payment processors, and financial institutions. These service providers simply
refuse to service those in the adult industry. In 2014, JPMorgan Chase closed the bank
accounts of several high profile porn stars and their families without justification
. In 2015,
Visa and Mastercard stopped processing payments for advertising on
Paypal is notorious for closing the accounts of performers and seizing their funds
. This
discrimination and censorship has persisted despite the FDIC declaring it unconstitutional
and in violation of the First Amendment
Making matters worse, middlemen in the adult entertainment industry have historically
extracted exorbitant fees due to a lack of competition in the space. The popular
adult-friendly payment processor ​CCBill​ takes a 10.8-14.5% cut of payments and ...

The Adult Entertainment Industry
Adult Entertainment Historically
Historically, the adult entertainment industry has consistently driven the mainstream
adoption of new technologies. The printing press was propelled to glory by the publication
of the famous ​
I Modi (The Ways)​

Modi, ​
which consisted of graphic sexual illustrations and
explicit sonnets, became one of the most widely distributed books of the Italian
Renaissance and compelled many Italians to learn how to read
. Much of the internet’s
early value was captured by way of helping people find pornography. Jimmy Wales, founder
of Wikipedia, funded the collaborative encyclopedia’s early development with revenue from
his adult site Bomis
From the printing press to the Super 8 Film, from pay-per-view to VCRs, adult
entertainment has accelerated technology for decades. The vast demand for porn on the
internet has led to the creation of streaming vi...

Adult Entertainment Trends
In the last decade, a few notable adult industry trends have emerged. First, viewers are
migrating from paid membership sites to free tube sites and live cam sites. Presumably,
viewers prefer the range of free options they can find on tube sites and the engagement
they can experience by joining live cam shows relative to purchasing memberships to
individual sites.
Second, social media distribution channels are becoming increasingly important. Studios,
porn stars, and cam models are marketing their new videos and upcoming cam sessions to
their followers on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. A few tube sites
have begun to build their own social networks so that users can follow their favorite
performers, track their favorite videos, and get personalized recommendations. New
marketplaces have emerged to allow performers to upload their content and sell access to
their fans directly. ManyVids, for example, allows models to charge for access to their

The SpankChain Ecosystem
SpankChain has received significant support from those who recognize the adult
entertainment industry as a driver of innovation and those who understand that the
communities most motivated to switch to a new economic platform are those marginalized
by the existing one.
The SpankChain mission is to bring the core benefits of blockchain technologies - privacy,
security, self-sovereign identity, and economic efficiency - to the adult entertainment
industry. Our goal is to do this while remaining maximally compliant with legal codes.
To execute this mission, we will deploy a framework which provides the core functionalities
necessary to create and operate a streaming or static content distribution application,
while offering a range of services that provide enhanced functionality for these
The SpankChain ecosystem will be composed of three layers: Core, Services, and

SpankChain Core
The SpankChain Core layer provides the foundational smart contracts and infrastructure
for the ecosystem: a Performer Registry contract, a Payment Channel contract, and the
Vynos payment channels wallet. These will be open source and free to use.
Performer Registry
The Performer Registry smart contract is the basis for identity in the SpankChain
ecosystem. Performers will use it to create their performer profiles, which will connect their
Ethereum addresses with their existing profiles on social media sites, allow them to receive
identity attestations (e.g. age verification), and allow them to link to any off-chain profile
data they have on
I​ PFS.​
Simply having the Performer Registry connect performer Ethereum addresses to their
social media profiles will allow anyone to look up a performer and send them gifts of ETH
or tokens without any intermediaries.
More importantly, moving performer identity to Ethereum and storing their profile data on
IPFS represe...

to our SpankChain Hub. The current implementation is browser-based and lives in an
iframe, allowing users to use it on all devices and without needing to download a browser
extension. Similar to ​MetaMask,​ it stores private keys encrypted in the browser’s local
Vynos will be open sourced in conjunction with the first production release of the
SpankChain camsite. After, we will release an SDK allowing partner sites to easily integrate
Vynos for their viewers and performers to use. In the future, we plan to add support for
connecting to a bounty hunter network (to protect against replay attacks), as well as
support for multi-hop payments.
Vynos is a critical infrastructure component because it fundamentally changes the user
experience of interacting with adult sites. In place of the status quo of usernames,
passwords, email addresses, and credit cards for each website, users with Vynos wallets
will be able to immediately start using and making payments on the SpankChain platform

SpankChain Roadmap

Q1 ?2018
SPANK ?/ ?BOOTY ?Token ?Implementation. SpankChain ?Camsite ?v0. Platform ?Applications ?v0.
Q2 ?2018
SpankChain ?Camsite ?v1. Red ?Light ?District ?v0.
Q3 ?2018
SpankChain ?Camsite ?v2.
Q4 ?2018
Red ?Light ?District ?v1. Platform ?Apps ?v1.
Q1 ?2019
Platform ?Application ?v2.
Q2 ?2019
Red ?Light ?District ?v2.
Q4 ?2019
Decentralized ?Adult ?Social ?Content Network. Decentralized ?Ad ?Network.
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