Sphinks Token
Sphinks Token
Token: SKFT

The Future Of Decentralized Money

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-08-10
End date: 2020-06-27

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: NEM
Type: Utility


Sphinks Token categories
Banking Cryptocurrency Smart Contract
Sphinks Token token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries Australia
Hard cap 5,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 50,000,000
Price 1 SKFT = 0.1 USD
Acceppting BTC

Sphinks Token is a decentralized stablecoin project with no reliance on traditional systems and trusted third-parties. It initially pegs to the USD, though has the capability to transition to a new form of a stable system that has no susceptibility to hyper-inflation or reliance on underlying commodities.

The project focuses on harnessing open and decentralized technologies to provide user-friendly monetary systems with next-gen features. It aims to provide high-throughput for global merchant and consumer adoption, fee-less and near-instant transactions, private accounts and transactions, smart contracts and zero reliance on traditional systems and trusted third-parties.

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Sphinks Token Roadmap

Whitepaper v0.5 [completed]
Write initial version of whitepaper.
Build website & v0.5 on NEM (Beta) [completed]
Build website. Fork NEM NANO Wallet and modify. Implement back-end infrastructure.
ICO [in progress]
Launch ICO.
Relocate to crypto-friendly nation
Founder-CEO to secure the development/effectiveness of the project by relocating to cryptocurrency-friendly/tax-free nation.
Hire CTO & advisers
Hire full-time team members.
Revamp website
Professionally upgrade website.
Recruit marketing
Conduct ongoing marketing to promote awareness of the project.
Exchange listing(s)
Attain exchange listing(s) for the initial version.
Build v0.5 on NEM
Modify/add functionality and features to the initial version.
Whitepaper v1.0
Expand whitepaper to include all information relevant to the standalone version.
Build v1.0 (Beta)
Build basic standalone version on own blockchain (replaces initial version).
Meet global regulatory requirements
Determine/meet global regulations (community interests may be maintained once the project is relinquished to the community).
Conduct v1.0 security audit(s)
Conduct software code and security audit(s) on standalone version.
Exchange listing(s)
Attain exchange listing(s) for the standalone version.
Build v1.0
Modify/add functionality and features to the standalone version.
Relinquish project to community
Founder-CEO powers abolished (all ongoing aspects of the project to be determined by the community via the governance system).
Matthew Robson
Team member Matthew Robson Founder-CEO

Harut Grigoryan
Team member Harut Grigoryan Programmer

Aaron Myers
Adviser Aaron Myers Business adviser

Bree Collison
Adviser Bree Collison Marketing adviser