Token: SPF

Sports Investment & Funding Ecosystem

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-21
End date: 2017-12-08

Registrated in: Slovenia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Business services Platform Sports
SportyCo token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap 16,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 134,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 0.12 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Everyone loves sport. It drives us to challenge our limits, keeping us healthier, happier and
passionately motivated. Sport boosts self-esteem and brings people closer together. Yet the
sports industry today is an enormous, trillion-dollar commercial enterprise involving countless
participants on all levels of economic activity, where goods and services are traded daily all
over the world.
Athletes, especially up-and-coming ones at the outset of their professional careers, face many
issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in worldwide competitions.
Many athletes depend exclusively on institutions that control financing in sport, which then own
their image rights and career path. Many clubs and other sports organizations also frequently
struggle with financial and liquidity issues, lacking channels to monetize their fans' attention.
SportyFi is about to change this.
SportyFi will provide the wider global community with ways to invest in ...

The blockchain technology revolution enables SportyFi to actively participate in the coming
paradigm shift in the sports industry, reaching for goals that were beyond the horizon of realistic
implementation before the advent of blockchain.
SportyFi facilitates a revolution in the world of sports financing, providing a direct financial
connection between athletes, sports clubs and sports organizations on the one hand, and the
general public of fans, sports enthusiasts and individual businesspeople on the other. SportyFi
will not only add an additional player to the sports industry, it will rather establish a completely
new (sub)industry. It will create blockchain-based possibilities which were not possible or
existing to date.
The roadmap to the full deployment of the SportyFi financing ecosystem is extensive, divided
into three basic Phases:
Phase 1: Token Crowdsale Phase

A 10% bonus will be allocated to:
» contributors who contribute within
72 hours
of the SPF Token Crowdsale launch; or
» contributors who contribute over
100 ETH.
Please note: each contributor cannot receive a bonus in excess of 10% (even if they contribute
within 72 hours of the SPF Token Crowdsale launch with more than 100 ETH). No other bonus
of any kind or nature will be offered subsequently. SportyFi Ltd however reserves the right to
introduce an SPF Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period (by invitation only), where the
bonus for the exclusive duration of the SPF Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period may
be up to 15% (at the discretion of SportyFi Ltd). SPF Tokens, based on the funds raised during
the Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period, will be generated and distributed several hours
prior to the start of the official SPF Token Crowdsale. The SPF Tokens distributed during the
Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period will not exce...

0 – USD 1,499,999
USD 1,500,000 – USD 3,499,999
USD 3,500,000 – USD 8,999,999
USD 9,000,000 – up to the amount of the hard cap of
USD 16 million (less potential bonuses)
Token Crowdsale is not successful (all invested funds will
be returned to the investors)
Development and Deployment of the Donations Module
within the Smart Manager Platform
Development and Deployment of the Investment
Module within the Smart Manager Platform
Allocation of the Funds into the SportyFi Professional
SportyFi's Smart Manager Platform facilitates a revolution in the world of sports financing,
providing a direct financial connection between the athletes, sports clubs and organizations
with the public of fans, sports enthusiasts and individual businesspeople.
The Smart Manager Platform is a blockchain-based sports crowdfunding platform, acting as
an intermediary connecting ...

The Donations Module will offer athletes a blockchain-based platform where they are able
to create profiles listing their current achievements and plans for the future, and their specific
crowdfunding goals. Opening an account on SportyFi will be guided by SportyFi's detailed
instructions, and will be free of charge.
A detailed presentation of the athlete is crucial for a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Instructions embedded in the platform will guide each athlete to provide the best story for the
donors, set the fundraising target, upload photos and provide engaging videos. Furthermore,
he platform will offer each athlete predetermined options for givebacks (small gifts or a simple
thank you note in a letter, signed card or even a signed jersey, public social channels thank you
notice, ticket for the next game, and similar), while each athlete will also be presented with the
option to generate their own custom givebacks.
Athletes will be free to specif...

Below is the concept of an athlete's personal profile and the basic available features in the
Donations Module:
Once an athlete opens their personal account, they can start campaigning, and from that
moment on, success will predominantly lie in their own hands, and those of their networking
supporters. If they catch the right momentum and their strategy is sound, backed by realistic
potential, they will likely succeed in attracting financial interest. The campaign's visibility is
up to the athlete's network from that point on, available for promotion on social media, with
supporters, friends, relatives, fans and the general public. SportyFi's back office, however, looks
to also actively assist promising athletes with profile management tasks, so that their fundraising
campaign has an optimal chance of success.
Actions after the
end of campaign in the
Donations Module
Upon the conclusion of a campaign, SportyFi's back office will guide the athlete in the collection

The Purpose of the
SPF Token within the
Donations Module
The purpose of the SPF Token within the Donations Module will be:
» to make donations;
» to purchase support from SportyFi in relation to profile management and campaign strategy;
» to purchase special features, such as the “Featured section” or “Hot pick” and similar features.
Claire is 18, a highly promising tennis player. She was just invited to play at a prominent
tournament in London. Her parents are facing severe liquidity issues. She'll have to cancel
the trip since she cannot afford the USD 7,000+ travel and accommodation costs. However,
she decides to open a personal account on the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform and ask for
donations. She designs an appealing profile with detailed description of her achievements and
career trajectory, accompanied by photos and with a short video addressing the contributors.
With personal netw...

Athletes will be free to choose their investment goals, decide what purpose the invested funds
are used for (e.g. costs of training or equipment, travel and accommodation costs to attend
competitions, participation fees, and similar). Athletes are free to decide what kind of rights
to offer in exchange for the investment. Proper structuring and assessment of the investment
goals and adjustment of the offered rights will be crucial for a successful investment campaign.
If the athlete provides engaging content for dissemination on other platforms, especially
achievements and career trajectory, their chances of a successful investment campaign will
increase. Accolades and momentum might boost an athlete’s chances further, while setting
the right investment goal and campaign duration will likewise be important. Athletes will also
be able to ask for peer-to-peer lending transactions.
Below is concept of an athlete’s personal profile and the basic available features in the
Investment Mo...

SportyCo Roadmap

Q2 2014
The SportyFi core team sets up the online marketplace connecting professional coaches and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.
Q1 2015 goes live.
Q2 2015
Tennis superstar Ana Ivanovi? joins the Trainers4me project as a co-owner.
Q1 2016
Launch of, offering sports enthusiasts across the globe the ability to exercise and stay in shape using live-streamed and recorded online classes.
Q2 2016
Technogym, the leading global manufacturer of home and commercial fitness and gym equipment, joins as a strategic investor.
Q2 2017
Concept development for the SportyFi platform, including viability assessment and legal review of the project.
November 2017
Alpha version of the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform released for closed testing.
14 November 2017
Start of SPF Token Crowdsale SAVE THE DATE!
Q1 2018
Launch of the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform for crowdsourcing donations and connecting up-and-coming athletes with investors.
Q2 2018
Launch of the SportyFi Professional Fund, setting up the professional Advisory Board.
Q2 2018
First investment of the SportyFi Professional Fund into a generation of potential sports superstars.
SportyFi to become the default choice for athletes/clubs and other sports organisations in raising funds.
SportyFi to become the default choice for athletes/clubs and other sports organisations in raising funds.
Marko Filej
Marko Filej Co-founder, CEO

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Marko Filej
Marko Filej
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Co-founder, CEO
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Simon Zgavec
Co-founder, Legal & Compliance
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