Token: SCOI

Global Network of Modern Financial Services

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-10
End date: 2018-05-10

Registrated in: Luxembourg

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Smart Contract Platform Investment Internet Cryptocurrency
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Price 1 SCOI = 0.30 USD
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experience for everyone in the world. In this model, users will benefit from access to
a diverse spectrum of cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities through a
seamless investing experience.
Purpose and characterization
SprinkleCoin (SCOI) is a cryptographic token, which is envisioned as a general-
purpose cryptocurrency for use in everyday digital services such as information,
social media, and payments. SprinkleCoin will be the underlying currency for all
transactions within the SprinkleBit Ecosystem, and it will be available to integrate into
other online services.
SprinkleCoin is a cryptocurrency with fixed supply. It is fractionally divisible and long-
term non- inflationary. Like other cryptocurrencies, units of SprinkleCoin are fungible
and transferable, and they will be expected to trade on the SprinkleBit exchange and
other cryptocurrency exchanges.
Building a digital economy
SprinkleCoin will be useable within the whole Sprinkle family of services. The

routing systems, order audit- trail systems, payment systems, a stock market
simulators, and a social discussion platforms.
SprinkleCoin Exchange
We see a big opportunity to become the global standard for crypto exchanges. Given
our previous expertise and the existing infrastructure, we intend to build the most
robust crypto-exchange in the world. It would compete with Nasdaq and NYSE in
terms of volume and security. The SprinkleCoin would be commission free to
purchase to always ensure high liquidity and demand. By implementing smart routing
and payment for order flow we will generate high volumes of orders going through
our exchange. By matching the best price for all cryptos on all the top exchanges we
till be able to establish SprinkleBit as the best platform for crypto trading. This means
that at low liquidity it routes out to best execution but as the volume increase we will
execute more orders within the exchange.
We will aim to list SprinkleCoin on not only our own exchange but on <...

The scalability of the SprinkleCoin exchange coupled with SprinkleBit’s trading
platform enables traders to instantly convert cryptocurrencies into stocks and other
securities. It opens up a market which is 138 times bigger than the current
cryptocurrency market.
Cash to Crypto (C2C)
Fungibility is one of the most compelling features of SprinkleCoins as a decentralized
cash handling system where you can buy SprinkleCoins as easily as shopping for
groceries in your local market. It will be based on a rating system to ensure that
everyone in the network get the most utility out of it.
January 2018

Decentralized Global Settlement Layer
The true value from SprinkleCoin is when you connect all the parts of the system
with the settlement API. The development network will then utilize the settlement API
to build crowdfunding platforms, ICO networks, and micro-lending. It will make
investing to a true borderless experience.
SprinkleBit will integrate wallets for each SprinkleBit user account. The associated
user interface will allow for the most common wallet interactions. By integrating the
wallet to support millions of simultaneous users, the SprinkleWallet has the potential
to become the world’s most adopted and utilized cryptocurrency wallet.
Facing the complexity of raw cryptocurrency technology is still very hard for people.
Issues with transaction fees, private keys, and addresses create usability barriers for
regular users, including holding cryptocurrency in order to trade and use other
January 2018

tokens. SprinkleBit will significantly reduce these
on-boarding frictions. The on-boarding process
for users will not require prior expertise with
cryptocurrencies before interacting with
SprinkleCoin or the exchange.
Users wishing to transfer SprinkleCoin into and
out of the SprinkleWallet will be able to do so by
interacting with the public Ethereum network.
Users interacting with SprinkleCoin inside
SprinkleBit will have a smother experience. This
will allow the early version of the system to solve
for blockchain scalability bottlenecks, feeless
transactions, faster transaction times, and
encapsulation of complex features like private
keys. It will also allow hedge funds to conduct
high frequency trading to provide liquidity to the
SprinkleCoin economy & prospective use cases
SprinkleBit will also introduce a number of marketplace usage opportunities that will
prompt users and companies to willingly transact with SprinkleCoin.

To secure stable inflow of capital to the currency, it will be free to exchange dollars to
SprinkleCoin. As the community grows, we will add additional currencies such as
euro, yuan etc.
Decentralized SprinkleCoin vendors
People and merchants can apply to become a SprinkleCoin vendor. They would
receive 1% in SprinkleCoin for all transactions which is deducted from the user. E.g
a user gives $100 to a merchant who takes it and sends $99 worth of SprinkleCoin to
the users wallet. The $1 will be automatically moved to the merchant’s wallet.
Payment for order flow
Traders who provide liquidity to the platform will receive a payment of 0.05% of the
volume in SprinkleCoin and takers of liquidity will receive 0.01%. The remaining
amount will be used to purchase SprinkleCoin on the market.
Example use case: Premium groups
SprinkleBit allows any user to access any public group focused on topics of their
choice. The initiating user has the ability to moderate the discussion and to set fort...

SprinkleCoin will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20
The Ethereum blockchain is currently the industry standard for issuing custom digital
assets and smart contracts. The ERC20 token interface allows for the deployment of
a standard token that is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum
ecosystem, such as development tools, wallets, and exchanges. Ethereum’s ability
to deploy Turing-complete trustless smart contracts enables complex issuance rules
for cryptocurrencies, digital financial contracts, and automated incentive structures.
These advanced features and active ecosystem make Ethereum a natural fit for
SprinkleCoin Security
We will employ the same type of security on the SprinkleCoin protocol as for the
current technology stack of SprinkleBit. The data storage will be compliant with the
Privacy Shield framework. The encryption will be bank-level security and the
information sharing will use a masking algorithm...

SprinkleCoin Roadmap

Q1 2018
Use your SprinkleCoin Tokens to buy premium services.
Q2 2018
The first smart-routing crypto-trading platform.
Q3 2018
Use the our API for algo-trading.
Q3 2018
Use your SprinkleCoins as underlying settlement asset.
Q4 2018
Turn your bills into crypto in seconds.
Q4 2018
Use your smart-wallet to access multiple currencies.
We will optimize the SprinkleCoin with our own mining protocol.
The private keys on our blockchain will be Quantum resistant.
Alexander Wallin
Alexander Wallin CEO at SprinkleBit

Tomas Wallin
Tomas Wallin Chairman Pindify & SprinkleBit

Eirik Nordgaard
Eirik Nordgaard Marketing

Vladyslav Kolesov
Vladyslav Kolesov CTO at SprinkleBit

Aleksei Bulych
Aleksei Bulych PM - SprinkleBit

Mila Chernova
Mila Chernova HR Generalist – SprinkleBit

Alexey Sokolov
Alexey Sokolov Web Developer

Dmitriy Kravchenko
Dmitriy Kravchenko Security Engineer

Sergey Cornushov
Sergey Cornushov PHP Developer at SprinkleBit

Vyacheslav Vysotsky
Vyacheslav Vysotsky Software Engineer

Alexandr Karachentsev
Alexandr Karachentsev iOS Developer

Dmitry Ivanenko
Dmitry Ivanenko UI/UX Designer

Stepan Mikhaylov
Stepan Mikhaylov QA Automation Engineer

Nataliia Melnykova
Nataliia Melnykova QA Engineer

Dmitriy Kravchenko
Dmitriy Kravchenko
Security Engineer
Tomas Wallin
Tomas Wallin
Chairman Pindify & SprinkleBit
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer