Token: SPX

An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for Start

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-05
End date: 2018-03-11

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


SprintX categories
Smart Contract Investment Banking
SprintX token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, Canada
Tokens for sale 1,950,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 SPX = 0.10 USD
Minimal investment 0.05 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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2.1 SprintX
2.2 SwitchX
SprintX ICO Maker
3.1 Status of ICO and Start-Ups
3.2 Brief description of SprintX (SprintX’s future for ICOs and Start-up).
3.3 Start-ups and ICO Maker.
3.4 SprintX Management.
3.5 Smart Contracts Generator.
About SwitchX
4.1 Current Exchange status.
4.2 SwitchX’s future for the Exchange.
SwitchX APP.
4.3 Exchange.
4.4 Debit Card service.
4.5 Forks / Airdrops.
4.6 Hot and Cold Wallets.
Competitive Analysis for SprintX & SwitchX
SprintX Coin
6.1 Smart Contract Specifications.
6.1.1 SprintX Funds Distribution.
6.1.2 SprintX Contribution Goal.
6.1.3 Investors Compensation.
Sale and Discounts.

The biggest difficulty for start-ups is getting the financing that they need to move forward the business
idea, as a consequence startups fail very often to advance from the development stage. Our vision is to
support small or big initiatives, with the purpose to promote the massive adoption of cryptocurrency that
will occur in the next years in which our users and customers will be the protagonists and key players.
We will support any business initiatives that comply with the requirements of lean startup
methodology that will help to filter the ICOs that generate most interest and support from the
user community.
We are proud to introduce ourselves as SprintX, an ICO Maker that will work together with
SwitchX as a multifunctional Exchange.

We introduce a new stage of support for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas,
that will open up the potential market for cryptocurrencies and its multiple functions.
The SprintX platform will have diverse features such as:
Accommodate the development of new ICOs.
Automatically incorporate the tokens of these ICOs to the SwitchX Exchange.
Actively participate in the launch and promotion of each ICO.
Platform for generating Smart Contracts.
Automatic development of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
Personalized advisory.
Availability of banking entities for conversion to FIAT.
Incorporation of a debit card automatically linked to your balance
in cryptocurrency.
Access to clients for the use of Hot and Cold Wallets.
Access to Digital Strategy.
Specialized advisors in diverse areas of the ICO.
p. 5

The Exchange concept gives a transcendental change with SwitchX.
will be the first Exchange oriented to adapt the blockchain functionalities. It will be able to
unite the virtual and real world bringing the blockchain technology closer to the business needs and
the new demands of cryptocurrency users. It’s about an advanced, safe, and democratic environment.
Some of the SwitchX characteristics are:
Debit Card Service
Assimilation to Airdrop
Adaptability to Forks
Hot and Cold Wallets
Welcome to the new reality in which we guarantee, through our platforms, access to the technology
for the great minds and visionaries who now have the opportunity to find initial funding in a way
never seen before.
p. 6

SprintX ICO Maker.
SprintX will become the first group of tools for a successful creation and execution of Smart Contracts.
We introduce a new stage of support for ventures and the development of new business ideas, that
will open the full potential for the cryptocurrency market and its various functionalities.
Status of ICOs and Start-Ups
Nowadays, one of the biggest difficulties for start-ups is funds accessibility, which prevents good
initiatives, methodologies and talented teams of people from ever reaching their true potential.
Adding to this, regulations for banks and organizations, we realize that start-ups are unable to move
forwards from their conceptual or developmental stages, in many cases due to not having the funds to
execute their projects.
ICOs have been successful and also captured the most forward-thinking and ambitious venture ideas
to date. This is all due to the relative ease that start-ups can get access to initial funding through
cryptocurrencies. The f...

Brief description of SprintX
(SprintX’s future for ICOs and Start-up).
SprintX will become the quality standard and reliability for launching ICOs, putting at the disposal of
any a series of technological tools with adaptability to the new Exchanges.
Part of our vision is to support small and big initiatives the same, based solely on the merit of their
proposals to promote the imminent mass adoption of cryptocurrencies that will occur in the next few
years and will give room to a new market paradigm on which our users and customers will be leaders
and key players in.
Our vision also includes the fact that 10% of Tokens generated by ICOs launched in SprintX will
be managed by the company and will generate a greater volume of transactions within our own
exchange to benefit
Token holders first and foremost.
This is the future in which we believe and invite people to be a part of. A future in which it is
guaranteed, through our own platform, access to technology for t...

SprintX is already in contact with various start-up accelerators in Europe to include the ICO launch
mechanisms between the possibilities of funding for their start-ups.
This is all with the purpose of attracting many start-ups that will see in these mechanisms a simpler
alternative, generally more effective and a lot less cumbersome way to access initial funding.
Upon these start-ups arrival and trusting in the functions of the Exchange, SwitchX users will get, in
relation to their stake on the Exchange, a 10% of tokens of shares of each start-up.
SprintX will apply the Lean Startup methodology criteria for the admission of start-ups and via the
DAO governance the ICO coins will be added to the SwitchX Exchange for better support after the ICO.
SprintX Management.
In order to give a correct management of the startup, the process would be as follows:
Evaluation of the Idea: each one of the ideas will be contemplated taking into
account aspects of innovation, acceptance in the market and analys...

Smart Contracts Generator.
SprintX will use a Smart Contract generator platform, that will use standard templates with the ability to
be personalized for a launch of ICOs that is simple and easy, for people or entities without knowledge of
programming or coding languages to create Smart Contracts from scratch.
The Smart Contract generator platform will support different functions and characteristics such as:
Standard and easy to personalize templates.
Ability to deploy Smart Contracts automatically without manual human intervention.
Ability to test the functions of the Smart Contract in a Sandbox-style simulation
prior to launching of an ICO.
Access to the software and templates for Smart Contracts will be free of charge and if the user decides
to apply it to the Ethereum blockchain a fee of 10% of the total tokens will be managed by the company
and added to the exchange increasing the overall volume of transactions to benefit SPTX Token holders,
and will include the review of the Smart...

SprintX Roadmap

August, 2017
Conceptual design of the SprintX idea. Start of software development of the beta version of SwitchX Exchange.
September, 2017
Start of the Whitepaper and development of graphic line.
October, 2017
Scheduling of financial projections.
November, 2017
Planning and development of the ICO.
December, 2017
Marketing Strategy. Contact with suppliers and advisors.
January 19, 2019
Launch of the ICO presentation page and subscription list. Launch of the official ICO website.
January 23, 2018
Smart contract regression tests and first software tests.
February 1, 2018
Completion of the smart contract. External audit.
March 1, 2018
Launch of the Exchange demo.
March 5, 2018
Pre-ICO. 40% of tokens.
March 19, 2018
Launch of the ICO (Round 1).
March 22, 2018
Launch of the ICO (Round 2).
April 2, 2018
Launch of the ICO (Round 3).
April 8, 2018
Completion of the ICO.
April 13, 2018
Smart contract generator.
May 4, 2018
Financial license
May 4, 2018
Functional smart contract generator.
May 21, 2018
First Exchange SwitchX version.
Brigham Santos
Brigham Santos CEO at SprintX

Adrián Gómez
Adrián Gómez PR Director

Fabiola León
Fabiola León Head of strategy

Carlos Carranza
Carlos Carranza Digital Marketing Specialist

Oscar Machado
Oscar Machado Information Specialist

Chelisa Acosta
Chelisa Acosta Social Media Manager

Roberto Aguirre
Roberto Aguirre Product Development Specialist

Eduardo Argueta
Eduardo Argueta Investigation Specialist

Eduardo Mejía
Eduardo Mejía Front End Developer

Fernando Martir
Fernando Martir UX/ UI designer

Xochilt Guardado
Xochilt Guardado Strategic Designer

Yagub Rahimov
Advisors Yagub Rahimov CEO/Co-founder - 7marketz Inc. Group.

Steve Good
Advisors Steve Good Digital Strategist | Cryptocurrency Expert & ICO Advisor | Founder - Coinvestors.io | Keynote Speaker (Microsoft).

Joaquín López Lérida
Advisors Joaquín López Lérida Development advisor | CEO at Kolokium.

Steve Good
Steve Good
Digital Strategist | Cryptocurrency Expert & ICO Advisor | Founder - Coinvestors.io | Keynote Speaker (Microsoft).
Digital Strategist Founder - Coinvestors.io
Strategic Advisor
Yagub Rahimov
Yagub Rahimov
CEO/Co-founder - 7marketz Inc. Group.
CEO and co-founder of the 7marketz Inc. group of companies
Chief Strategy Officer 7marketz Inc group, Founder & CEO NewsOgram AI
Blockchain, Media and ICO Advisor
CEO 7marketz Inc. Group
Eduardo Argueta
Eduardo Argueta
Investigation Specialist
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