Stan World
Stan World
Token: STAN

Create and Live in Realities With Like-Minded Friends

PreICO dates
Start date: 2019-09-25
End date: 2019-10-23

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-09-25
End date: 2019-11-14

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Utility


Stan World categories
Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency Entertainment Internet Media Platform Software Virtual Reality
Stan World token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 550,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 STAN = 0.1 USD
Minimal investment 100 USD
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO Pre-Sale Round 1: $0.10 USD, 15% Bonus, 2019/09/26-2019/10/03 Pre-Sale Round 2: $0.25 USD, 10% Bonus, 2019/10/03-2019/10/24 Round 1: $0.50 USD, 15% Bonus, 2019/10/24-2019/10/31 Round 2: $0.75 USD, 10% Bonus, 2019/10/31-2019/11/07 Round 3: $0.75 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/11/07-2019/11/14

Stan World: An online VR platform where popular stars & brands launch their Virtual Resorts.

Virtual Resort: A win-win for everyone
- Fans enjoy unique experiences in themed resorts of their favorite stars & brands (shopping mall, nightclub, concert hall, gallery, theme park, etc.)
- Stars & brands earn revenue generated through ads, goods, and services in the resorts (merch sales, event revenue, OOH ads, entrance fees, service fees, etc.)

Initial Resort Offering (IRO): Become a Virtual Resort owner with just one click! A limited sales event for buying ownership of the resort pre-launch (Q1 2020 launch)
- Resort ownership economy:
1. IRO:
- Stars & brands: sell partial ownership of their resorts to secure initial funding
- Investors: You can buy to become an owner and earn monthly returns
2. Secondary p2p auction market:
- Providing a chance for those who missed the IRO to buy
- Providing a chance for IRO investors to sell and make money
As the user base grows, revenue grows, along with your monthly returns!

Marketing power of Stars & Brands + Sufficient funds from Investors = Resort growth guaranteed
STAN coin - the key currency of Stan World - is powered by Ethereum to ensure that resort owners are compensated instantly, securely, and automatically.
- It is a utility token for:
1. Participating in the IRO
2. Distributing revenue to owners
3. Buying virtual goods & services in the resorts

1. Don’t speculate. Inside Stan World, 1 STAN = $1 always and will never change
2. Participate in the IRO and gain a 5-200% return per year.
3. Do not miss your chance of becoming an owner of a resort of 10,000,000 users. Participate in the IRO now, as more stars & brands, investors, and fans flourish!
4. 50:50 fair revenue-share model. Investors win, stars & brands also win.
5. Invest your STAN coins securely with confidence through blockchain technology.
6. The VR industry grew at a +10% rate reaching $30MM in 2019 and is estimated to grow 40x by 2021!
Do not miss your chance to participate in this rapidly growing industry

Get Stan Coins Today and your first-ever virtual resort!
The offer is limited so do not miss your chance. Own a resort, get paid.

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Stan World Roadmap

Q4 2019: MVP
STAN coin sale MVP (Android, iOS, Oculus) Partnership Event
Q1 2020: Brand building
Closed-beta IRO Launchpad MVP 2.0
Q2-Q3 2020: Social s + Monetization
Open-beta IRO Launchpad Stan World Alpha Ads 1.0 (select advertisers: manual)
Q4 2020 - Q2 2021: Audience development
Stan World Beta - partial blockchain Ads 2.0 (select advertisers: self-serve)
Q3 2021
Stan World 1.0 Launch
Aidan Kee Hoon Lee
Aidan Kee Hoon Lee Co-Founder & CEO

Max Woon
Max Woon Co-Founder & CTO

Peter Jung
Peter Jung Co-Founder & COO

Joon Kim
Joon Kim Developer

Joseph Park
Joseph Park Developer

Jin Yu
Jin Yu Business

David Ko
David Ko Business

Simon Lee
Simon Lee Finance

Kelly Cheng
Kelly Cheng Marketing

David Moon
Advisors David Moon Advisor

David Moon
David Moon
Co-founder / Developer
David Ko
David Ko
Professor of Economics Soongsil University
Simon Lee
Simon Lee
Kexcoin Founder and Visionary
Financial Controller