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A decentralized micro-task marketplace economy

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Start date: 2017-11-07
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Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum

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Tokens for sale 7,500,000,000
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StormX, Inc. (“
”) is rebranding its popular AdTech application “BitMaker” to “
,” and contemporaneously kicking off both the increased gamification of, and the
integration of blockchain technology to, the app. To introduce blockchain technology into
its technology stack, StormX is introducing the
STORM token
, an ERC20-compliant token
that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. “
Storm Makers
,” who post tasks in the Storm
Play app, are required to pay for posts in STORM tokens, and “
Storm Players
,” who are the
users of the app earn rewards, denominated in Bolts, for performing tasks. With the
introduction of Storm Play, Storm Players now have the option of monetizing their earned
Bolts in STORM tokens. Storm Players may then become Storm Makers by in turn using
STORM tokens to pay to post tasks on the platform.
The introduction of blockchain to the Storm Play app marks the first step in an evolution

Table of Contents
The Freelancer Marketplace
StormX Background
Gamification Design
Storm Player Types (6 Persona Types)
Storm Player Journeys
Introducing the Storm Market
Storm as Smart Tokens
Storm Market Launch
Future Development Plans: Storm Tasks
StormX Team
Team Overview
Key Team Members
Lead Advisors
CakeCodes Global SEZC, Inc.
Confidential 2017 | Patents-Pending
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Finding a steady flow of flexible opportunities to earn, not just to get by in life, but to
truly advance ourselves and our families is a global need.
In the current freelancer market, centralized industry leaders including Upwork, Fiverr &
Amazon, charge up to 40% in transaction fees. The current system has too many
middlemen making the global freelance market expensive and inefficient. In taking the first
step toward tackling this problem, StormX, Inc. (“
”) is rebranding its popular micro-
task application “BitMaker” to “
Storm Play
,” and contemporaneously kicking off the
integration of blockchain technology into the app with the introduction of “
.” Storm Play is the user portal into StormX’s existing micro-task marketplace, which
will be called “
Storm Market
” in the rebranded app. While currently Storm Market
primarily features promotional user engagement tasks, StormX’s vision is that there will

Blockchain is revolutionary
As demonstrated by the success and growth of Blockchain-based distributed computing
networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the future of the Internet involves decentralized,
efficient, inclusive, and global ecosystems. StormX believes that blockchain-based
marketplaces will be a critical foundation to global, digital ecosystems. The creation and
integration of STORM tokens into Storm Play reflect StormX’s vision to fully integrate
blockchain technology into Storm Market. At launch, Storm Market will remain a centralized
platform, but the StormX team is developing blockchain-based smart contracts that will
decentralize the process of creating and engaging in tasks in Storm Market, removing
inefficiencies, and enabling Storm Makers and Storm Players to engage directly with each
other in an open and transparent platform powered by STORM tokens.
Ultimately, the Storm Market will seek to enable ways to earn rewards and compensation
through gamified micro-tasks and oth...

Figure 1:
The traditional information worker paradigm is being disrupted by technology and automation.
Centralized platforms have established this as a strong market. Companies like Fiverr,
Taskrabbit, Upwork, and Mechanical Turk have their workforces distributed throughout the
world, but existing inefficiencies are financially hurting many of these freelancers. Today’s
platform participants are losing up to 40% of their wages in platform transaction fees,
long transaction periods, and they are not receiving the corresponding value in return. This
can create a toxic relationship between the task poster and task performer. Freelancers
want to earn more, and to keep more of what they actually do earn. Blockchain can
change these dynamics through the efficient listing of tasks and implementation of
rewards programs which can be monetized through conversion to STORM tokens.
For example, Mechanical Turk charges an additional 20% commission when requesters need more

StormX started by taking a different approach to the digital advertising marketplace and
creating an advertising marketplace that rewards the engagers of gamified advertisements
with cryptocurrency through the android mobile application, Storm Play. Storm Play works.
This unique approach to the advertising marketplace helped develop the idea behind a
much larger opportunity to extend this network of potential Storm Players into a
marketplace with more earning opportunities consisting of a wide variety of gamified
Through Storm Play, StormX has already grown a market with 250,000+ monthly active
Storm Players. As of August 21, 2017, Storm Market participants have access to:
Figure 2:
Storm Play’s highlight achievements.
CakeCodes Global SEZC, Inc.
Confidential 2017 | Patents-Pending
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Gamification principles are used throughout Storm Market.
Gamification is the process of adding games or game-like elements, such as a micro-task,
to encourage active participation. Gamification is the process of integrating game
mechanics in 'non-gaming' contexts
, such as websites, apps, and services, in order to
boost the user's motivation for participation, enhance the level of engagement and
increase user loyalty. It is an iterative process in which a gameful design framework is
deployed to foster the user's journey to mastery. People already have gamified services like
language learning courses (e.g. Duolingo and MindSpace). Games like Candy Crush, Clash
Royale and the Clash of Clans have already developed an array of effective gaming
The main goal of embedding a 'gamification' layer to the Storm Market platform is to make
it effective in reaching objectives for boosting and delivering business results, like ROE
(Return on Engagement). Storm Play can make monotonou...

This platform has vast kinds of Storm Maker treks. Different Storm Players earn Bolts
which may be redeemed for STORM tokens by doing different kinds of tasks. Each action-
loop and journey (described below in greater detail) corresponds to different kinds of
Storm Player types, to make them applicable to different kinds of real world people. Storm
Market uses gamified design to appeal to the following different types of users:
Figure 3:
6 types of Storm Players
Gamification mechanics focus on enabling Storm Players through “journeys,” which can
range from beginner level to mastery level. The mechanics focus on helping Storm Players
become advocates of the Storm Market platform. Currently, a Storm Player can progress
through the following phases with respect to the Storm Play application:
1. Discovery phase
2. Onboarding phase
3. Getting immersed [habit building] phase
4. Mastery phase and replay.
CakeCodes Global SEZC, Inc.
Confidential 2017 | Patents-Pending

Storm Roadmap

BitMaker released
A digital advertising application that uproots the traditional marketing methods by offering bitcoin in exchange for customer engagement.
February, 2017
BitTask feature released
Launched our first major release to allow users to opt-in to more multi-engagement level experiences.
August 1, 2017
Whitepaper released
Release official whitepaper for StorMarket and STORM Token.
August, 2017
Public QA session held
Hold a public Q&A and AMA on Reddit to provide the public with opportunity to learn more about the upcoming crowdsale.
August 15, 2017
STORM token crowdsale begins
August 15, 2017 13:00 UTC STORM Token becomes available for public purchase.
Q4, 2017
STORM tokens & BitMaker to be integrated
Enable STORM with BitMaker.
Q1, 2018
BitMaker for iOS to be launched
Launch BitMaker for iOS.
Q1, 2019
StorMarket mobile client to be launched
The first decentralized micro-task marketplace powered by STORM tokens.
Bill Shihara
Advisors Bill Shihara CEO & Founder, Bittrex

Jon Nolz
Advisors Jon Nolz President, Symmetry Consulting

Ivan Braiker
Advisors Ivan Braiker CEO TransBioTech

CK Wang
Advisors CK Wang CEO & Founder, Kooapps

Brett Noyes
Advisors Brett Noyes Blockchain Advisor

Simon Yu
Team Simon Yu CEO | Co-Founder

Calvin Hsieh
Team Calvin Hsieh CTO | Co-Founder

Arry Yu
Team Arry Yu COO

Sean Zhong
Team Sean Zhong Architect, VP of Engineering

Rui Maximo
Team Rui Maximo Blockchain, VP of Engineering

Esther Song
Team Esther Song Engineering

Felipe Augusto
Team Felipe Augusto Engineering

Sheila Herrera
Team Sheila Herrera Customer Success

Simon Yu
Simon Yu
CEO | Co-Founder
CEO at Storm
CEO and Co-Founder of Storm
CEO & Co-Founder at Storm
Bill Shihara
Bill Shihara
CEO & Founder, Bittrex