Token: T8EX

Cryptocurrency Digital Trading Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-28
End date:

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


T8EX categories
Business services
T8EX token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China
Hard cap 40,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 216,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 4,000 T8EX
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 6,000 T8EX
Acceppting ETH
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The presentation of this White Paper is solely for
information purposes and is not an offer to invest.
Parties interested in investing in T8 Exchange PtyLtd
(“T8EX”), (an Australian incorporated Private
Corporation) and the associated ICO, should well
consider the various risks before making any final
decision to invest in the ICO or pre-ICO.
The T8EX White Paper does not contain any advice
from T8 Exchange Pty Ltd as known here as “T8EX”
the directors, the investment manager, or any other
person affiliated with, or agent of T8EX, nor any
recommendation to a receiver, by means of having
participated in the ICO. The T8EX White Paper does
not identify, nor claim to identify all the risk factors
connected with T8EX.
All potential persons and or investors should make their
own independent evaluation of any intended investment
only after thoroughly reviewing and measuring the
merits and risks associated with participating in an ICO. <...

With the appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper in 2008, and further
evolving with Ethereum and many recent and proposed future protocols, it has
become clear that cryptocurrencies are in and of themselves a valuable tool which
can provide immense utility and also be fungible. The current marketplace
exchanges are accepting new Tokens and ICO’s from a subjective and self serving
perspective. T8EX and its partners will provide the tools necessary for any token
to achieve maximum circulation and maximum utility. In the last calendar year,
2017, the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies increased many, many
times over, with the future forecast projecting a sharp rate of growth for the
crypto-universe. T8EX mission is to evolve with the marketplace, steadily gain
market share and most importantly promote the hardware and banking tools which
will allow anyone across the globe to sell their crypto-assets and effectively
‘cash-out’ into local fiat currency.

The circulation, trade, barter and proactive promotion of tokens across all economic points of access will not be
available without a better designed infrastructure for creating, trading, and managing tokens.
Limitations of The Status Quo Token & Crypto Exchanges
The current token exchanges are simple extensions of
the already existing (and larger) token exchange or
trading platform as a secondary market. These
exchanges are specifically designed with high volume
and high value exchanges in mind. As such, they have
an extremely limited scope and make it more difficult
to add new tokens to these inherently limited
exchanges. Current exchanges perceive a listing as
Dangers in Decentralized Exchanges
similar to a new stock listing. The current process for
the listing of a new token is very time consuming and
often quite expensive. Furthermore, current exchanges
make money from transaction fees and listing fees;
therefore, these exchanges have a major i...

peeve, when dealing with crypto exchanges, it would
exchanges in order to find the best product. This
almost certainly be that the vast majority would
series of events has undoubtedly already happened
first-and-foremost mention the lack of support and
to countless crypto enthusiasts. For the traders, this
very slow feedback when troubleshooting or
is a major inconvenience as they are now obligated to
problem-solving. Language barriers also hinder
manage dozens of accounts. The lesson to be learned
communication efforts between parties. Crypto traders here is that the exchanges which manage clients with
frustrated by the sub-par Customer Service of a
efficacy, and solely prioritize the objective of pleasing
particular exchange then logically vote with their feet
the clients, will win-out at the end of the day.
and open numerous accounts with dozens of
2. The T8EX Crypto-To-Crypto Exchange Ecosystem
The T8EX Crypto-to-Crypto Digital Exchange is
seeking to ...

Regions such as Africa, Asia & The Middle East are, in capture significant market share in these parts of the
fact, the optimal locations for T8EX to be rolled out.
world via strategic partnerships, and by taking
Current market conditions indicate a massive penetration advantage of the youthful populations which are
rate for ‘smart phones’, as well as a growing middle
tech-savvy and very fast (and loyal) adopters of
class, mobility, infrastructure and modern real estate
technology and related tools which empower and help
developments. The T8EX Ecosystem is poised to
these key demographics grow further.
T8EX’s Commitment to Strategic Human Resources & Customer Support
Even with the mass advancement in technology and
limmense value and transparency for investors to
Artificial Intelligence (AI), nothing in existence yet can further put trust into T8EX. The T8EX Core Team is
compete with a highly competent team of knowledgeable conscious of the game-changing results which ...

or Private Sale will seek to divest their Tokens in an
efficient and timely manner. T8EX has already secured
dozens upon dozens of commitments from successful
ICOs, including: AMM, NGC, T8C, among others, all
wishing to host their Tokens on the T8EX. T8EX is
confident that several hundred additional tokens will
soon be hosted on T8EX within just a few short
months, quarters and within the next few years.
We believe that T8EX benefits from the Crowd-funding
Format which we see has been so widely adopted by
Start-Ups and related parties.
T8EX, Some Final Noted Distinguishing Traits & Aspects
T8EX initially holds onto the tokens of the users. The
integrity of the T8EX Operator is enforced/ensured by
a smart contract. T8EX will provide anti-DDOS
protection. T8EX will provide backup channels targeting
i) T8EX Near Instant Trading
T8EX servers are strategically places across the globe,
and not concentrated. T8EX employs independent aud...

business driver for any company that has already issued
a Token, the Point-Of-Sale (POS) Unit is a great asset
to maximize the amount of locations from which a
can be bought, sold, or gifted as a form of marketing
and promotion.
T8EX seeks to ultimately remove the need to always
hold onto extra cards; and this objective matches quite
well with the world’s up-and-coming youth
demographic. It is understood that nearly two billion
adults around the world are un-banked. Those working
in banking and finance must take it upon themselves to
deliver basic banking services to nearly 20% of the
world’s population.
T8EX Hardware Tool #2
T8EX’s Proprietary Near-Field-Communication (NFC) Card & Hard Wallet
The Core Team for T8EX has, in aggregate, spent
several decades closely monitoring and studying the
patents which empower NFC Cards. Although nearly
ubiquitous today, in the form of metro, bus and subway
cards, the NFC Card is now ready ...

said token’s ICO.
T8EX Transaction Fees
Within T8EX, T8EX Token is intended to replace BTC,
ETH or similar tokens as a form of paying for a
transaction fee or commission. Similarly, the T8EX
Token can be applied as a form of bid or an offer to
execute an order or trade on the T8EX Platform. This
utility is consistent with the T8EX Mission Statement
which is to build The World’s First Digital Clearance &
Settlement Solution & Platform for Utility Tokens and
Dynamic Evolving Tokens. Ideally, the majority of nearly
all the transactions taking place on T8EX will require
some form of T8EX Token to serve as a fee in order
to place orders onT8EX.
T8EX Token Utility Beyond the T8EX
The T8EX Token will leverage off its network of
connections for promotion on a significant number of
POS Machines, across the globe. Similarly, T8EX as an
entity can sell space and ‘digital real estate’ on the
POS Machine or the NFC Hardware Wallet Card with
William Tien
William Tien CEO/Founder

Victor Chow
Victor Chow Chief Operations Officer

Evgeniy Luchinin
Evgeniy Luchinin Chief Technology Officer

Evgeniy Luchinin
Evgeniy Luchinin
Chief Technology Officer
Victor Chow
Victor Chow
Chief Operations Officer
CEO, M&A Advisor, Venture Capital leader, Entrepreneur, NAGA & ICO Advisor, Partner in Blockchain Financial Services Innovation
Co-Founder & COO
ICO Business Adviser
IDACB Advisroy Board Member Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China
Business developer and advisor
William Tien
William Tien
Founder & CEO