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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-01
End date: 2018-05-15

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Cryptocurrency Tourism
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA
Tokens for sale 80,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 TXC = 1 USD
Minimal investment 100 TXC
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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The Story
Patented Solution
The TaxiCash™ Revolution
Introducing TaxiCash™
The Taxi Industry
Digital Payment Alternatives
The TaxiCash™ Blockchain Innovation
Unique TaxiCash™ Tokens
The Driverless Future
Travel Data Collection Analysis
TaxiCash™ Credentials
An Extraordinary Opportunity
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Greater Development Road Map
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The Story
The Story
With the tremendous increase in
world population, the daily travel
needs of users are increasing
exponentially. Ground, air and public
transport are all seeing exceptional
growth. The worldwide taxi industry,
a major ground transport avenue,
is conservatively estimated to be
worth US$130 billion as at 2016
and growing at 5-6% annually.
We have served passengers and
drivers in Taxi / Hire car / Limousine
industry for more than 5 years and
have realised the excessive costs
charged by credit card companies and
the bank for processing the payments.
The charge to the customers
and the service providers are
of the order of 13-15%.
We have been looking for ways
to eliminate or reduce this 13-
15% excessive cost and have
concluded that the Blockchain
technology utilising the peer to
peer decentralised system would
be the way to go. This will eliminate
the cre...

Patented Solution
Patented Solution
Industry specific
The innovative TaxiCash™ system addresses
blockchain deficiencies in other virtual currencies.
It’s specifically designed for the taxi and transport
industry to solve the problems of micropayments,
rapid settlement and fraud – as well as being
ready for an automated, driverless future. The
technology behind TaxiCash™ is subject to a
provisional patent application with IP Australia.
6 –
Patented Solution
The unique TaxiCash™ payment
solution system and the
driverless car GPS technology
integration with Blockchain
solution has been submitted
for Patent protection with IP
Australiaassociated platform has
been submitted to IP Australia.
Patent development is based on many years of industry
experience and a firm understanding of blockchain
technology and it’s capabilities.The TaxiCash patent covers
the industry specific, tailor made...

The TaxiCash
™ revolution
The TaxiCash™ revolution
TaxiCash™ is a new, patent pending
blockchain-based payment solution for the
taxi industry, eliminating the inefficiencies
of the current system with cashless, digital
technology. It will revolutionise payment
processing in the taxi and limousine
sector and other allied industries.
Passengers, drivers and service providers
will experience greater security, lower
fees and real-time verified transactions,
eliminating fraud and loss. There will be
no third parties charging exorbitant fees
or on-selling customer information.
The taxi and hire car industry worldwide
will benefit from cost savings of
the order of 13% and have greater
potential for increased market share and
competition against ride-sharing.
8 –
The TaxiCash
™ revolution

The US$130 billion taxi /
limousine industry payment
system is...

The TaxiCash
™ revolution
The TaxiCash™ ICO will raise
enough funding to make the
product viable and essential,
providing generous bonuses
for early participants.
Developed by the industry
Advantages for early adopters
TaxiCash™ is being developed by
Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd, a leading
taxi / hire car industry player and an
Australian registered resident company.
Ready for a driverless future
The TaxiCash™ platform will further
be developed for driverless car /
taxi applications by integration into
automated taximeters, where fares will
be settled without human interference.
Early adopters will have an
overwhelming advantage as demand for
limited tokens grows. A surge in the use
of TaxiCash™ is expected to increase the
value of TaxiCash™ tokens significantly.
Roadmapped for success
Funds raised from the TaxiCash™
ICO will be used to integrate
blockchain technology with mobile

Introducing TaxiCash™
12 –
Introducing TaxiCash™
TaxiCash™ provides the latest digital
technology advantages to taxi industry
payments. Transactions are conducted
seamlessly from peer to peer, with no
opportunity for fraud or theft.
Introducing TaxiCash™
Identifying the problem
Many industries dependent on traditional
bank transaction processing face inefficiencies
and high costs. One sector that has suffered
particularly is the taxi industry. Globally, this
industry is worth an estimated US$130 billion,
growing at 5–6% annually. Taxis run their
transactions primarily by cash, as well as credit
and debit cards with high transaction fees.
Peer-to-peer solutions
However, industries today have access to
better alternatives, thanks to the advent of
cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
The beauty of blockchain technology is the
absence of middlemen or third-party agents
like banks and...

What is TaxiCash™
What is TaxiCash™
The TaxiCash™ solution
Unlimited industry potential
The new TaxiCash™ cryptocurrency aims to
provide these advantages to taxi industry
payments. Transactions will be conducted
seamlessly from peer to peer, with no room for
fraud or theft like in other systems. TaxiCash™
is digital, intangible and doesn’t involve cash
and bank charges. Because it’s instant, waiting
for funds to clear or experiencing credit and
card debit card fees are a thing of the past.
The future of TaxiCash™ in transaction
payments is loaded with potential because
of the inherent advantages to this industry:
• Convenient for travellers and
vacationers worldwide

Significant cost reductions
of the order of 13%

No foreign transaction fees
• No currency exchange losses

Extremely rapid settlement
eliminates delayed fraud

Efficient and secure anywher...

The Taxi Industry
The Taxi Industry
The taxi and limousine
industry payment system
is inefficient, outdated and
ready for a disruptive and
out-of-the-box solution.
16 –
The Taxi Industry
Size and challenges
Digital, cashless shake-up
The worldwide taxi, limousine and hire
car market is conservatively estimated
at US$130 billion per year in 2016, and
growing at an exceptional 5–6%.
• Japan


• Australia

Rest of the world
$25–30 billion
$19–22 billion
$14–18 billion
$6–8 billion
$40–50 billion
Excessive transaction costs
An estimated 30% or more of this market is
transacted via credit or debit card payments
with an average charge of 5–10% per customer
(included in the price). That is, transaction
costs alone are estimated at US$6.5–13 billion
annually. Drivers and service providers also

TaxiCash Roadmap

End July 2018
Hire Car.
B Version release.
End Dec 2018
Jan 2019- Sep 2019
Driverless Cars.
GPS / Blockchain.
tech integrati on.
Oct 2019- June 2020
Bus/Train Applicati on.
Oct 2019- June 2020
Ships / Ferries.
July 2020- July 2021
Travel Industry.
Steve Somaskanthan
Steve Somaskanthan CEO & Managing Director, Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd

Anirvan (Bobby) Mahalanabis
Anirvan (Bobby) Mahalanabis Technical Director, Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd

Stamati (Stan) Palantinis
Stamati (Stan) Palantinis Operations Director, Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd

John Fear
John Fear Management Consultant

Vange Siranos
Vange Siranos Business / Product Advisor ASTA

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown Solutions Architect - Blockchain ASTA

Bill Angelidis
Bill Angelidis Managing Director & CEO ASTA

Sukalyan Debsingha
Sukalyan Debsingha IT Team Leader – Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd

Paul Kariotis
Advisors Paul Kariotis Industry Advisor and Liaison support

Steve Davey
Advisors Steve Davey Legal Advisor Stellar IP Law, Advisor Patent law and trademarks

Sri Darren
Advisors Sri Darren Director, Aran Ramsi Associates Corporate accountants and commercial advisor

Adam Flynn
Advisors Adam Flynn Marketi ng Advisor

Bill Angelidis
Bill Angelidis
Managing Director & CEO ASTA
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown
Solutions Architect - Blockchain ASTA