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Supply Chain Management Powered byBitcoin Network, RSK

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Start date: 2018-08-01
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Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Separate blockchain
Type: ERC20


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Business services Platform Smart Contract Software
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,USA
Hard cap 19M
Tokens for sale 3000000000
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Price 1 TEMCO = 0.006333 USD
Acceppting BTC,ETH
In existing supply-chain information systems, information is isolated, thereby creating consumer doubt about a manufacturer’s product quality, authenticity and reliability. TEMCO connects producers and consumers by consolidating disconnected sources of product information history together. Accessible through TEMCO’s proprietary business intelligence too, companies and consumers gain new insights on products they are keen on purchasing. 
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Problems Inherent in Existing Supply Chain Management System
TEMCO’s Proposal for an Integrated Supply Blockchain
TEMCO’s Supply Chain Management Solution
- TEMCO’s Technical Structure
- TEMCO’s Operating System Layer Diagram
TEMCO’s Information Security
- TEMCO’s Operating Cycle
- TEMCO’s Business Model
- TEMCO’s Token Model
- Contribution Level Evaluation Algorithm
Proposed Token Distribution
Proposed Roadmap
Risks and Disclaimers

Supply Chain Management Reimagined
With multiple outbreaks of health hazards in food products such as the toxic
insecticides found in eggs occurring in Europe, South Korea and other coun-
tries in 2017, consumers are faced with rising fears in relation to supply chain
However, existing supply chain management systems appear to be failing to
address such concerns because they do not seem to provide for monitoring
of pre-delivery stages along the supply chain. Therefore, even if a problem
arises, it is difficult to understand at which stage the problem occurred, and
to how manage the problem. There is a growing tendency for consumers to
demand transparency in how a business deals with its supply chain process.
TEMCO is envisioned as a public supply chain blockchain system that aims to
utilize Smart Contracts to overcome the limitations of existing supply chain
management systems. In the existing system, the information of each distri-
bution participant withi...

Supply Chain Management Reimagined
The 2017 pesticide-contaminated egg crisis was one which directly revealed
the flaws of existing supply chain management systems. By failing to locate
and keep track of records regarding the contaminated eggs, the government
and businesses involved could do little to identify and stem the problem,
leading consumer fear levels to rise drastically.
The only clue that could help trace the origin of the contaminated eggs
was the “eggshell code” printed on the eggs for records management. But
because every manufacturer has different ways of printing these codes, and
several variations of codes are used even within the same farm, the manage-
ment system was haphazard and lacking standards and regulations, ultimate-
ly leading to failure to quickly contain and manage the crisis effectively. The
government repeatedly misreported eggshell codes from substandard farms
and had to make corrections daily. According to a representative of the gov-...

Supply Chain Management Reimagined
Through TEMCO, consumers will be able to choose products that have passed
through reliable supply chain management standards. Businesses will be
able to increase efficiency by streamlining supply chain process and structure
using the TEMCO platform. They may also increase profitability by optimizing
product sales strategy using supply chain information within the blockchain.
The cost of introducing such infrastructure for SMEs can also be drastically
reduced. In the past, it took several million dollars to develop supply chain
management infrastructure for SMEs. The TEMCO platform, however, seeks
to connects every participant under a single platform that offers big data
analytics without the need for a large initial investment or additional sub-
scription fees, as the only cost is for execution of Smart Contracts within the
There is also an advantage in strengthening the product safety mechanism.
In the existing system,...

Supply Chain Management Reimagined
Inherent in
Supply Chain
Disconnection of Information
due to Lack of Supply Chain ICT Infrastructure
We have observed that consumer expectation levels for product distribution
management are rising alongside the increase in national income levels. How-
ever, many of the current supply chain management systems lack infrastruc-
ture investment, so there appears to be no unified system that connects the
manufacturer to the end consumer. As a result, consumers’ confidence in prod-
uct distribution is very low.
Some large corporations are developing their own systems to manage sourcing,
logistics, and distribution of goods. However, the system is usually tailor-made
for individual companies, which means their versatility and transferability is low.
On the other hand, small-scale logistics/distribution companies may lack the in-
vestment capability to develop their own supply chain ma...

Proposal for
an Integrated
Supply Chain Management Reimagined
Data-Centric Smart Supply Chain Solutions
TEMCO started with the idea, “How can products be distributed and de-
livered to consumers in a reliable way?”
As previously mentioned, existing supply chain management systems do
not satisfy consumers who demand reliability, mainly due to the fact that
consumers do not have direct access to reliable information, instead re-
ceiving information verified by a third party only indirectly.
The TEMCO project aims to ensure that accurate supply chain informa-
tion is contained within a blockchain when a product is transferred via
Smart Contract. This connects manufacturers, warehouses, transport
companies, distributors, and end consumers, enabling supply chain in-
formation to be shared in real time.
As a data and information-based supply chain solution, the TEMCO proj-
ect seeks to achieve

high connec...

Proposal for
an Integrated
Supply Chain Management Reimagined
High Connectivity Between Users
TEMCO will store the prod-
uct’s supply chain information from the manufacturer to the end
consumer through smart tagging technology such as QR codes
through a blockchain protocol. This creates a new type of distribution eco-
system where all participants will be able to access the TEMCO platform any-
time, anywhere. Manufacturers, warehouses, transport companies, distribu-
tors, and consumers will be connected on a single platform, and supply chain
information, which was previously disconnected and difficult to identify, will
be bundled together and shared by all participants.
Reliability of Supply Chain Information
It is anticipated that all
participants in the supply chain ecosystem except the end consum-
er will go through a vendor verification program implemented by
the TEMCO project and follow the correct transpor...

Proposal for
an Integrated
Supply Chain Management Reimagined
Transparency and Stability of Supply Chain Information
Supply Chain information stored on blockchain-based peer-
to-peer (P2P) networks is fully distributed and shared among
users and verified through unspecified nodes in the system.
Smart Contract based supply chain information is unmodifiable and recreat-
ed in the form of transparent information that can be verified by anyone in
the decentralized system.
It is planned that information generated within the TEMCO platform will be
stored on a decentralized server. Since a specific key value in a blockchain can
be backed up at any time, there is little possibility that an existing transaction
can be altered by a malicious third party when a dispute occurs. Based on
these features, TEMCO aims to transparently provide complete information
to all consumers and vendors using the platform.
High Efficiency

TEMCO Roadmap

May, 2018
Launch website;
Release whitepaper.
June, 2018
Release prototype;
Develop advisory board.
Aug, 2018
Start private sale.
Oct, 2018
Start whitelisting.
Nov, 2018
Start public sale (TBD).
Dec, 2018
Develop decentralized RSK based supply chain network.
1Q 2019
Develop BI tool, ERP, and consumer application;
Develop a business model for luxury goods industry.
2Q, 2019
Develop IoT on TEMCO supply chain platform.
3Q, 2019
Launch beta BI tool.
4Q, 2019
Launch beta consumer application;
Launch TEMCO verified API service.
1Q, 2020
Launch beta luxury goods market on TEMCO platform.
2Q, 2020
Launch luxury goods market on TEMCO platform;
Launch BI tool;
Launch beta ERP.
3Q, 2020
Launch ERP and consumer application.
4Q, 2020
Launch partner’s mall and point mall;
Launch TEMCO data service.
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