Token: ORO

Fund Management & Investment

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-22
End date: 2018-05-20

Registrated in: United Arab Emirates

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Tesoro categories
Tesoro token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 65,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ORO = 0.35 USD
Price in PreICO 1 ORO = 0.20 USD
Minimal investment 0.50 ETH
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO > 10 ETH - 5% > 20 ETH - 12 % > 40 ETH - 25 %
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12-Legal disclaimer
About Tesoro Fund Managment
The Team around Tesoro consists of experienced trader,
who have long experience in the fields of forex and crypt
ocurrencies and already prove their worth.
Tesoro will launch a token called ORO Through ERC20
A name which all the people can trust , because ORO me
ans Gold and Gold is they way for the wealth.

Oro will be tokinized cryptocurrency index fund of the to
p 20 currencies .
Tesoro Team concept is to maximize the profit and minim
ize the risk.
Benefit Of investing :
First of all lets write about the major market problems wit
h the new traders or beginners :
90 % of the new traders who invest in the market are losi
ng money because of lack of experience .
Some of the people wants to invest but they dont have t
ime to collect the data and information about the crypto
High capital needed to start trading which will be high ris
k to the new born trader.
High fees paid for financial advisors.

Most of the investors do not have time to analyse the ma
Tesoro Fund Managment is the solution
Oro token will be invested by three profitable strategies .
By holding oro token that’s mean you are investing in ma
ny projects with different strategies to secure the funds.
Tesoro management will be responsible in the trading an
d mimimizing the risk and distrbuting the company mone
y into diffetent sectors to maximaize the profit of the tok
en holderO token holder will recieve 60 % profit monthly
in term of ETH.
How will be the monthly Profit Recieved :
ORO Token Holder will recieve profit By ETH and it will b
e send to the token holder address.
Payment will be every 15 of the new month.

Pre ICO :
We are issuing 10 million ORO Token of which is 10% of t
he sale.
The Pre ICO is scheduled to run from the 22 of March 20
18 to 21 of April 2018, at a price of 0,20 $ each.
Pre-ICO funds will go into marketing the main ICO.
Minimum investment - 0.50 ETH = 1375 ORO token as th
e price of 1 ETH 550 $ on 19/3/2018
Maximum investment - 50 ETH = 13,750 ORO token as th
e price of 1 ETH 550 $ on 19/3/2018

Road Map :
Feb 2018

Building website and social media

omplete white paper Marketing for ico.


Mar 2018

introducing the ICO.


April 2018

Creating investemnt portfolio

t of investement Listing in the exchange.
Aug 2018

Obtaining licsence and opening hea
d quarter office


Sep 2018

Tesoro coin will increase in price bec
ause of the profit which be will given


Oct 2018

introduction of an application that wi
ll make sure the investor can track their token price and a
ll the related news

Tesoro investement fund will have a diversified portfolio
which will minimize the risk and maximize the return to th
e token holder. The diversified portfolio will have the top
20 crypto that are circulating in the market and the top c
Tesoro mission:
our mission is to have a one token that have many functi
on in the investment circumference.
Tesoro investemnt fund (ORO) will allow token holders to
make stable profits even if they lack the know how and e

xperience. Tesoro investement fund (ORO) is has an expe
rienced team that are there to ensure a return.
Legal risk notation
This presentation material contains contents related to cr
ypto currency and blockchain technology, that legal treat
ment has not been decided currently, or is different in ea
ch country. tesoro is considering the specifications of serv
ices with blockchain fintech experienced multiple lawyers
from the legal aspect, and as a result, the whitepaper con
tents may change in the future.

Legal Disclaimer :
This whitepaper is for information purposes only and ma
y be subject to change.
Tesoro cannot guarantee the accuracy of the statements
made or conclusions reached in this whitepaper. Tesoro
does not make and expressly disclaims all representation
s and warranties (whether express or implied by statute o
r otherwise) whatsoever, including but not limited to: - an
y representations or warranties relating to merchantabilit
y, fitness for a particular purpose, description, suitability o
r non- infringement; - that the contents of this document
are accurate and free from any errors; and - that such co
ntents do not infringe any third party rights.
Tesoro shall have no liability for damages of any kind aris
ing out of the use, reference to or reliance on the conten
ts of this whitepaper. This whitepaper may contain refere

Tesoro Roadmap

Feb 2018
Building website and social media.Complete white paper Marketing for ico.
Mar 2018
introducing the ICO.
April 2018
Creating investemnt portfolio. Start of investement Listing in the exchange.
Aug 2018
Obtaining licsence and opening head quarter office.
Sep 2018
Tesoro coin will increase in price because of the profit which be will given.
Oct 2018
introduction of an application that will make sure the investor can track their token price and all the related news.
Jaber Mohamed
Jaber Mohamed Fund Manager