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The Digital Asset Commodity

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-01
End date:

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Hard cap 6330
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. Introduction
I. The first ever crypto-financial hybrid
II. The Tiberius Coin basket of metals
III. Technology metals: the most profitable step in value chain
2. The Tiberius Coin solution
I. The problem with cryptocurrency marketsII. Technology Metals
3. Benefits of the Tiberius Coin
I. More “stable”
II. More “secure”
III. Who uses the Tiberius Coin
IV. Inflation protection and warehouse fees
4. Mechanics and pricing
I. What supports the security and integrity of the t-coin network?
II. What is the importance of the “intrinsic value”? What is a “price floor”?
5. Understanding the market price
I. The price floor mechanics
II. An example of cancellation, from the perspective of the consumer
III. Warehouse Fees
6. Who is Tiberius
I. Tiberius Coin in a nutshell
7. Cost Structure
8. Legal Overview
9. Contractual situation related to the Tiberius Coin
I. Purchase Agreement
II. Cus...

10. Exit scenarios
I. Investor
II. Tiberius Crypto Limited
III. Financial market regulatory considerations
11. Partnerships
I. Zilliqa and warehouse fees
II. Lykke and exchanges
III. Different warehouse fee models which could be used 12 months post ICO
12. Legal Structure of the Tiberius Coin

I. The first ever crypto-financial hybrid
Human prosperity in its very essence is derived from technology’s ability to create value. Over
US$ 32 trillion of new economic growth will be unleashed by technologies such as advanced
robotics and AI (+US$ 11tn), IoT and cloud technology (+US$ 12tn), and autonomous electric
vehicles (+US$ 4.5tn). Look to the future and you see that growth and technology are intertwined
and yet unstoppable. Everyday devices are becoming “smarter”, technology is becoming more
integrated and wearable, and it’s all made of metal. Take the first step in profiting as metal
markets are unlocked to the retail investor through the power of the blockchain.
The Tiberius Coin is metal. It sits at the intersection of cryptocurrencies and traditionally
financial markets, pioneering the realm of commodities-backed tokens. The Tiberius Coin
provides direct ownership of metal which is held in custody on behalf of the token holder.

We only mint tokens after the metal has been independently audited, so you know that it
corresponds to existing material and thus the token price can never hit zero. The Tiberius Coin
has all the upside of technology markets, but none of the downside of bitcoin.
This composition has been specified to optimise the risk profile, volatility, and storage costs of
the underlying basket. We firmly believe this basket to be one which outperforms over the
medium term, as the implementation of new technologies such as robotics, drones, and
wearable technology becomes more prevalent. Investors in cryptocurrencies are by their very
nature forward looking, and we see the technology metals growth story as being a key driver.
In terms of the Electric Vehicle/EV play, we have already seen a great appreciation of key
battery metals (notably cobalt) and much of the future growth projections for other base metals
(notably nickel and aluminium) incorporate a view which sees much more demand stemming
from Tech...

I. The problem with cryptocurrency markets
Cryptocurrencies may have no intrinsic value – so asset backed coins make sense – but the main
problem is that they’re just too volatile and highly correlated. It doesn’t matter how many
cryptocurrency you own, when prices fall it’s like you hold just one. The reason for the correlation
and volatility is that there is simply not enough crypto-to-fiat liquidity when prices drop. You can
trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other cryptocurrencies against only a handful of fiat currencies.
Trying to sell is like being in a panicked crowd and everyone is pushing to exit through the same
However, when you exchange the Tiberius Coin for dollars you are really going through the
metal markets as a hidden middle step. Metal markets are large enough and liquid enough to
soak up any volatility in cryptocurrency markets, providing a stable price floor but still capturing

III. Who uses the Tiberius Coin
The T-Coin provides exposure to the cryptocurrency market but is designed to have a price
floor which means it can never, and will never, go to zero or be exposed to the same risks as
traditional cryptocurrencies.
Correlation protection when cryptocurrency markets crash
There is a huge bottleneck between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR). Only
a few cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat, driving huge price drops when these few
crypto-to-fiat liquidity channels become distressed.
General cryptocurrency market hedge
The T-Coin is not only more stable in price, but it solves the biggest problem in the crypto
market, namely crypto-to-fiat liquidity. The T-Coin is not only easily exchangeable for
commodities, but the commodities themselves are uncorrelated to cryptocurrency markets.
Cryptocurrency market participation
We are in the midst of the legitimisation of cryptocurrencies as an asset class, which mean...

Consumers of metal
T-Coin offers value for metal traders and corporates alike. For example, treasury departments of
large automotive companies traditionally sit on a lot of cash yet continually consume metal.
IV. Inflation protection and warehouse fees
Metals are traditionally known as inflation hedges. The value of a metal can simplistically be
thought of as the cost of production. Naturally, wages and machinery become more expensive
over time, increasing the costs of production, per definition, along with inflation. If you hold a
$100 note it will still have the same number printed on it after a year regardless of inflationary
pressures. After one year, your $100 may only be worth $98 in real terms.
Metal prices increase over time, which covers the cost of the network of independent
warehousing companies and auditors that help maintain the integrity of the Tiberius Coin.
Warehousing costs are paid for through blockchain fees, but are less than the long term 2%
inflation rate in ...

I. What supports the security and integrity of the T-coin network?
Digital assets
The blockchain decentralises the “risk-of-theft” of a token (digital asset), reducing the need for
a trusted third-party. The utility of the blockchain can be thought of as a decentralised auditing
solution for digital assets.
Physical assets
Use of the London Metals Exchange (LME) and other service providers decentralises the
“risk-of-theft” of the physical metal (physical asset), because the collateralised asset is audited
by independent parties and stored across multiple warehousing companies in >600 locations
globally (i.e. decentralised). Integrity and security is paramount at Tiberius, as Tiberius Asset
Management – part of the Tiberius group of companies – is regulated by FINMA (Switzerland).
Decentralised physical asset auditing is ensured as the task is outsourced to multiple,
independent, and competing warehousing companies such that game-theory an...

Tiberius Roadmap

Q1 2012
Tiberius Mining.
Q2 2016
Tiberius ComTech.
Q1 2017
Select the top 7 metals to make a future-proof, diverse Tech Metal Basket.
Q2 2017
Assemble core team and advisors;
Investigation into blockchain technology;
Write and validate White Paper.
Q1 2018
Release proof of concept for Basket of Metals Announcement of project & publishing of White Paper Launch Public website.
Q2 2018
Design architecture for Tiberius coin;
Release updated website;
Release process for Tiberius coin conversion to metals;
Begin marketing campaign Ongoing.
Q4 2018
October 1: ICO Starts;
October 21: ICO Ends;
November 1: Listed on Exchanges;
Tiberius coin web-app launched;
Tiberius coin iOS App launched;
Tiberius coin Android App launched;
Tiberius coin conversion functionality live.
Q4 2018
Issue tokens to accounts.

Q1 2019
Update product based on user feedback;
Enable more granular storage fee drawdowns opposed to a single yearly fee to increase the value of Tiberius coins.
Q2 2019
Release B2B product for more efficient settlement of metal securities.
Q1 2020
Tiberius Coin - global currency.
Philip R. Zimmermann
Philip R. Zimmermann Chief Scientist and Security Officer

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