Token: TIG

Send crypto to friends and family

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-12-08
End date: 2017-12-18

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Cryptocurrency Software
Tigereum token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 12000000 USD
Tokens for sale 40,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 1000 TIG
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO
First 12 hours 33%
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Everyone will be
sending money by
instant message
within 2 years
No-one can
send crypto by
instant message
We will develop
an AI chatbot
to send crypto by
instant message
Welcome to Tigereum 4
Overview 4
The Problem 4
The Solution 4
Messaging with Crypto 5
Tigereum’s AI Chatbot 6
How the AI Chatbot Will Work
Tigereum Prototype 8
Industry Background 9
Cryptocurrencies 9
Online Landscape 10
International Remitters 12
Digital Wallet vs Instant Message
Competitor Analysis 15
Disruption 17
Tigereum Tokens 18
Cryptocurrency for Instant Messages
Initial Tokens 18
Listing of Tigereum Tokens 18
Revenue Model 18
Value Proposition 19
Messaging Tigereum Tokens 19

Welcome to Tigereum
Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money
by instant message. Social media companies are working
around the clock on this paradigm shift. Crypto is being left
behind on these smaller social payments. Sending crypto
from digital wallets is difficult for small amounts. Enter the
Tiger. Tigereum will enable everyone to securely and easily
send small amounts of crypto to friends and family by
instant message.
The Problem
A revolution is occurring in the way we send money.
Social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype
are investing in solutions to send money by instant
message. Crypto should be at the forefront of this new
wave but instead it is lagging behind. Digital wallets will
not be able to compete with instant messaging for smaller
money transfers.
The Solution
Tigereum will develop an AI chatbot to enable the crypto
community to securely and easily send small amounts of
crypto to fri...

Tigereum’s AI Chatbot
Tigereum will not only enable crypto to be messaged, it will
also provide the crypto community with the best customer
experience for sending crypto. Tigereum will deliver
conversation-style messaging of crypto using the newest AI
tools available for chatbots.
Tigereum won’t ask you to clunk through your digital wallet to
send crypto or fill out web forms, or take QR scans or paste long
crypto addresses.
Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution will enable crypto holders to
securely message crypto:
• anonymously, or with disclosed identities
• on any device - mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop - on the go,
in the office, at home, in an airport lounge, or on the beach
• within the instant message platforms you use to
communicate with your friends
• without passwords, usernames, QR scans, new software or
new apps
• fully secured by encrypted identity tokens
• using any cryptocurrency
• across borders
• in y...

Tigereum Prototype
Tigereum has built a prototype AI chatbot for securely sending
money on the Facebook Messenger instant messaging
platform, and has performed a series of early tests. These
have helped identify the chatbot’s scalability and garnered
important customer feedback. Tigereum is ready to commence
a full live pilot and to integrate crypto into the chatbot.
Industry Background
Readers of this Whitepaper are familiar with the background of
cryptocurrencies. A summary is provided here:
• Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies which
operate outside normal central banking.
• Bitcoin was the first major cryptocurrency, commencing in
2009 after a paper was released under the name Satoshi
Nakamoto. There are close to 17 million Bitcoins mined, trading
around US$4000 each with a capitalization of US$68 billion.
Bitcoin value has doubled over the last 12 months alone.
• Other major cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Ripp...

Digital wallets enable customers to send and receive crypto
directly to and from other crypto holders. In your digital wallet,
you have an anonymous, encrypted, randomly-generated
address for your cryptocurrency. This is like a bank account
number (but it’s so long you have no hope of remembering it).
You can send crypto to a friend at their address from within
your digital wallet.
You can only send and receive crypto to and from your digital
wallet if you and your friend have crypto. If you want to send
funds to a friend who does not have crypto, you have to
first convert your crypto to fiat, then transfer it to your bank
account, and finally send fiat to your friend from your bank
account through an international remitter, or indeed by instant
Generally, there is a 2% charge to send and receive crypto
between digital wallets.
Online Landscape
Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Apple and Microsoft know
that many customers would prefer to use in...

Instant messaging is even outstripping the new social media
tools which put Facebook, Google and Amazon on the map ten
years ago. Instant messaging is becoming more popular than
the generation of social media apps we all first came to use, and
this change is occurring right now. The social media companies
are having to re-invent themselves already.
Because of these trends, and the possibility of skimming a
large number of small fees across global banking transactions
(a market worth over US$400 trillion per year in international
remittances alone) it is easy to see why social media companies
are working on how to make payments work on their instant
messaging platforms.
International Remitters
International remitters (of fiat currencies) are very relevant to
this market analysis, and Tigereum.
The key international remitters are Western Union, MoneyGram,
and Transferwise. Paypal is not regarded as a traditional
international remitter, but it rates a mention here to...

In fact, rather than develop their own solutions for messaging
international remittances, it looks like their preferred strategy
is to partner up with the social media companies to deliver the
systems, compliance and back-end banking for messaging
money on instant messaging platforms.
Digital Wallet vs Instant Messaging
The crypto community has built an impressive ecosystem over
the last ten years, and it is indeed possible to send crypto from
a digital wallet. However, typical digital wallets are hard work
for most people and are expensive to use. They are not the
preferred way to send and receive money between friends and
family. It is difficult to use your digital wallet to simply send
small amounts of crypto. It’s usually easier to send money from
an online bank portal.
The problem is that digital wallets have customer interfaces
based on old forms. Crypto has leapt ahead as a new form of
digital currency, but digital wallets have not kept up with new
forms ...

Wirex (www.wirex.com) is a Bitcoin wallet website and app with
a plastic and digital prepaid MasterCard attached. Customers
can move funds within the Wirex wallet between Bitcoin and
fiat, and spend their fiat online and instore with the MasterCard.
It also enables send/receive between other Wirex account
holders, and easier links to your fiat bank account(s).
Cryptopay (www.cryptopay.me) also offers a plastic and digital
prepaid MasterCard so that customers can spend their Bitcoin
in fiat currencies online and in-store, and to send crypto to
other Cryptopay account holders.
Izibits (www.izibits.io) is interesting to Tigereum because its
whole architecture is built as an AI chatbot. It is not a website
or app. It is a website/app chatbot. All interactions with their
customers occur within a chat. It is developing a new suite of
services, including: P2P transfers, international remittances,
a prepaid MasterCard, a shopping platform, and a crypto
Bitpay (w...

Tigereum Roadmap

Apr - Jun 2017
Jul - Oct 2017
Customer testing prototype
Oct - Dec 2017
Token swap
Jan - Mar 2018
Live integration
Apr - Jun 2018
Customer testing
Jul - Dec 2018
Beta release
Jan 2019
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