Token: TLC

Zero commission decentralized freelance platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-14
End date: 2018-03-31

Registrated in: India

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Toplancer categories
Business services Internet
Toplancer token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5000 ?ETH
Hard cap 60000 ?ETH
Tokens for sale 400,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 TLC = 0.000286 ETH
Minimal investment 0.01 ?ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Features of TOPLANCER Freelancing Platform
Zero Commission
Fee - 0 %
Secure Payments
with Escrow System
Tether Integration
Fake reviews
Fair Dispute
Identity Theft
Platform Independence
Nil Suspension of
User Accounts
Data Secure
in Blockchain
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Social Community
Search Engine

The cryptocurrency, crypto tokens and other
digital assets based on blockchain technology are
currently experiencing an explosive growth period.
Blockchain technology allows the first true
internationalization of a store of value, and
recently the adoption rate has meant explosive
growth in both adoption and speculative value.
2017 started with Bitcoin as the number one
cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 12
billion US dollars. Ethereum, a very young upstart
of a currency was valued at just 700 million USD.
The explosive start to 2017 has seen Bitcoin
surge to a market capitalization of over 40 billion
USD and Ethereum has caught up at an incredible
pace and now has a market capitalization of over
28 billion USD.
The market is excited by the opportunities that
blockchain technology and decentralization of
currency present. There are over 800 alternative
crypto currencies trading today, ...

What is Toplancer ?
Toplancer, built on Ethereum
based blockchain, has been
developed with the explicit
intention of gaining entire $1.5
trillion worth freelance economy.
We help you find freelancing jobs
online, and we provide you with
latest blockchain technology to
manage and deliver freelancing
projects.Our vision is to help
freelancers and employers across
the globe work smart. Toplancer
aims to revive the freelancing
Toplancer not only providing the
freelancer platform beyond the
expectation that is Teamlancer take
your earnings to the next level with
the new Corporate Membership.
Social media platform for independent
freelancers. Other platform (upwork,, guru, etc.,)
freelancers can also signup here.
Using this community freelancers can
share knowledge, Ask Questions, and
Learn From Freelancing Experts.
Toplacer Connect

Why would someone invest in
Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are
disruptive and are growing at an exponential rate
As such, we think that Toplancer will have great appeal for:
We believe that Toplancer as a new, easy to access
cryptocurrency, will appeal to freelancing people in larger
numbers than we’ve seen with existing cryptocurrencies
such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Long-term investors. Those who wish to buy and hold
Toplancer for its future value

Digital coin speculators. Those looking to acquire Toplancer
coins and sell them to other investors and speculators to
generate short term gains

Our vision to achieve 50% freelance industry market
share by 2020 once we reach our goal, just imagine what
will be the worth of Toplancer coin .

The world is witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of contractors
and freelancers, as workers seek to escape the rigid demands of the 9-5
corporate environment. The rise of digitization, including elements such
as smartphone apps, online marketplaces, and cloud computing, has
made it easier for skilled workers to take up independent productive
activities, and creating their own bespoke workplaces. 41.9% of
freelancers obtain their training from college and universities, 43.8% are
self-taught, while 13.4% learn on the job.
Total market size of the freelance industry as in excess of $1.5 trillion
based on the US and Canada accounting for over half of global
distribution of freelancers, in the North American market (50.7%), and
the total US market size exceeding $715 billion.
However, existing freelancing platforms are not able to handle modern
Problems of Current Freelancing Platforms
High Commission Fee
Existing top platforms are charging...

$1.5 Trillion Market - 2017
annually in freelance earnings to our economy
55 million Americans are
79% said freelancing
is better than
working a traditional
That's 35% of the
US workforce
The majority of freelancers who left a full-time
job made more within a year
The global distribution of freelancers is as follows
Millions of people around the globe are opting for greater
independence in their work lives. As a result, they are
joining the growing movement that is the freelance
economy. Advances in technology have made it easier to
accomplish than ever before.
Though it is not without challenges, more and more people
are finding that the rewards of the freelance economy
outweigh the risks and that the lifestyle it offers provides
the kinds of freedom and independence they could never
experience in the corporate wo...

Zero Commission for
Clients & Freelancers
0% currency conversation charges
Existing top freelancing platforms fees %
Toplancer will
gaining 17 % more
then other then
platforms by
reducing the fee
8.95 %
10 %
15 %
20 %
They are charging a huge commission of 20% and
more. It is hard earned money of yours and 20%
seriously is gigantic. It is much higher than any
type of commission in any form. Then you have to
pay taxes and currency conversion commission
which is not included in website’s commission. So,
you end up paying around 45% of total money you
have earned. This is highly unacceptable, at least
to myself.
Toplancer is Zero commission freelance platform.
You don’t have to pay anything upfront, get the
project, complete the project, get paid and then
pay the commission. This will help us bring more
freelancer and cl...

Secure Instant Payments
Toplancer involves 6 step process
Client & Freelancer agree to terms
Language & Personality
Both the parties agrees to work with the contract
agreement as requested in project proposal.
Contract details is store in decentralised blockchain
Client pays Escrow
Client submit project payment by Ethereum escrow
system with Toplancer Coins. Both can notified funds
in escrow.
Freelancer submits project
Freelance completed project within time frame.
Escrow system verifies that job done by freelance.
Client project verification
Client can verify the project, whether it's done as
requested. If it's done perfectly client can approved
project payment.
Test Projects
Not as requested / Client not paid
Escrow system holds the money until
the requested obligations are met.
Project Completion
The funds are released to freelancer with the
Karthick Sivalingam
Karthick Sivalingam CEO & Founder

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar CMO & Co - Founder

Matthew Ford
Matthew Ford HR Manager

Michael Gehlert
Advisors Michael Gehlert Co-founder / Investor Nimiq, Humaniq, Member of Expert Team of

Tomas Ambrazas
Advisors Tomas Ambrazas CEO at Entry.Money - Startup Mentor

Alexis Bizalion
Advisors Alexis Bizalion CMO | Advisor - Blockchain-TokenChanger

Alexis Bizalion
Alexis Bizalion
CMO | Advisor - Blockchain-TokenChanger
Michael Gehlert
Michael Gehlert
Co-founder / Investor Nimiq, Humaniq, Member of Expert Team of
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
CMO & Co - Founder
Lead Data Analyst
Tomas Ambrazas
Tomas Ambrazas
CEO at Entry.Money - Startup Mentor
CEO at Entry.Money