Token: BBCoin

Find, Connect, Trade

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-01
End date: 2018-02-28

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 146 days 22 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 115 days 22 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR Screenshot
TraDove categories
Platform Cryptocurrency Business services
TraDove whitepaper
TraDove token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 52,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 500,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 BBCoin = 0.16 USD
Price in PreICO 1 BBCoin = 0.12 USD
Minimal investment 240 USD
Acceppting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Bonus in ICO

Before and on January 10th: 30% bonus.
After January 10th and before and on January 20th: 20% bonus.
After January 20th and before and on January 31st: 10% bonus.

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Random whitepaper excerpts

Significant changes in the commercial world have occurred in the past twenty years. The explosive
growth of the Internet accompanied by the creation of social networks has made information ubiquitous.
Smart phones and mobile devices put the world in our palms. Facebook and LinkedIn enable
instantaneous direct relationships among and between individuals on opposite sides of the world.
Yet B2B lags behind. In this space, information is Balkanized. Potential business partners in the same
town may not be aware of one another. Transparency is lacking. Even after identifying a potential
business partner,
that potential partner’s “business quality” is often difficult to appraise. In the consumer
space, peer opinions are easily available using Yelp or Google Review. This is not the case in the B2B
space, where targeted marketing is much more difficult.
Ultimately, trust is a problem. How can we determine whether a company or company executive with
whom we have never done business is trustworthy? How can we...

The TraDove Business Social Network
TraDove was born to address these problems:
1. How do you find business partners quickly and credibly?
2. How do you assure the quality of potential business partners and the quality of products/services you
plan to purchase?
3. How do you market your B2B products/services to hidden demands in a targeted way?
4. How do you assure that you will be paid for what you deliver or get what you paid for?
TraDove Value Proposition
A business social network connects corporate
buyers, sellers and others to interconnected
products/services and companies in a fashion that:
1. Shortens the search cycle and identifies
potential business partners in a credible way
2. Makes B2B more transparent and shortens due
diligence time and effort (w/ references,
endorsements, etc.)
3. Does precision-based company-to-company
advertising over the Internet
4. Enhances trust in B2B dealings and payments
A major goal of

Many companies currently promoting or offering tokens are in the concept stage. TraDove is not.
Business Social Network has been in operation for five years and rests on a mature web
platform ( and iOS mobile app (
We now have 250,000+ corporate users, 100,000+ companies from 80+ countries including 200+ Fortune
1000 companies. We have teams in Silicon Valley, US, China and Geneva, Switzerland and investors,
advisors and consultants in most major economies: US, China, Germany, Japan, UK, Switzerland and
South America.

Unlike a consumer social network such as Facebook or a professional network such as LinkedIn, TraDove
Business Social Network puts substantially more emphasis on traffic quality than on traffic quantity. We
do not seek nor do we need hundreds of millions of users. We only need tens of millions of users. A
business user’s value is much higher than a professional user
, which is in turn higher than that of a
consumer user. Facebook paid $42 per consumer user for WhatsApp. Microsoft paid $60 per professional
user for LinkedIn. How much is a TraDove business user worth? The answer is A LOT!
Our emphasis on traffic quality and not just quantity keeps our operational costs low and increases both
business users

value and our profit margins.
Higher Value per User &
Higher Profit Margin
(Professional Network)
(Consumer Network)
is not suitable for business. It does not auth...

SAP/Oracle/Salesforce provide business utilities, information and process management. TraDove
provides business opportunities by bringing business partners together.
Yammer/Chatter are designed principally for intracompany connections. Slack can be used for
intercompany, but it is general purpose. TraDove specifically provides intercompany business networking
and collaboration designed to enhance business partnerships.

Technologies used on TraDove Business Social Network Platform
Our core business widely leverages Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Big Data and
Machine Learning streamline buyer-seller interactions. Results are then fed back using a series of
business logic programs to assist buyers, sellers and other users in close to real time on both mobile sites
and websites.
Security is on our minds every moment of every day!
Our global data center deploys secure
interface connections between two main offices, one in the United States and one in China. Our web
interfaces are firewalled and secured with Virtual Private Networks around the world. Security is built into
the core design and implementation of TraDove’s backend infrastructure.
Social Network Technology
TraDove uses both open and proprietary social network technologies along
with mechanisms for connection, networking and collaboration among business people,
products/services and comp...

Technologies Used for Mobile App
(Available now in the App Store by searching B2B social network or click from mobile phones
We deploy the latest mobile and server technologies to connect users anywhere at any time. Users can do
live chat, group chat, and share pictures/videos/documents, all through our app. They can easily import
their contacts into our app, and we take care of the rest, ensuring that their most important business
partners stay in their business circles. Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm, we can discover
potential connections between parties and send invites to their mobile phones. In our app, partners can
be managed by category or by group, significantly boosting productivity and making communication and
collaboration more efficient than email and SMS. Last but not least, our app is coming to Android! Soon,
99% of our users will have our state-of-the-art B2B social app at their fingertips.

To solve the fundamental B2B trust problem, in
international trade in particular, TraDove will use
BBCoins and blockchain technology

contracts and smart wallets, for example. We will
assure that, after successful delivery of products or
services, companies get paid.
Roadmap & Milestones
We are close to reaching critical mass. Our BBCoin token offering will provide capital for marketing and
user acquisition that will significantly reduce the time to achieve it.
We provide B2B Marketing Cloud services that allow companies to store their marketing collateral (white
papers, specifications, pictures, videos, etc.). We apply machine learning to large databases to match
business partners and recommend products/services and companies. We have begun use of blockchain
technology to solve trust problems in B2B deal-making and payments.

Business (Social) Network


Critical Mass


TraDove Roadmap

Q4 2017
Revamp and improve UI in web platform
Q1-2 2018
Improve current iOS app, complete Android app development
Reach critical mass in major industries
1000000 - 3000000 users
Q2-3 2019
Get sales personnel to use BBCoin for sale activities, get companies to use BBCoin to pay for precision advertising
Q3-4 2020
Get companies to use BBCoin to pay for International Trade
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