Token: AVA

Travel Booking Marketplace

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-31
End date:

Registrated in: UK

Platform: NEO
Type: NEP5

PREMIUM ICO categories
Business services Communication Cryptocurrency Internet Platform Smart Contract Tourism
Video token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 1 NEO
Acceppting NEO
Bonus in ICO

1st Week = 25% 2nd Week = 15% 3rd Week = 5% news, social search trends in Google
Random whitepaper excerpts

This document follows the process of the design, development and
execution. is a decentralized
travel booking marketplace that
utilizes the NEO blockchain, reducing
3rd party interaction, whilst pledging
a transparent operational process.
The travel booking
platform connects consumers directly
with vendors over the platform, to
discuss their deals with no fees or
commissions. We aim to become
the first decentralized global travel
marketplace that will be a one-stop
shop for all travel related services.
Current centralized market leaders (e.g., Airbnb. com, Expedia.
com) take 15 to 45% booking fees from
vendors, which prices are passed onto
consumers more often than not. Added
to this fee, are those from payment
merchants charging around 2-3% on
each transaction. marketplace UI (User-
Interface) and UE (User-Experience)
has be...

Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
Market Overview
Travala Business model
Why Blockchain?
AVA Ledger
AVA Token
Decentralized App & Web Platform
Project Dynamics & System Architecture
9.0 Technical
Business & Platform Development Roadmap
11.0 Team
Risk factors
Regulatory strategy
14.0 FAQ
15.0 References
16.0 Disclaimer

1.1 Inspiration
Travel & tourism generated approximately $7.2 Trillion (9.8% of global GDP) in 2016 [1]. Online
booking covers a majority of the revenues with 76% of those bookings taken online [2]. However, in
this situation, the 76% of online booking often go through one of the big 5 intermediaries dominating
the industry, collectively setting high percentage booking fees. In turn, reducing and slowing the
development of these businesses. Due to the lack of change over the last decade within online
booking platforms, this presents an opportunity for utilization of the blockchain within the industry.
1.2 Overview
Current online platforms have such power over vendors they issue an average of 30% fee on each
booking (In some cases we have seen up to 50% fees). Due to the dominance of the key players, it’s
hard for vendors from small to large groups to go elsewhere, until now. provides a user-friendly booking and exchange platform utilizing the NEO blockchain.

1.5 Areas of Revolution
Below are the 10 key areas in which surpasses benefit over the traditional
means of booking.
– The technology enables us to
control and automate systematic errors
which occur in the current process of
– System standards for users to
meet, give them rewards upon reaching
goals, etc. This will use an automated
– Blockchain allows transparency
and honesty to the review system.
– Blockchain will enable us to
never double book a single booking.
Policy and compliance
– Blockchain
facilitates users to book locations they desire
as long as it’s within policy. Travel data
still gets collected, consolidated and made
available, instantly.
– Blockchain allows use to
reduce risk of payment chargeba...

1.6 Solution solves the issues stated above by creating an innovative decentralized application
and web-platform which utilizes the NEO blockchain to bring;

Speed to transactions incorporating instant transactions between users - Instant
transactions over the NEO blockchain 1,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second).

Safety to booking in case of disputes or discrepancies - we will offer a dispute option within
each booking made via platforms. (Evidence of the issue within the booking/service
would need to be presented, and both parties must respond in due time to agree about the issue).

Transparent and accurate reviews (Blockchain doesn’t allow reviews to be manipulated or
edited so there’s always honest feedback from genuine customers).

Peer-To-Peer communication between vendor and consumer ( will be the first to
market within the travel industry utilizing the Peer-To-Peer function).

2.1 Total Contribution of Travel & Tourism GDP
2016 - Billion USD
2.2 Breakdown of Travel & Tourism’s total
contribution to GBP and employment 2016
GDP (2016 Billion USD))
Global Investment Positives:

Global bookings across the
industry are on an upward trend.

Demand is expected to keep
maintaining an upward trend
regarding growth.

The Asian market is also on an
upward trend, and many vendors
are adding more availability.
= Total contribution of travel & tourism

2.3 Online Sector Review
Growth in the Online Travel Agency industry is likely to be below the expectations set by the last
few years. The conversion from offline to online booking is largely complete, and industry growth
depends on the slower organic growth of the whole travel industry as opposed to a shift within it.
As travel service vendors react to the slowdown in growth, the Online Travel Agencies could face
declining rates on transactions hurting profitability. Vendors of travel services seek to cut out the
intermediaries. A strengthening dollar will weigh on international revenues. Hotel room bookings are
a significant driver of revenue for most of the industry.
Majority booking platforms within the industry utilizing metasearch engines. Metasearch is
understood to allow individual vendor’s access to the search engine showing listings from only
that company across times locations or services. Online advertising space specific to travel is also
available to purchase. Th...

3.1 What Does Offer? is a marketplace offering a transparent, simple booking platform for Hotels, Tour and
property exchanges within the travel & tourism industry. Creating a global interactive purchasing
and exchange platform, reducing the cost for all users while considerably increasing service levels
and accessibility. improves all aspects of what is currently offered within the industry.
3.2 Network Scalability
Within industry, average transaction per online platform is approximately 1,000 TPS (transaction
per second). initially looked to use Ethereum. However, long-term scalability of ETH
simply wouldn’t scale up to the transaction speed and quantity that we expect. This directed Travala.
com to utilize the NEO blockchain currently running at 1,000 confirmed TPS with the potential to
reach 10,000 TPS. To compete for a strong market position will utilize
the NEO blockchain to its optimum [3].
3.3... Roadmap

Founders of concierge meet to confirm ideas around decentralized travel platform.
Founders meet with developers and initiate the start of the decentralized application and web platform build.
Token is tested and ready for release.
White paper has been completed, published and sent out to specific investors, ready for marketing.
Whitepaper available in both English and Chinese.
Sale website optimised
Web platform and application designed around user accessibility. whitepaper release
Quarter 1, 2018
Pre sale initiating continuing to the main-sale over a 2-month period
Defining and initial development the back-end structure of the platform
UI design and initial development of front-end of application and website platform.
Hire vital employees:
– Blockchain developers
– Front-end developers
– Back-end developers
– Sales and marketing employees
– iOS and android developers & web developers
Quarter 2, 2018
Listing CGE token on exchanges (Approximately 1-month after Main-sale concludes)
Integration of platform in line with blockchain including fiat and cryptocurrency payment methods.
Peer-to-Peer chat option and amalgamation of AI-based dispute system development
Beta testing
Release of beta application and web platform
Release Hotel bookings on the platform
Launch industry promotional activities developing partnership with key hotel and resort chains
Further development of platform and releasing V.1 of
Quarter 4, 2018
Research of expansion of into different regions after initially starting in south east Asia and Australia (Regions will be chosen based on estimated speed of adoption)
Partnerships with blockchain identity security platforms ensuring privacy with direct chats and within the payment system
Release Tour bookings on the platform
Press release around the tour options and reach out to key tour providers
Release V.2 of the platform updated now offering tour bookings
Partnerships with universities and other educational institutions upholding youth development in forms of internships with yearly positions available within
Release property exchanges onto the platform
Press release around the property exchanges
Release V.3 of the platform updated now offering property exchanges
Advancement into other regions such as Europe, North and South America
Research into other areas within travel which could bring benefit to
Analysis and research areas of travel available on the platform. (Such as; Taxi bookings, Rent-a-car, Boating charters)
Develop augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into the system for browsing purposes of consumers
Launch in multiple areas within travel (Such as; Taxi bookings, Rent-a-car, Boating charters) – Market analysis will justify which area to enter in what region first.
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