Trusted Cars FLEX
Trusted Cars FLEX
Token: FLEX

Award-Winning German Company is changing Car Ownership Forever

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-17
End date: 2018-10-31

Registrated in: Germany

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Trusted Cars FLEX token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,Iran,USA
Soft cap 20,000,000 FLEX
Hard cap 520,000,000 FLEX
Tokens for sale 520,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Sold tokens 520000000
Price 1 FLEX = 0.07 EUR
Price in PreICO 1 FLEX = 0.07 EUR
Minimal investment 700 FLEX
Acceppting BTC,ETH,FIAT
Bonus in ICO Up to 25%

TrustedCars is an Award-Winning German Company that is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers while offering customers a commitment-free, all-inclusive and affordable way to own a vehicle without ownership responsibilities.

Imagine you can walk into your local car dealership, request the vehicle of your choice and drive it as long as you want, where no long-term contracts are required or hidden costs come as a surprise, and all for a low weekly payment.

With TrustedCars Flex you can choose any vehicle you want from the available inventory of participating car dealers within the TrustedCars Flex network, digitally sign for it in the app and you are ready to go. Drive the vehicle you like as long as you want and return it or swap for another vehicle anytime.

With our unique combination of technology expertise and deep industry relationships we have designed a solution that offers consumers a convenient way to own a vehicle without ownership responsibilities. In parallel we offer dealerships an additional source of income and access to a new generation of consumers.

TrustedCars Flex as a high-tech company helps dealerships move up the technology change curve, with an easy accessible all-in-one solution.  It takes a car dealer in excess of 100 days on average to sell a vehicle, with the related holding costs ($15 per day per vehicle). We provide a technological solution for dealers to resolve both sides of the income statement issue: increase in revenue and reduction in holding costs. Instead of vehicles taking space, they are on the road making money to offset inventory-financing and other expenses.

We are a Germany based company which has won several awards and was awarded as one of the most innovative blockchain Projects in Germany by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
We launched more than two years ago and have an established business and loong-lasting partnerships.

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Executive Summary
The Problem
Lack of Innovation in the vehicle ownership space
Car dealers lose money with increasing lot-time of vehicles
The Problem – in a nutshell 9
The Solution
Affordable, all-inclusive and commitment-free! 10
Win-Win for Customers and Car dealers 16
Comparison current solutions and TrustedCars Flex
TrustedCars Flex
TrustedCars as Impetus for TrustedCars Flex 20
Business Model TrustedCars Flex 22
Partner Ecosystem / Awards 23
TrustedCars Flex Token (FLEX)
Value Proposition 31
Benefits of FLEX Tokens within the Ecosystem
Initial Token Sale
Token Sale Overview and Timeline ...

The market did not know it needed another disruptor like AirBnb or Uber, until imagination takes hold.
Imagine you can walk into your local car dealership, request the vehicle of your choice, and
drive it as long as you want, where no long-term contracts are required or hidden costs come
as a surprise, all for a low weekly payment.
A world where vehicle ownership is consigned to history in the same way as taxis and standardized
After three years of working closely with car dealers and talking to thousands of consumers we have
identified inherent challenges of this industry and have designed a solution that will change outdated
vehicle ownership models forever.
We are convinced that our decentralized ecosystem, based on the Ethereum Blockchain and
combined with smart contracts will fundamentally transform the consumer experience in vehicle use
and ownership.
While Uber’s impact has caused a fundamental shift in mobility concepts, in the last few years

What are we doing differently?
Like most successful disruption services, we are creating a solution for both consumers and car
dealers that they were not necessarily aware existed – yet has a fundamental potential impact on
their welfare. Dealerships typically have hundreds of vehicles sitting unused on their lot, with the
related holding costs. Research shows that it takes a car dealer in excess of
100 days on average
sell a vehicle, with average costs of
$15* per day per vehicle
We provide a technological solution for dealers to resolve both sides of the income statement issue:
increase in revenue and reduction in holding costs.
But we don’t just want to solve the problem of car dealers with their increasing lot-time. More
importantly even beyond the lot-time problem we firmly believe that the business model of car
dealerships will change dramatically in the long-term as a consequence of our advancement.
Dealerships will not just continue with their traditional bu...

TrustedCars Flex is incorporated in Germany and is a spin-off of TrustedCars GmbH. Under
the brand name TrustedCars, we were able to extend the purchase experience of new and
used vehicles beyond any existing channel. Currently buying a vehicle with our One-Stop-
Shop is as easy as ordering a book on Amazon.
Unlike many startups launching an Initial Token Sale (also known as Initial Coin Sale - ICO)
TrustedCars already has an established business and a functioning platform which goes
beyond a vision and a roadmap. TrustedCars launched almost two years ago and is an
operating business with a successful product.
We have already raised a seven-digit investment and have built a very strong ecosystem of
renowned cooperation partners, many of whom are leaders in their field of operations. More
than 100 of the largest dealerships in Germany already trust and work with us, with more
joining every day. We were classified as an innovative company by the German Federal Office
of Economics a...

Lack of Innovation in the vehicle ownership space
We have seen a significant change in the behavior of consumers in the last decade. Modern
customers prefer convenient, simple and flexible solutions rather than being locked into long-term
contracts or having to spend time on a purchase that is plagued with uncertainty. The way we buy
vehicles today doesn’t allow for flexibility and is rather a large fixed expense with risks. In a rapidly
evolving technological world, our needs, desires and tastes change, not every 4-6 years but from
month to month or even week to week.
This changing behavior of customers combined with the technological landscape are making new
solutions mandatory, however according to a recent study only 1% of the total driven distance today
is covered by new mobility concepts – the current available solutions therefore only cover a very small
portion of the market, creating a massively unique opportunity.
Currently, if you want to have the benefits of havi...

Leasing is becoming a popular option for people who need a vehicle but don’t want the inconvenien-
ce and risks of buying one. Leasing is still inconvenient since users are contractually obliged to keep
the leased vehicle for a set period, usually 3-5 years, before returning or buying it outright.
This contractual obligation is a huge problem from a company perspective as well – new employees
in certain positions need a vehicle from day one of employment, yet there is still that uncertainty
that the employee might not be with the company after their probation period. There are also those
occasions where employees only need a vehicle for a project which is time-limited. At present,
companies either lease a vehicle and are locked into a long-term contract or book a rental vehicle
which is a very expensive solution.

Current solutions in a nutshell
Very expensive
Flexible for short-
High quality
Long-Term commitment/contract
Inconvenience with maintenance,
repairs etc.
No risk of purchase
High quality vehicles
Available only in few
Flexible for short-term
P2P Car-Sharing
Old cars in bad condition
between private individuals
Flexible for short term
*Car2Go and Drivenow combined only available in 31 cities worldwide.
To sum up, if you need a vehicle for a few weeks, months or even longer and you don’t want to be
locked in by long-term co...

Car dealers lose money with increasing lot-time of vehicles
We have been working closely with car dealer partners for the last three years and have identified
their problems and needs. Dealerships usually have hundreds of used vehicles just sitting on their
lots at a daily cost. The costs result from insurance, interest costs, lot-space, depreciation and most
importantly damages from the vehicle not being moved. Dead batteries, flat tires, rusted brakes,
defective and foul-smelling air-conditioning are only a few of the damages experienced.
The structure of the market dictates that car dealers purchase their inventory in “packages” which
means they get some desireable vehicles that can sell rapidly, and some less-desireable vehicles that
remain unsold for 6 months or even longer. By way of example, a light-blue Audi A6 with beige seats
does not sell as fast as a black one with black seats due to lower popularity. Another example: due to
uncertainties about Diesel vehicles, there are currently 300,000 Euro 5 ...

Trusted Cars FLEX Roadmap

October 2015
TrustedCars founded – with the vision of bringing online-shopping as a major part of modern society on to the automotive industry.
- Launch of
- Establishment of various partnerships: with TUV for the inspection of used cars, with the largest bank for car-financing, with renowned car dealerships and with insurance & warranty companies.
- Seed financing
1st Half 2017
- Series A Financing.
- Relaunch of - with very high level of automation for the quick upload of cars through the implementation of a dealership-interface and the DAT database.

2nd Half 2017
- TrustedCars is one of the largest Online-Shops for cars in Europe.
- More than 30,000 cars listed on TrustedCars in 2017, with more than 100 car dealerships participating.

- Participation at IAA as an Exhibitor – the largest Fair for mobility and the automotive industry in the world.
Q3/Q4 2018
TrustedCars FLEX Token Sale.
Q3/Q4 2018
- Development and integration of blockchain and smart contract technology.
- Token listed on Exchanges.
- Beta Launch with our existing car dealership-network in Germany.
1st Half 2019
- Official product launch in Germany. Release of iOS and Android App enabling customers to get a car with a few klicks on their phone.
- Launch of payment system enabling users to receive and make payments in TrustedCars FLEX Tokens.
- Translation of website into various languages.
2nd Half 2019
- Concrete plans set and ready to expand to UK, France, Italy and Spain. Including Multi-Language support.
1st Half 2020
- Expansion to the rest of Europe.
- Extension of FLEX Tokens for payment of various automotive services, like car wash, parking and other vehicle related services.
2nd Half 2020 and beyond
- Expansion to USA and key cities worldwide.
- Onboard advertisers and retailers to promote products using FLEX Tokens (Further value increase of FLEX).
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