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A New Blockchain Way to Travel

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Start date: 2019-02-03
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Registrated in: Malta

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Utility


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco
Soft cap 1,300,000 USD
Hard cap 21,600,000 USD
Tokens for sale 540,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 TYM = 0.038 USD
Price in PreICO 1 TYM = 0.032 USD
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Tryvium is a modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&B, and other
accommodations. The technology incorporates the use of blockchain along with smart
contracts systems to deliver real-world solutions to the industry challenges. Using Tryvium
infrastructure, users can purchase tokens to make transactions and make reservations at the
platform. The assets management can be done through a multi-currency systems entertaining
different economic models; both crypto and fiat currencies.
The market penetration will begin from Europe where the users of the platform will make most
contribution and product feedbacks. The service will encourage users to use and support other
users of the platform. The platform enables better user-experience, well-developed travel
plans, lower intermediary charges, and enhanced reliability. The platform eliminated
redundant mediators hence giving low transactions and service costs. The service charges are
merely 8% whereas the industry giants usually charge...

1 What is Tryvium
Tryvium is delivering practical
solutions to the housing and
hospitality market by implementing
blockchain infrastructure in the
system. This will be achieved with the
help of a peer-to-peer networking
system to rule out the intermediaries
of the system. The decentralized
infrastructure allows a direct host to
client connection to facilitate the
short-term property leasing market.
A significant proportion of Online
Travel Agencies are taken over by the
industry giants Expedia and The
Priceline Group. They also have their
influence on the metasearch sites
such as Trivago or Kayak. The
organizations have acquired a
significant portion of the client base
and came ahead as the industry
giants ruling the Wall Street.
The market is however concerned
with increasing saturation in the OTA
market. had a market
share of 39 percent in 2013, which
has since grown further still and now...

The Tryvium platform is an online booking platform based on the
blockchain aims to operate in a more “fair and ethical” manner. Tryvium
platform is a big game changer offering an alternative to the current
OTA systems which often see hotel crippled by very high commissions.
The problem is solved by the Tryvium structure availing these hotels to
lower their room rates without bearing any loss. Tryvium enables you, as a
client to book through our platform and you get the best available rate. Every
time you book an accommodation online, you get the best possible price since
we apply 0 fees.
The business will thrive because of its flat 8 percent commision
charged from the hotels. The minimalist charges will help hotels to
give out better offers and invest in quality service to the guests as
well. Tryvium Platform is an all in one dynamic booking integrated
platform based on the blockchain which allows travelers and hotel owners
to come together in a complete ecosyste...

Goal and Mission
The Tryvium solutions will provide an integrated one-stop system to make
hassle-free bookings that can be verified and secured through the smart
contract’s distributed ledger. If associated with Tryvium platform, the hotel
owner will receive a so-called all in one solution to their business requirements.
Tryvium all-in-one is an innovative software which includes: the most flexible
reservation system you’ll ever find. Hotel owners have a fully integrated system
software so that you don’t have to buy a single software for managing the daily
activities of your hotel.
“Over the longer term, the growth of the Travel & Tourism
sector will continue to be strong so long as the subscription and
development take place in an open and sustainable manner.”

The conventional blockchain booking system
face the following challenges:
Ripple effect schedule disruptions.
Floating exchange rates systems.
Multiple loyalty point systems that are not
synchronized with one another.
Economies in perpetual flux are likely to change
considerably due to the experience of a growing
consumer base.
Tryvium Platform is dedicated to deliver up to people’s expectations
and meet their demands and requirements. The platform will enhance
the travel industry through specific funding and commercial
development. The decentralized network chain will create a dedicated
community of people to support, transact, and contribute to the
business. Using the upgraded technology people from all around the
world will come together to change the industry across the globe.

Defining the Problem
The travel industry has consecutively
outperformed the global GDP for the
past six years. In 2016, the Global
industry saw a cumulative growth of
3.1 percent. This is mainly due to the
increasing globalization that is
encouraging people to experience new
places or expand their businesses
across new domains.
Another significant issue tourists
always face the price like due to the
congregation of visitors at a single
“hotspot.” This results in higher prices
along with a deficiency of
“authenticity” of the location. This
duly arises due to lack of proper
research, language barriers, or
possible fraudulent intermediaries.
When a situation like this arises,
independent travelers go with either
of the two choices: either they go
ahead with the trip with inadequate
preparations, or they end up choosing
an expensive organized trip package
that covers most of the travel

Introduction To The Issues
Most common issues faced by tourists around the world are:
Exchanging Currencies
Foreign destinations often lack the proper infrastructure to exchange between currencies. Tourists
are expected to bring a stack of the local currencies which if exhausted, the tourist shall get into
hassles of contacting an exchange service and pay hefty charges. Exchanging currencies are
among the most significant challenges the tourism industry faces since they inherently constraint
the tourists from making hearty expenses.
Managing multiple
loyalty points programmes
There are a plethora of travel sites offering traveling points, cash-backs, and loyalty points. This
gives users little or no choice to make a decision and choose from available options. The users do
not get a central place to use these points. The system requires a single platform to manage and
handle their loyalty points. Tryvium platform creates a single hub for users to manage their
offers, cash backs, and tr...

Security Issues
We at Tryvium consider security as a first level priority, and we also protect the
sensitive data of our users. Our semi-decentralized technical architecture model is able
to both respect users rights regarding data protection (we will be GDPR compliant) and
secure against attacks ( we will protect user data with latest up-to-date security
measures, like two factor authentication and TOTP, we will optionally support
decentralized identities authentication, like Civic and Uport technologies)
The transactions platform are short of optimum security and reliable networks to
protect the identity and hence end up exposing them to malicious attackers trying to
make malicious financial transactions. The conventional systems are open to threats
like the man in the middle attack of packet spoofing. The Blockchain network, therefore,
has the upper hand over the existing payment systems. The technology incorporates
encrypted data transmission over a decentralized network. This means the data ca...

Tryvium Roadmap

Q1 2018
Inception of Tryvium project.
Q2 2018
The team for project implementation was finalized and the phase of network development was initiated.
Q3 2018
Company Formation along whit private sale.The Tryvium website also came into picture.
Q4 2018
Creation of Physical office and personalized loyalty program for the supportive clients of Tryvium.
Q1 2019
This quarter will also see the official start of the development of the Alpha version of the Tryvium Platform.
Q2 2019
We will research hotels for all EU to expand across multiple markets. In this quarter we will also start the alpha version of the mobile application for Android and iOS.
Q3 2019
The Alpha version of the Platform will be released. Meanwhile the selected hotels will start the closed beta test period and give feedback about improvements to be made.
Q4 2019
The open beta test both the Mobile Apps and Tryvium Platform will start: every user will be able to try and give feedback about the future of travels, for free, using testnet tokens directly provided by us.
Q1 2020
The Tryvium Platform will be officially released and tuning will start. Meanwhile All-in-one solution will see it's Alpha version development start.
Q2 2020
The Mobile Apps will be officially released for both Android and iOS and mobile apps tuning will start.
Q3 2020
The Tryvium Gift Experience Alpha development will start. Meanwhile there will be a massive push to affiliate a larger number of hotels to the platform.
Q4 2020
The Tryvium Platform will be fully released. The All-in-one software closed beta test will start.
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