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Next Generation of Crypto

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Start date: 2018-08-30
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Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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How it will be solved ? 0 5
What is Twogap ? 0 7
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Tomorrow of crypto
How sustainable is the Global Crypto Market’s life cycle?
After it has gone up and down furiously, whether it still continues to exits and grows?
Has it escaped the medium scale trap it created by itself?
Is it from now on that it becomes a basic financial market and coexists, be a
unique part of history and continues to create a super impetus for the
advancement of Homo Sapiens?
Why we are here?
In current crypto market, many crypto investors loss their money, even
losing all when tokens they invest disappear in crypto trading exchange.
In the growing doubt of crypto market nowadays, current investors are
likely to exit as well as new investors are in the fear of investing in crypto
market. This has spiraled the Global Crypto Market deep in long down
trend, even it maybe collapses.
How it will be solved?
300 years ago until now, the appearance of Bonds have saved and thrived
the Global Security Market.
Current Global Security ...

Coinmarketcap now is $267 billion. Futute Global Crypto Market Cap is
calculated by CryptoBond Market Cap plus Coin Market Cap.
What is Twogap?
TwoGap Crypto Platform was formed to bring for Crypto Investors the
opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss products. It is
called CryptoBond TwoGap platform will help issuer to encrypt traditional
Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market.
Besides that, Twogap platform also protects investors, boost the market,
extends the scale, and becomes the backbone of the Global Crypto Market’s
sustainable growth)
The Twogap platform is named after the two-gap model published by Hollis
Chenery in 1962. This model posits that if the investment required for growth
is a fixed rate, investment deficits would be the main constraint on growth.
On the Twogap platform, we also provide TGT Tokens for incentive
mechanism on it’s economic. These are not security tokens but utility
tokens. They are used...

Why we are here?
Why is crypto investor always risking stalking? Why are they
losing money and even losing all their capital?
Those who are interested in the blockchain industry and the crypto
market, who have been watching the price volatility of Bitcoin's or other
Altcoins’ and who have invested in those currencies, have beenthrilled and
excited about the unexpected profits, or have gone disappointed even
panic when the market drops dramatically. They might have heard of
FOMO and FUD syndromes that have dominated their investment mindset.
These psychologies drive buying and selling from the crowds of investors
before they realize they want to do so, which can end up unexpectedly
negative outcomes.
'These are not just hypotheses or philosophical speculations. Today we can
use brain scans to predict people's wants and decisions long before they
realize them. In one type of experiment, the person was placed inside a
large brain scanner, holding a switch in each hand. They are...

The whale of the crypto market took advantage of the excitement and
vulnerability of the masses of ordinary investors to put them in the big trap of
Pum and Dump to gradually withdraw their money. In the massacre of general
investors, whales also destroy the market. A series of massive shocks
resonate the destructive power of the end that will eventually push the crypto
market to collapse.

Is the crypto market stuck in a vicious cycle called mid-cap trap created by
The answer is YES.
Is the market cap likely to escape the threshold of $300 billion to $400
Is it likely to climb to the thousands of billions of dollars?
You can imagine that if a giant pump drains a large amount of water
outside and then pumps it up into a lake, after that, immediately draws that
amount of water out of the lake, will the remaining water level of the lake
The answer is absolutely no. The water level will stay the same.
How to raise the level of the water in the lake?
Only two ways is to pump up the water in the lake and not draining water out
of it or draining a smaller amount of water rather than the pumped water. Only
then does the water in the lake increase.
How to apply that into the crypto market?
If we can retain old investors with their wallets into that market, in the
meantime, attracting more new investors t...

In addition, this product or this stop-loss tool should have an big cap to be
counterpoised with the large investments in the market.
Has this product or this stop-loss tool appeared in the market?
Seems YES
What is it?
They are USDT and True USD.
Will these products help investors to stop-loss?
The answer still seems YES. If the market turns down dramatically, crypto
investors will immediately switch to these stable coins. They will stop trading and
keep these stable coins, but they won’t get any interest rate. If they want billions
of dollars, they will not have an enough dollar supply to back their stable coins.
Are there any stable crypto coins that when investors keep them, they still
can enjoy interest rates and unlimited supply?
What are their names?
We call them CryptoBonds.
Now, let’s compare USDT, True USD and CryptoBonds
USDT and TrueUSD: Interest rate is 0%
CryptoBond: has interest rate.
USDT and TrueUSD are backed by act...

What is Twogap?
How Twogap will solve these
A. Unique value propositions
Twogap platform was formed to bring for Crypto Investors the opportunity
to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss tools and products -
Twogap – Thriving the cryptocurrency market by CryptoBonds
Luong Hoang Anh
Luong Hoang Anh CEO - Co-Founder / Investor Communication

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee COO - Co-Founder