Token: UMK

Decentralized Labor Market

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-01
End date: 2018-05-31

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-06-01
End date: 2018-12-01

Registrated in: Seychelles

Platform: EOS
Type: ERC20



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 52 days 18 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 21 days 18 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
UMKA categories
Business services Education Platform Smart Contract
UMKA token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries Seychelles
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 99,000,000
Price 1 UMK = 0.10 USD
Price in PreICO 1 UMK = 0.10 USD
Acceppting BTC,ETH
Bonus in ICO Information for investors Purchasing the digital UMK tokens lets you participate in the distribution of the platform’s revenue 25% of the company is estimated to cost $1,000,000 and is available for purchase Investments are accepted in monetary terms and/or resources. Other options can be discussed The share is legalized by adding a cofounder to the company UMKA Planet Corp in Russia and on Seychelles.

UMKA Planet Corp was founded in 2017.The company is registered in Seychelles, and the head office is located in Tomsk, Russia. 

UMKA is being developed by i-link, a team of developers of complex IT and blockchain solutions. I-link has several years of experience in building projects of varying complexity.

UMKA creates a decentralized ecosystem for organizing remote work, job searching and employee hiring in the fields of IT and innovative technology, distance learning and a set of tools making all of the above possible.

Employment and specialist hiring

UMKA’s community of specialists consists of a database of verified professionals in the fields of IT and innovative technology. 

By purchasing access to the database, creating a project or placing a job offer, a potential employer will be able to find qualified employees with sufficient skill sets.

The presence of large companies like IBM, Apple, Sberbank Russia and Gazprom will ensure that specialists will be interested in joining the platform.

Platform for remote work

For those who want to find employees, full-time or freelance work, UMKA has implemented smart chats:

UMKA’s smart chats have the following features:

Secure deals through Agile and Ricardian smart contracts

Transaction of money in the form of assets of fiat or cryptocurrencies through the chat’s interface

Built-in neuron machine translator that makes communication easier for users from different countries

Agile smart contracts, Ricardian contracts

Agile SC introduces iterative development approach. Each contract can be broken down into an unlimited number of iterations (milestones). 

Each iteration can be set up with the following three parameters: work, time, budget.This allows for the minimization of risks for both parties involved in the contract.

The Ricardian contract is a program that can display the terms of a smart contract in the form of a regular contract, which can be presented in a court of law.

Digital passports

The Unified International Digital Passport (UIDP) is a unique document that holds only verified information about a user’s skills, education and professional experience. 

All of this data is stored in the blockchain, which means it can not be tampered with. 

Standards are developed in collaboration with Russian and foreign experts, educational institutions and government institutions.

UIDP guarantees that a potential employee has all the necessary skills.

Testing system

Together with leading Russian and foreign education institutions UMKA’s team is developing a system for specialist testing that will allow for objective and precise evaluation of a user’s skill set and areas of competence, and create a psychological profile of the user. The data will be analyzed with the help of neuron networks and artificial intelligence. Output data will be recorded in the UIDP.

Distance learning and advanced training

UMKA will give users access to online courses from leading educational institutions from around the world and the best lecturers.

Qualified teachers will be able to upload learning material and select their audiences and courses while getting paid for doing this.

What opportunities does UMKA offer?

For specialists:

  • Opportunity to find full-time employment, one-time projects or remote work

  • Distance learning

  • Opportunity to get attested and receive a Unified International Digital Passport, which can not be falsified or tampered with.

For customers and employers:

  • A database of verified CVs from highly qualified professionals

  • Secure deals and transactions through smart contracts

  • Distance learning and advanced training for your employees

For teachers:

  • Opportunity to have their own educational programs and being paid for remote training

Platform’s revenue

All acquired funds will be spent according to the financial plan. 

Revenue will be distributed between investors in accordance with the total amount of purchased tokens.

UMKA’s sources of income

  1. Paid databases consisting of CVs from IT specialists

  2. Commission from paid deals

  3. Paid online courses

  4. Premium accounts

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UMKA Roadmap

Q2 2017
Idea and concept development. Development of an interface demo version for internal testing on iOS and Android
Q3 2017
App testing in target groups
Q4 2017
Concept follow-on improvement in accordance with new market and technological trends and testing results
Q1 2018
Platform announcement. Development of prototype based on the improved concept.
Q2 2018
Creation of a working prototype of the mobile app MVP on blockchain, AgileSC integration. Testing of the app in target groups. Advertisement campaign start
Q3 2018
AgileSC follow-on improvement and testing. Blockchain and interface follow-on improvement and development. Mobile and web apps alpha version launch. Open alpha testing of the blockchain and AgileSC. IPFS integration. Implementation of the functionality: project groups. Implementation of the functionality: group chats, professional communities
Q4 2018
Beta testing of the mobile app and Blockchain launch. UMK token listing on exchanges. Integration of educational programs. Integration with third-party services. Implementation of the functionality: a digital passport, testing systems, expert arbitration. Adding operation with 7 additional crypto currencies and fiat currencies
Q1 2019
Final release of UMKA application. Full-fledged advertisement campaign. GNMT integration
Sergey Sukhanov
Sergey Sukhanov COO, Blockchain Expert

Matvey Bogomolov
Matvey Bogomolov Blockchain Developer

Vasilii Sorokin
Vasilii Sorokin Fullstack Developer

Stanislav Belsky
Stanislav Belsky SEO, Internet Markering

Antonina Afanaskina
Antonina Afanaskina Designer, UX/UI

Constantin Bryzgalin
Constantin Bryzgalin Lead Developer, DevOps

Anatoly Ryumkin
Anatoly Ryumkin iOS Developer

Yevgeniy Lozovich
Yevgeniy Lozovich Android Developer

Andrey Smolnikov
Andrey Smolnikov Frontend Developer

Aleksey Tsyttser
Aleksey Tsyttser Designer, UX/UI

Roman Baev
Roman Baev Designer, UX/UI

Sergey Sukhanov
Sergey Sukhanov
COO, Blockchain Expert
Blockchain developer, WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Strategic Initiatives expert
Timur Akhmedjanov
Timur Akhmedjanov
i-Link CEO, WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Strategic Initiatives expert