Token: VNN

A project for decentralized investing in start-up

PreICO dates
Start date: 26th Oct 2017
End date: 1st Nov 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-01
End date: 2018-02-01

Registrated in: Undefined

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Ventureon token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 65000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1VNN = 13 - 20 USD
Price in PreICO 1VNN = 7 - 10 USD
Minimal investment 1 - 10 VNN
Acceppting BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. Introduction
Within the Ventureon project, we provide an opportunity for the participants of
cryptomarket to increase their capital through investments in high-yield and scalable
venture projects. The emergence of a model for financing venture projects in the format of
a closed investment club creates additional opportunities for both companies and
investors, allowing to combine the advantages of the venture financing model with the
high profitability of the cryptocurrency market, the possibility of diversifying investments
with legality and maximum protection of the investor's interests.
The main task of the model for financing projects within the Hypercube platform is the
elimination of non-viable projects, selection of companies with the maximum growth
potential. Before gaining admission to the platform, the project must undergo inspection
procedures, evaluation of product management experts and legal expertise, which
enables private investors to be confident in the quality of the projects pr...

North American and Asian markets. For financing we select projects, that have a ready
product and being at the beginning of a rapid growth stage, which guarantees investors
the maximum income with minimal risks. Additional value to companies is created by
attracting the necessary competencies and expertise within the platform, which is
traditionally not available to start-ups at an early stage of development. This gives project
teams additional advantages over competitors.
We cooperate with professionals who becomes a part of the startup team for the time of
placement on the platform, which makes it possible to provide projects with the necessary
additional competencies, to go through the search for the monetization model as efficiently
as possible and to enter the path of steady growth.
Additional advantages are:
• Quick scaling of projects. Projects that are secured by constant financing are rapidly
developing, achieving declared goals faster than competitors and gaining greater

The tokens cost is tied to the starting price of portfolio projects. These projects publish
information about themselves nowhere else and do not attract financing in any other funds
except for Hypercube Ventures. When they are launched and developed, the market value
of projects grows, and the VNN cost increases on the whole.
VNN tokens holders at the time of their acquisition do not act as investors of a specific
legal entity, as it happens when investment contract is concluded. Moreover, investor at
the time of tokens acquisition may not exist. Buying VNN tokens, the holder does not
acquire shares in the project/s. The Token IS THE CONVERTIBLE NOT OR THE RIGHT
successful ICO.
Will VNN be additionally issued after the completion of the ICO?
The Hypercube Ventures Fund plans to form a second portfolio of projects. After the
tender and evaluation of the approved projects cost, an additional issue of VNN tokens will
be made. The ...

The number and value of project shares in relation to the VNN token, is specified in
the personal account of the investor, on the Hypercube Ventures website, when the
registration of the relevant legal entities is completed.
Each holder of VNN tokens has the right to exchange the tokens owned by him for the
shares of startups and projects that are part of the Hypercube Ventures pool.
The transfer of shares in exchange for tokens will be made no earlier than 6 months
after the announcement of the official end date of ICO Hypercube Ventures.
The transfer of shares in exchange for tokens will be made by Hypercube Ventures
fund or a partner authorized by the fund. Most likely it will be Hypercube Billing.
It is planned that the tokens will participate in the insurance program of the First
Venture Insurance project in case of a successful ICO.
If the management of the Hypercube Ventures Fund decides to finance a new pool of

According to the above rules, Hypercube Ventures LP proposes to purchase a VNN token,
which in the future may entitle its holder to participate in one (several) of the projects
located on the Hypercube Ventures platform. As stated above, the VNN token is not a
security, including the provisions of the US Securities Act 1933. In particular, the VNN
token is not an investment contract in accordance with the Howey test, for the following
reasons. According to Howey test, an investment contract is investment of money from an
expectation of profits arising from a common enterprise depending solely on the efforts of
a promoter or third party. The contract has to meet all four prongs of this test and only a
combination of all these factors allows the SEC of the USA to decide whether a particular
transaction or scheme is an investment contract. The right to exchange VNN token for
shares of projects placed on the Hypercube platform is not a right to receive profit
(income) solely from actions of the manager or thi...

EXIT - selling its share in the company. Exit can occur when a share is sold to another
person, in another company or on the exchange (in case of a startup on an IPO).
This gives investors the following additional advantages:
• The opportunity to access to investment in profitable, scalable projects in different
• Investment insurance and risk diversification
• Security and transparency of investments
• Analytical and legal support for investments in projects
• The possibility of withdrawing funds from the project and distribution to other investment
• Investments only in reliable projects that have passed the platform expertise.
• Passive increase in investments with the help of an automated trader *
Automatic robot-trader, which increases the investor's funds, while they are in their
personal account.
Believing in the prospects of a particular project, the investor buys a public platform token,
which ensures a reduction in risk...

• Growth of demand for VNN tokens on exchange of cryptocurrency
• Capitalization of investments in a startup during selling to a strategic investor in the
next stage or at the stage of EXIT *
• Creating of the next projects pool
• Other news about startup, Ventureon and HyperCube Ventures development.
The HyperCube Ventures Fund analyzes and selects startups whose capitalization in the
next 1-3 years can be x10, which is a strong argument for long-term investments.
EXIT - selling its share in the company. Exit can occur when a share is sold to another
person, in another company or on the exchange (in case of a startup on an IPO).
5. Benefits for funded projects and start-ups
In case of admission to the Platform, the project gets access to the investor base and a
number of additional advantages:
• The opportunity to concentrate on the development of the project, without being
distracted by the process of raising funds
• The team of professionals surrounding the pro...

Ventureon Roadmap

1 - 2 million
Launch of Hypercube Billing.
2 - 3 million
Launch of the TetraTerra first part.
3 - 5 million
Launch of First Venture Insurance.
5 - 7 million
Launch of the ParkRoaming first stage.
7 - 10 million
Launch of 4Author, reserve formation for blockchain projects.
10 - 20 million
Partial launch of the second pool of projects.
20 - 25 million
Full launch of the second pool of projects.
25 - 40 million
Launch of two subsequent parts of TetraTerra, Formation of the third project pool and launch, including blockchain projects.
40 million and more
Launch of the full version of ParkRoaming across Europe, the formation of the fourth pool of projects, including blockchain projects.
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